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  1. Exactly what in thinking; between Jenninhfs and Dez though
  2. Most players blow the money within their life time...
  3. As an LSU alumnus and current law student, hahahaha. My fb news feed is blowing up...JJ should've been kicked off the team last season as well.
  4. Well, there you have it. Lance Moore and Thomas benefit from Graham being out.
  5. Interesting question. Not a homer, nor do I have a dog in this race...Seems like that might be a fair bet for real life but in fantasy terms if your league is TE mandatory that won't solve the problem of of having to plug in another tight end. Jed Collins is our FB and he DOES get looks in the red zone (we throw to the FB in the flat quite a bit in certain situations), but not as a tight end.David Thomas is a nice stop-gap for those who lost Graham though, provided his concussion issues from last season don't recur. #saintshomer
  6. He has more value with Hasselbeck IMO.
  7. Could have to do with the writers wanting to keep relations with the team amicable.Payton banned a WWL reporter from the team basically because he reported Roman Harper's knee injury on a Monday before injury report was due. (few years ago; guy is now not employed I think)
  8. Rumor in Nola is 3-6 weeks high ankle sprain; I'm a local. Edit--yeah, didn't see you had the SR link, but that's what I was referring to
  9. damn nice call it was a nice call but was anyone really going to sit dez that owned him? it wasnt even a questin for me. I drafted him in the 5th rd...for better or worse he is in my lineup as my WR2.It was a question if you've got some guys behind him playing well...Although, reason i started him was because I thought Jackson/Smith had tough matchups. Unless its Calvin, I go by matchup on inconsistent receivers.
  10. Yahoo has him at 25 yards receiving for me
  11. I missed the last couple calls of the game, but anyone have video of this supposed horrendous call in teh Saints game against the Chargers? Harper said in post-game that Gates was pushing off harper's lower back all game and they finally called it on the last drive.
  12. He's at flex for me; half my team is on bye.
  13. IMO, the offense is adequate. Weeden looked pretty decent out there for the most part.
  14. I don't get the logic.CLE is giving up 21most points to TE and top 3 most to receivers, and everyone expected Baltimore's gameplan not to reflect that?The WRs were gameplanned to get the ball in this game; it's all about matchups, and it was working (hence Boldin dominating his man).He will get back on track against friendlier matchups.My only regret is not going with my gut (Rudolph v. One of worst teams cs TE) and listening to the forum. Usually works out best if you consider other relevant factors instead of previous success.