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  1. Rumors are Cam Newton to LAC for a 1 year "prove it deal" and possible Draft a QB early. Not sure I see it as best idea, but offers 2 potential starting QB's
  2. I can join this party with 1 of each..... these are my Best & Worst trades of 2019 season BEST TRADE: I gave up L Bell NYJ RB & R Foster Buf WR I recieved M Ingram Balt RB & K Hunt Clev RB WORST TRADE: I gave up R Mahomes KC QB I recieved P Rivers QB LAC, B Mayfield Clev QB, T Smith NOS WR and TWO 2020 1st (unknown at time, but both late) Both trades done May 2019.
  3. More than the last 2 offers I have recieved for him... 1) Russel Gage & Bershard Perriman for Preston Williams 2) Larry Fitzgerald for Preston Williams
  4. now you are just getting my hopes up! Picked him up recently .... had forgotten all about him.... time to get educated or owned! So, with reports that Fitzpatrick will be playing again 2020, does this raise Preston to Low end WR2 value? I can see with their 3 picks in 1st round, lots of talent can be added.... but Tua is not likely to play in 2020, but RB is a need as well.
  5. My only guess is they were trying to get a trade discussion underway... they also have 1.02
  6. OK... woke up to this beauty this AM.... 12 Team PPR 1/2/2/1 2 Flex Bonuses for yardage thresholds (300 Pass / 100 Rush / 100 Rec / 5 Rec) Give up: Josh Allen Buff QB, Nick Chubb Clev RB, Devante Adams GB WR I would recieve: NYG TE Engram, 1.06, 2.04 & 2021 2nd Considering I already have 3 Top 10 TE.... no value for me..
  7. I had been offering Waller as Trade Bait.. but no takers... The only targets were Higbee & Njoku
  8. Well, some illumination on the other owner's plans.... He traded SF TE George Kittle for ARZ Christian Kirk & 1.11 pick
  9. Thanks for the feedback... I was surprised by the offer... I was afraid I was missing something... He has Kittle so I was not sure his goal.
  10. 12 Team PPR 1/2/2/1/ 2 Flex Gave: Clev TE D Njoku Got: Mia WR Preston Williams & JAX WR Dede Westbrook I still have TE's LAR Tyler Higbee, NOS Jared Cook, OAK/LV Darren Waller, WAS Jeremy Sprinkle & NYG Kaden Smith).
  11. Not sure you would get that good of an offer for a player who is so close to jeapordizing his playing career. Granted, the speeding ticket alone is not the issue, but the whole life choices he is making and how it is creating problems for teams..... I am not interested in him for anything more than late 2nd or John Ross caliber player.
  12. Same league as above post.... not involved... Team A Gave up: N'Keal Harry NEP WR Team B Gave up: Christian Kirk ARZ WR
  13. 12 Team PPR 1/2/2/1/ 2 Flex I needed an upgrade on WR3 (D Adams, T Lockett, M Sanu, M Boykin, T Gabriel) & had all late picks (4 round rookie draft) limited space on Roster to use picks anyway.... Got: Cin WR John Ross Gave: 2.11, 4.06, 4.11, 4.12
  14. While I was never a Dalton fan, but I thought Ross's 1st round pedigree was well deserved. I was in trade negotiations for him last weekend.... ended up paying a little more... but I don't have the roster space for the picks anyway... Paid: 2.11, 4.06, 4.11, 4.12
  15. I agree that we don't know all the details (like is he in the "Drug/Substance Program" or how Goodell will treat it as a "repeat in front of my desk" name). IMO, He is not worth the risk. I don't know if he will get a major suspension, but I see his long term value being in jeapordy from this incident. This event (speeding) will not draw any real NFL violations, but the video shows more details about his character. The league Front Office folks will look at this as a major red flag as to his stability and reliability. He is just not worth the risk and like on some draft boards, his name can be dropped. Talent alone is not enough to make it in this league as there is always another young player coming up without all the headaches he carries with him. I don't think it is the $ involved, but the Coach wants to have a dependable player in the locker room.