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  1. Been waiting a long time to see Jones stiff arm someone at this level. Worth the wait.
  2. There has been plenty of stuff from ABs camp the last two days that should have people piping down until this is settled. It looks very questionable and it would be enormously inappropriate to form a position off of what we know, its pretty hard to read the texts, see the videos, hear the personal accounts and come to the conclusion that shes telling the truth, but we also should not assume shes lying. The only opinions ive formed so far are that this woman seems so much less credible than Reeks fiance who turned out to be lying and that this would be a horrible precedent to start placing players on the exempt list with such little information.
  3. You dont play the Pats every week, and its week 1 - i think you guys still make the playoffs.
  4. 12 team ppr, QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, FLX, FLX Team A receives: Mike Williams, Ty Williams, 2020 2nd (early), 2020 3rd (late) Team B receives: Kerryon Johnson, Dante Pettis
  5. 12 team, QB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLX, FLX, FLX, FLX Sent - D. Lewis, 2020 2nd (late) Received - S. Watkins
  6. Im the team that traded for Bell, it was actually the 1.11, 2.12 and my 2020 1st. That being said the 7 was my draft slot. Needed a lot of help on this team as a middling roster. QB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLX, FLX, FLX, FLX QB: R. Wilson, M. Trubisky RB: C. Mccaffrey, L. Bell, A. Jones, D. Guice, D. Lewis, R. Jones, P. Barber WR: A. Cooper, M. Williams, C. Kirk, E. Sanders, N. Agholor, D. Jax, L. Treadwell, J. Ross, J. Doctson, C. Hogan, P. Dorsett TE: H. Henry, E. Engram, A. Hooper, R. Gronkowski
  7. 12 team te premium ppr. While on the clock of our rookie draft Sent- 1.11(otc), 2.12, 2020 1st Received- L. Bell
  8. Just curious if anyone thinks its odd that no one has connected the dots between the usa (Trumps campaign), wikileaks and Russia. We know they were all in constant contact, and two of them were for sure bad actors. I dont think it is a leap to suggest that is the link. Cant prove it but i dont think its grasping at straws.
  9. As a Pats fan and a guy with the 1.02 genuinely hope he makes it to me.
  10. Yeah they have been very vocal in the dev Q&As, they know the community wants fast loot leagues. Been dealing with a hip injury for the past 4 months so i missed all of this last league, i really wanna play this league but im not there yet, hopefully i can make it.
  11. Same owner that a few pages back traded me the 1.02 for kerryon which i was pretty much universally assigned a loss. Same owner that traded Dalvin Cook to @Pwingles for under market imo. Needless to say the guy buys and sells pieces regularly and most are bad
  12. 12 team Sent 1.08, 2.02, J. Ross Received J. Mixon, 2020 4th and 5th
  13. Sent 1.12, 2.10, 2020 2nd Received D. Guice 12 team, rebuilding.
  14. Just acquired him for the 1.12, 2.10 and 2020 2nd.