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  1. Had a funny offer today.... 12 team PPR, TE Premium What I give up: OBJ & A Jones plus 2.06 What I get: P Rivers, Sterling Shepard and his 1.03 pick Now, Rivers will be very unlikely to see my SL (Watson & Mayfield) and Jones is my RB3 but what makes him think OBJ's value went down?
  2. Were they drunk or stoned? Did you counter offering Pick 2.11 for all his elite players saying it was fair? LOL!
  3. IMO, Mike > Corey I would even through in a late 2nd kind of difference
  4. by your qualification of < 14 yo, Yes, I have and would continue (if they were not all older now) to sit in a Bar with them. They can order a soda or water or even get a milk shake. I would not allow them to drink any alcohol nor would I have more than 1 or 2 drinks myself. The idea is to be responsible and to teach them how to be responsible with alcohol.
  5. Well, QB in a 1QB league might be hard to move, but my recent trade of Mahomes yielded some negative feedback. I like Mayfield and I am hoping Tre'Quan steps up in the high scoring offense and the 2020 1st was the critical piece to get me to accept. While I really like B Cooks, I think this was a bit under value for Mahomes. Even in PPR.
  6. Based on him getting paid already. He got more $ than was necessary. If the NYG are not looking like contenders in next 2-3 years, or even have winning records.... he does not have to excel or put himself out there more than necessary. No sacrifice of the body necessary for team going no where. Yes, he does appear to be a level headed kid, but when you change the key person in your position (OBJ), and the key Def (L Collins), you cannot expect hims to show long term loyalty or commitment to the organization. He got paid. What does he do when Eli is replaced? I don't expect much... not much more than minimum anyway.
  7. I appreciate the feedback. Bold was my take. I wanted a WR upgrade but all they were willing to part with was John Brown Buf or Tre'Quan. Went youth & high passing offense. My only problem now is with Mayfield, Chubb & Njoku am I to Cleveland oriented!
  8. Ok... it has been a busy morning.... Another deal.... He gave up Mayfield, Baker CLE QB; Rivers, Philip LAC QB; Smith, Tre'Quan NOS WR; Year 2020 Round 1 Draft Pick I gave up Mahomes, Patrick KCC QB
  9. Appreciate the feedback, but I don't trust noodle arm Eli and the dysfunction NYG Offense (other than Saq). I believe Shepard would be the 3rd target behind Saq & Engram. If/When a new QB arrives in the Meadowlands, will Shepard work with him or be more like Kelvin Benjamin? I don't see him putting in the work now that he got his $$.
  10. So tell me if I did ok? FWIW- I am happy. 2 upgrades for the 1.03 was worth it in my book. I wanted to upgrade my WR corp. 12 Team Startup PPR (1QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/2Flex) Rest of Roster ==> QB: Mahomes, J Allen RB: Bell, Chubb, La Murray WR: AJG, M Lee, J Washington, Sanu, Tyrell Williams, Foster TE: Cook, Hurst, Olsen He gave up Woods, Robert LAR WR; Njoku, David CLE TE I gave up Shepard, Sterling NYG WR; Burton, Trey CHI TE; Year 2019 Draft Pick 1.03
  11. He is depending on where he lands.... I like him.... and I have the 1.03 pick so it is very possible I target him there.....
  12. WOW! I just did both of these myself GOOD LUCK! .... new prescription (did not fill yet) and passed with flying colors on the 🚽 exam! Not a fun experience, but a necessary evil.
  13. Many years ago, I was in a somewhat similar situation. New manager hired in. We clashed. He dumped more and more work on me. I had written my letter of resignation. When the manager found out about it (they monitored our computers unbeknownst to employees).... he fired me first. He wrote a letter of my termination where he outlined his view on my performance (he was only my boss 4 weeks). He visited a customer when my newly developed material under-performed (customer replaced key part - he know & never shared). He offered me his version to sign... I wrote 7 letters in big caps across the letter and walked out. 3 Weeks later, I had a lawyer friend write a threatening letter about "wrongful termination". We settled out of court, but the biggest thing I wanted was a HAND WRITTEN apology from him. Not some admin written scribble. I knew his hand writing & it was more painful for him than paying out $$. He had a heart attack 4 months later. His replacement tried to hire me back... not a chance! As for your situation, there are some key things mentioned here and some you identified: 1) You communicated in a professional manner of your intent to resign. It should have been honored professionally with minimal inquiry. 2) You had requested (hopefully in writing) for the need to additional resources / support to handle the work your area. It is upon management to address this issue. If they ignore it, they can deal with the repercussions. Not making you feel guilty or berating you for their mistake(s). 3) Their attempt to demean and "handle" you by moving your location is demonstration of their lack of ethics and you should not be obligated to complete the "SOP's" they now realize they need since they did not address #2 above. Let them figure it out and write them. Unless it is part of your prior job description, you are not obligated to do it. You are only helping your manager by cleaning up her mess. 4) Leave with dignity. Do not feign sick or ignore them. Face them head on and tell them what your limits are. Do not sit in a corner. Work from Home is fine if they want you isolated. But not on petty stuff they want, but your normal tasks and responsibilities. They can figure out their mess.
  14. Cheap (read = Free) Trade Calculator Moderate values, but not sure when updated
  15. Nashville Dynasty Startup Draft started 24-Feb Rookie Draft picks as part of selection process (For example Rookie Pick 1.01 went 3.10 in Draft) Rookie Draft selection not scheduled yet