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  1. Suck it up Jaylen, rub some dirt on it...
  2. then why draft the dude? or why then bring in Brady? (one of the most prolific TE targeters ever.)
  3. i couldn't either and no time to fix. (old school spoiler alert ... link was for Kudos Granola Bars)-
  4. oh, he knows what they are... (rootin for you Jameis!)
  5. not sure, but Deforest Kelley in his prime necessitated regular double-teams. "Damn it Jim. I'm a doctor, not a nose tackle."
  6. no joke, behind McCaffrey, he's the second highest scoring player overall in our league (which has no penalty for interceptions and a bonus for 300+ yard games!)
  7. *hawk screech* did i miss seeing coach Otis draft guide and pre-season predictions this year? yes. yes i did. 😥