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  1. If I recall the KC-LAR game (Week 11 of 2018) bumped the Cut ~15. Going off old man memory, so correct me if I am way off... Something like 56-51? I doubt we see that kid of climb in Cut, but anything is possible.... So, @TheWinz Cut estimate of 158 is very reasonable. I support that #. Going into MNF, sitting at shy of 183 (+33.1 above cut). I am not confident, but I am hopeful I survive another week of this song & dance routine! I have no more Dance Tickets....
  2. Calometric shows Cutoff at 141.9 for me.... I have 153.25 and only have Kamara (8.7) remaining... disappointed in my QB output - Big Ben 23.55 but still hopeful I can advance.... ETA: Cut shifted slightly as Sea-Dal ended.
  3. Well, that would be encouraging if he actually plays. If he is active, I can bench Mark Ingram III in favor of D Adams. Since I am down 20 currently, I need all I can get!
  4. Joined the Band! Thanks @Steeler! Appreciate your efforts! Donated to help your cause!
  5. Boykin owner....but I would rather play De Jax over him. No time to wait on options... I am going with the "he is out" game plan....
  6. 12 Team PPR 1/2/2/1 & 2 Flex Team A Gave: LVR D Waller TE & NOS L Murray RB Needed RB help (Chubb, McKinnon, Ingram, Freeman) Team B Gave: Chi D Montgomery RB & Phi D Jackson WR Needed TE help & Kamara owner
  7. While I agree with the bold/highlighted statement, the NYG OL is not likely to allow him to show much. If he was hoping to get a chance to show his skill has not diminished, I applaud his ambition. If his goal was a long term contract or just play for a contender, I think he missed his mark.
  8. Well, he was a "bargain value" at $8 as my QB3, but I guess I was looking at how I could have spent his $8 on other assets.
  9. Yes, I believe Ridley's value will continue to rise. And Sutton is a long term "acquire" I don't think I would pay that price.
  10. While that is a fair offer, I am a Ridley believer and it would take a little more for me to let go of him - the 1st would have to be Top 3 for me to consider it or include something else of value along side.
  11. We all have our burdens to bear.... it's like waiting on the axe to fall....
  12. I'm with you @Stray Doug.. Avg ~205 and no major injuries (yet) and Hilton, Fuller & Preston have not been used so far... but there is still time!! Herndon will get his when the offense realizes what he can do.... I feel good about Cam & Big Ben.... but Rivers is a major disappointment ... Cam Newton $11 Ben Roethlisberger $11 Philip Rivers $8 --------------------------------------------------- Alvin Kamara $32 Nick Chubb $26 Cam Akers $18 Jerick McKinnon $5 --------------------------------------------------- Calvin Ridley $21 DK Metcalf $18 T.Y. Hilton $17 Will Fuller $15 Darius Slayton $12 Preston Williams $12 Chase Claypool $4 J.J. Arcega-Whiteside $3 --------------------------------------------------- Dallas Goedert $11 Chris Herndon $7 --------------------------------------------------- Dan Bailey $4 Jake Elliott $4 Chris Boswell $3 --------------------------------------------------- Denver Broncos $4 Los Angeles Rams $4
  13. Freeman was a big PPR value when in Atlanta (59 rec on 71 targets in 2019 on 14 games). With the Gmen lacking a solid Def, playing catch up and PPR value could make him Flex startable in some leagues. I carried him all summer with the expectation he would sign after the season started.... I think this is about as good as any possible outcome I could hope for regarding his landing spot! If he signs NYG --> he does not have an easy schedule and won't do much in rush yards. His only value is PPR
  14. While I can understand shopping MT (Brees gone next year?), and I would accept that for MT. OBJ needs a better QB to really elevate his game. OBJ rumors to NE or SF would make that an overpay IMO. Reports are coming out on how "surprised how far he progressed" in recovery and with the Monday game, there is chance he plays. Might not miss 6 weeks after all!
  15. Our Waiver processed 12:00 pm EST today: Devonte Booker LVR RB $2 Jordan Akins Hou TE $3 Mohamed Sanu SF WR $3 Keelan Cole Jax WR $5 Josh Adams NYJ RB $11 All other targets already rostered!