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  1. Our Rookie Draft just finished and there were a few moves during / right before start....... 12 Team PPR 1/2/2/1/2 Flex Team A: Gave up 2021 Round 2 Pick Team B: Gave up 2020 Picks: 3.08, 4.01, 4.02, 4.08, 4.11, 4.12 (3.08 = Duvernay / 4.01 = Gandy-Golden / 4.02 = J Love / 4.08 = B Hopkins / 4.11 = Joe Reed / 4.12 = J Hurts) Team C : Gave up 3.04 & 2021 Round 4 (3.04 = Josh Kelley) Team D : Gave up 2021 Round 2 Pick & 2021 Round 3 Pick Team D : Gave up James Connor, Jaylen Samuels, 2021 Round 1 Pick (late) Team E : Aaron Jones Team A: Gave up Deebo Samuel Team E: Gave up 2.01 & 2.12 (2.01 = Vaughn / 2.12 = Claypool) Team F: Gave up Noah Fant & 4.03 (4.03 = Okweugbunam) Team G: Gave up 2021 Round 2 Pick NOTE: Teams A, D & E are same Teams in each deal
  2. Looks reasonable in value.. I like Mixon but I am just skeptical of Bridgewater getting DJ Moore enough targets. He needs "more time in pocket", but he has potential.
  3. I Voted "YES"... Life is made up from memories taken and not decisions passed on.. LIFE LIVE and BE BOLD!
  4. Thanks for the feedback... so I guess I am looking at shadows when there is nothing there! When I lost Woods due to concussion & TY Hilton last year, I traded both of them & my 2020 1st for Adams & a 3rd.
  5. Ok.... PRICE CHECK AISLE 6 I am looking to see what the Market value is on Davante Adams with the turmoil in GB. I think some are trying to buy low with the QB/HC tift. I keep reading on the GB Offense philosphy is to go more Run oriented but the whole COVID threat to the season pushes this concern to more plausible in 2021. I am in need of RB help (Chubb, Ingram, L Murray & FA Freeman) but I don't know if moving Adams will get me the value needed to be competitive. Lost Championship last year (wrong QB) but overall I don't see my team as a solid Win Now. Too many holes. So, the idea I have is Montgomery, Hunt, Kupp for Adams & L Murray (Kamara owner). Is that reasonable or am I in fantasy land? (sorry ... more I read this, AC?)
  6. I would expect to see Sanders taking more targets from Cook then infringing on MT or AK looks. NOS WR2 has had the occasional big game (3 players had 4 good games in last 2 years), but nothing season worthy Top 36 that I can recall...if you consider Ginn & Smith shared WR2, they had ~80 targets.... I would expect Sanders to get > 80 targets (same as he did in 2019) while Ginn & Smith combine for 40-50.... so Cook is the likely victim to suffer
  7. Little blip in the trade efforts.... 12 Team PPR (my other TE's are LVR Waller, LAR Higbee, WASH Sprinkle & NYG Kaden Smith) Can only start 2 TE max Gave: NOS TE Jared Cook Got: 2020 Pick 3.10 My thoughts .... with E Sanders in NOS, I don't think Cook will see the # targets to warrant Top 15 TE value. Owner also offered 2.10 for Higbee but I was reluctant to part with him for that.... just a little light IMO.
  8. Watched this the other day! Enjoyed it!
  9. Good discussion on the CAR offense potential. I was slightly interested in Ian T earlier..... but I have reservations due to all the mouths to feed. Do you see Robby Anderson, DJ Moore, Curtis Sameul and CMC all getting enough targets to warrant value? I think it comes down to 2 primary... DJ & CMC
  10. I understand your view. I have no problem with it & I respect most of your posts. I just don't see Mixon as a reliable RB1 in an offense where they will have a new QB learning the offense and the OL that needs attention. They are putting their value into WR & Def. I don't own Mixon in any league. I liked his potential earlier in his career but the whole Cinn offense needs an overhaul (might be in progress in 2020), but the coaches need new schemes too! I look at the 2021 picks as "assets" to use in trades later. That is what I was trying to imply by "Free picks". I truly believe Junno will be TE1 value next year and Tannehill has confidence in him too. Mush more that Mariotta did.
  11. Steep price for Mixon IMO, give me the 1.01 & Junno... the extra picks are nice too!
  12. So the thinking is CAR now has Robbie and DJ Moore so they have a surplus of WR to trade Samuel? Not sure if I buy this theory, but can always dream. They did sign Seth Roberts but I am not sure he is a viable WR# in the new Rhule schemes. CAR lost a decent TE in Olson and will likely go to predominate 3 WR Sets. I just don't see them parting with Curtis Samuel... As for the Eagles intentions.... I think the remaining FA are not worth the $$. It would be smarter to make a deal & draft them. Who are likely targets in deals? This is just me throwing out names of who I think could be available --> LAR is shopping B Cooks / LAC Mike Williams is due a new $$ / Cinn has depth worth looking into (Ross or Boyd?) / KC might move Sammy Watkins / Pitt could unload James Washington (due $$ next year) / NOS could give up TreQuan Smith
  13. Well said. Top 5 might be a reach unless things really start to click, but I see Top 10 as a strong potential. The talent is there in the offense, and they brought in the coaches who (on paper) appear to be able to capitalize on it. It might take 1 year of working out the kinks, but I think they can make significant improvements on Offense. The OL is my only concern. While I am a Baker owner.... but I did not put all my eggs in 1 basket. Blind faith will only get you so far....
  14. Basic reply would be early 2nd round for Hunt, but depending on PPR, League Size, # RB's starting, and RB need / Clev Homer, you could easliy get a late 1st. Personally, I would not give up more than a mid-2. I think he has talent and skill, but dumb tendencies to get a suspension again. It depends on how much risk you want to take and what they want to offer, but I don't expect more than 1-2 seasons before he returns to stupidity.
  15. Depends on your family tendencies.... but aside from that, I never liked Foles in Philly and thought half his success was random luck, bounced pass, missed Ref call, or a defender mistake. He never showed me any real talent more than a BU QB/QB3 type. From all I read, he was a good lockerroom guy, supportive and positive. But on the field, I would rather have several other players from a NFL or Fantasy perspective.