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  1. Seen this league posted multiple places and been meaning to ask for an invite. Could you send invite link to please? Already checked out the scoring & settings and it all works for me. Thanks!
  2. I was just logging on to post that I'm looking for a superflex league and I saw your post. So yeah, I'm interested! Can you send me a link or the rest of the details please? @rotoscout thanks!
  3. Did you end up filling this league? Any other VP leagues out there you're looking to fill? I'd be in case. Thanks!
  4. Funny you should ask because I haven't been able to find exactly what I want out there & I don't want to join a league unless I'm 100% into it so I decided to put a preliminary league together yesterday and lo-and-behold, I was able to incorporate all my favourite parameters into it. I take it your talking dynasty btw? Here's what I came up with... Now all I need is to find a commissioner I'm just one man but important parameters in my humble opinion are: paid league, ppr, superflex, VPs, non-IDP, no K, bbid, auction startup, no doubleheaders (use all-play instead), cumulative scoring playoff format, basically anything that helps reduce chance.