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  1. *hawk screech* did i miss seeing coach Otis draft guide and pre-season predictions this year? yes. yes i did. 😥
  2. Q1: with EVERYONE suspended, hurt, (or retired), who the heck can we guess BB will anchor the end with today? follow up with Q2: is it possible that (player x from Q1) will have any fantasy value?
  3. you have both Josh Doctson and Jordan Howard listed as sleepers this week. i need to pick one for my ppr flex option. thanks.
  4. tried grabbing him in ESPN league but not in the system yet. boo!
  5. after an extensive search (and I am not sure this is correct) this is what I found: "Deflection: getting a hand on any punt that nets positive yardage is likely still considered a successful "punt" (although deflection likely isn't even an official stat/classification), whereas a punt that the other team impedes and the ball doesn't actually cross the line of scrimmage would be considered blocked." --watching the video suggests this might be true as the ball did advance 3 yards past the original line of scrimmage last night.
  6. We use MFL. Our league scores points for punt blocks. Last night my JETS DEF had the points on the board for the block and this morning I wake to see NO POINTS given for blocked punt, only for the 4 sacks . Grrrrrrrr....
  7. Speaking of the "Stock Up report"... it is interesting, but I have a question: each player is ranked with an "upgrade" (huge, considerable, reasonable, minimal) but if (and I am assuming it is) the report is suggesting that we "Stock Up" on this Free Agent because he is a "considerable" upgrade. To WHOM is he an upgrade over? (ie. what player should be dropped to make room for the incoming 'upgrade'?) Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. not exactly the same concept, but our dynasty/player contracts/salary cap league of 22 years has $50 added each year to a side-pot for the winner of the 'un-defeated season bonus prize'. pays out to the first owner to run the table (15 wins in a row). nobody has collected yet.
  9. is the following: a legitimate footballguys page. i was directed there when i clicked link from email. it asked me to login 3 times (all correctly but it kept denying) i clicked back into from my bookmarks and was fine. just wondering- did i just give away my login and password to a scam? thanks. maybe just being paranoid, but hey- it is Monday. cheers guys.
  10. reading this post was like watching Saturday morning cartoons back in the day!