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  1. Walterfootball has been mocking Metcalf to the Pats at the 32 since the beginning of the year. Thats not even on the table anymore. 😑
  2. And the reversal of course is widely regarded as one of the most important decisions in the history of the world. So you know, greater men and all that.
  3. Is he a uniting force by just rolling out child cancer and holocaust survivors? He spent the first half of his speech dragging american ideals through the mud.
  4. So many guest appearances, how long until Rick Flair shows himself?
  5. Not sure if serious, but I believe its to the discretion of the team, in 2011 the Pats said had they won they would have given Moss a ring. That pats also give rings to all their employees and staff members, less fancy ones but still.
  6. I found a lot of comfort and catharsis from posting here after my medical ####. I'm truly sorry to hear about this but I really encourage you to continue here for as long as you feel comfortable talking about it. It has personally helped me a lot to share and in the end, I say take what you can get my man.
  7. Starting to smell like a Guantanamoburger I love that Trump is getting on a 10+ hour flight to Buenos Aires knowing Cohen gave 70 hours of testimony.
  8. League A, teams in transition: 12 team, 1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 1TE, 4FLX TE premium ppr Sent C. Wentz Received 2019 1st(late), M. Williams - Sent A. Jeffrey Received 2019 1st(late), N. Agholor League B, Team is easily top 2: 12 team 1QB, 1RB, 3WR, 1TE, 2FLX, some IDPs, TE premium ppr Sent D. Lewis, K. Rudolph, Chandler Jones Received 2019 1st (mid-late), M. Williams
  9. Hey OP, dont call it a comeback, ive been here for years. (I had to double check, was pretty sure i was the first response.) Still waiting for Jones to stiff arm someone into the shadowrealm, but its coming.
  10. Missouri voter here, a weird problem that has persisted through 3 elections now. When i arrived to grab my ballot for the third election in a theyve told me i was an inactive voter(read unregistered). This isnt true and both the state and county registry show me as registered to my current address. Both election judges said they didnt know what the problem or the solution was, the last ttwo times i had to fill out a waiver of some kind to get a ballot, this time when i told them i had filled one out the previous two times they told me it was fine and just gave me my ballot. Other than calling my local dem HQ not sure what to do but it just makes me anxious. Anyone else hear something like this? Edit: After calling my counties Dem HQ they suggested since ive never received a voter id card that i was flagged as inactive. Supposedly if a voter id card is returned they flag you until one is sent and not returned - even though both registries show me as registered. They have my address though so im not sure if thats the case but ill have to call the county clerk to sort it out.
  11. Lol soon after the election someone misidentified me as a far right conservative because of my Patriots pepe avatar that ive had for years before it was appropriated by the heathens. Thought it was a fitting change given the circumstances.
  12. Because no one has immediately called them liars in the same shot.
  13. The pats could do some fun things at LB if they got Peterson. The twins and Harmon st safety. Move Chung to the box as s third safety/linebacker