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  1. I would argue racism had been steadily decreasing as classism increased at least over the last decade - with both dramatically spiking in the last 6 years. Its my opinion that this tribalism is rooted in corporate interests being placed ahead of the health of our country and its citizens.
  2. Meh prolly worth rostering in a deep league but ill need to see something before i care.
  3. Not convinced he beats out Shaheen personally, I assume they will use a two TE offense and fantasy production will be capped.
  4. I think Baltimore will run two TEs and whether they are fantasy relevant is another question. Im not sure a Jets TE is gonna be startable at any point this season, they use Enunwa as a WR/receiving TE in role and i do think Quincy is gonna have a good year. Want no part of the chargers or texans TEs this year, theyve got too many weapons who arent TEs. I like Luke Willson and Michael Roberts in Detroit but i think Willson wins the job and is a middling TE. I think Butt is the TE to own in Denver, Heuerman might be able to turn it around but at this point i doubt it. I think Jarwin is the definite starter in Dallas, Swaim and Gathers are trash, Schultz doesnt have any positives imo.
  5. All great best legacy has to be the Pats. No one has done more, better, with less than Brady and Belichick.
  6. On paper youre right, but im definitely not buying shares of Michel. Honestly i think Mark Ingram, Ronald Jones, Dion Lewis and Christian McCaffrey are being undervalued.
  7. Just got him for pretty cheap imo. 12 team TE premium ppr, QB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, FLX, FLX Sent D. Pettis, M. Andrews, 2019 2nd (late) Received K. Rudolph, C. Coleman
  8. 12 team TE premium ppr, QB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, FLX, FLX Team A sends: D. Pettis, M. Andrews, 2019 2nd (late) Team B sends: K. Rudolph, C. Coleman
  9. Well they dont currently have a Welker if Edelman's suspension is upheld. They could get preseason+4 weeks of what that might look like
  10. Not so deep sleepers: Quincy Enunwa Kenny Golladay John Ross Much deeper: Braxton Berrios
  11. These pro-life pro-family evangelicals are gonna have a hard time explaining to future generations about these mexican internment camps and how they didnt just sit by and let it happen they celeberated them. Of course that is if they can stop claiming to be oppressed and disenfranchised long enough to do so - and ignore the fact that Latin Americans are predominantly pro-life pro-family christians.
  12. In other news, the NFLPA warned players to not use Trident Creatine, product contains two banned substances not listed on the ingredients according to two independent laboratories.
  13. Ive just seen no reason to suspect he lacks pedigree. Its one thing to say he was taken a round later than Williams. Its another to say he lacks ability. And as far as the school thing goes, the same was true for the best RB in the history of the universe Danny Woodhead. But because of the school he went to, his size and his skin color he went undrafted. All those things being true anyome who had seen him play could have told you he had the talent necessary to succeed in the NFL. Im not saying Jones is a world beater and if they draft tomorrows Todd Gurley i imagine he would get supplanted, but until then i think he is handily the best RB on that team - ability or otherwise.
  14. I cant have been the only one to have watched Jones in college? Where is this lack of ability talk coming from?
  15. Good lord i missed how bad this thread was. Also lol @ the thought thatthat Jones isn't talented, or talented enough... hes the best RB on that team Hes gonna murder someone with a stiff arm this year, its coming.