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  1. Well, first off, glad no major inuries or loss. Quick thinking on your part and glad all is well.... From a "Chemical reaction" perspective, there are several things that could create "Oxidization / Reaction" issues to start a fire.... believer it or not, a Styrofoam cup can react with things like clorox wipes to start a fire. These would mostly be consumed in the smoldering fire and leave little trace. Pencil or makeup shavings could also ignite with a cleaner or clorox wipe. There are several cleaning products that contain oxidizers and if wet enough or fresh liquid/cleaner, can start things to smolder...
  2. Guice (IMO) short term is not going to help any competitive team this year... Wash Offense is not firing on the right cylinders.... Long Term - I think they can repair things to for him to be a valuable RB2 but the Off/OL limitations cap his value.
  3. I made an offer 3 weeks ago on Carson... 12 Team Dynasty PPR 1/2/2/1 & 2 Flex Note: Offer was made when Kamara was out and Freeman was healthy... and they needed RB2 help (their RB depth = Ballage & Hines) Offered ATL RB D Freeman & NOS RB L Murray and a 3rd (late) for Carson ... rejected and no counter or feedback. They have since lost 3 in a row.
  4. Sometimes it is just better not to know... I am glad I am not identified on these "Awards"! LOL Nice work @jdkapow
  5. And I agree, it was not in the grasp, nor roughing the passer... so it should not have been a flag on either team. But it did impact the game and resulted in a momentum shift.
  6. While I admit I was in a non-audio area (BAR), but thanks for the clips. Good evidence in the films! I still believe it was Intentional Grounding.. he threw it away to avoid a sack/safety.... And I agree the officials are really controlling the outcome of games with bad calls. This is just another example. Thanks for providing the info!
  7. It was a close game before half (14-10 Packers lead)... The Safety (Intentional Grounding in End Zone = Safety) was 2 points and the ball. Instead, Packers got 1st down at 20 yard line and moved down the field.... they did not score, but it would have been a shift of the momentum 180 Degrees!
  8. So being in the grasp, on the way to the ground (End Zone no less), he chucks it at the feet of the lineman adding that the ball did not cross the line of scrimmage and he was still within the Tackles? What would you call it? The Zebra's had Rodgers on their fantasty team? or their opponent had the CAR Def? Either way, those officials did make some blantantly bad calls that determined the outcome of the game.
  9. Sorry if repost and did not read all the previous posts.... but the Panthers got hozed by the officials! A Sack of A Rodgers in the End Zone (and he throws it away for Intentional Grounding) only to have the blind zebra over rule his collegue and call Personal Foul/ Roughing the Passer ("majority of weight landed on QB" - but wait replay clearly showed the DL (Addison?) Shoulder hit the ground NEXT TO AR)... Should have been a Safety & flip the game script. 2 Points & the Ball before the half would have changed the game completely! Granted I was off visiting my son at college & watching game in bar... no audio, but the officials were terrible in that game!
  10. I put the Kirkland (Costco Brand TP) in the boys bathroom... let them deal with it! We have Charmin in the Master & Powder room now!
  11. Paper towels are great! The TP is too flimsy compared to Charmin. Takes several more sheets to do the job!
  12. ABSOLUTELY! Wife went "Costco Brand".... wiping goes right thru!
  13. I understand and appreciate the reasoning... in our Start up 12 Team PPR (1QB), it mostly supports your point... 1.11 Kyler Murray 3.04 Dwayne Haksins 4.04 Drew Lock
  14. Great that you are still in the fight! I left the party a few weeks ago... That is a rough RB core .... Carson has carried you.... but SEA Def has fallen apart.... good thing you have Lockett too!
  15. I agree he should not be HOF and the majority of his high rankings are due to his 16 year career... not his overall quality as a QB. If you do something longer than anybody esle (save a few), you will have more yards, TD's & wins... that does not make you HOF caliber.