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  1. Are you unhappy? Feeling trapped? Does the thought of taking Michael Thomas in the 2nd round make you feel like a helpless crumb on the gaping maw that is, the universe? Good. Then you are ready. We are going to grab three or four running backs, and a tight end or QB, or both, with our first five picks. (in a prr league with start 3WR this idea probably sucks, standards should read on) We will assimilate RBs a full round early if need be, and avoid WR until the 6th round. Then we are going to take a mix of big play and volume WRs throughout the rest of our draft until we have 5 (at most) on our roster. We can find WR depth on waivers (because it happens every. single. year.) or trade an RB to some desperate soul sitting at 1-4. Why? Because WR is super deep and we can create WR 1 production if the universe deems us worthy. Non-believers may scoff at our ways, but fix your eyes on the list below, and revel in it's glory.... ROUND 1 Favorite RB, but probably not David Johnson. He is super talented, but a not good team and a brutal schedule worry me. ROUND 2 McCaffrey: His floor is serviceable and his big play ability can mitigate a lack of volume. Howard: Volume, touchdowns, far better staff, better game scripts, better D, nowhere to go but up. Sleeper top 5 RB Gronk: Gronk smash. ROUND 3 Alex Collins: Ho hum pedigree, no hype, just a guy. That is how most heroic stories begin. Kelce: Mahomes will throw to him even when he is covered. ROUND 4 Kerryon Johnson: He won't be there in round 5. I know you think he will, but he won't. Somebody will be aggresive, and you will be MORE AGGRESIVE Royce Freeman: Same Aaron Rodgers is pissed. You can tell. I like an angry QB (Tom Brady anyone?). Take him and snipe handcuff RBs late while everyone gets "value" at QB ROUND 5 Lynch: He will be better than last year and also he is fun to cheer for. People love him. Someone will trade for him if it comes to that. C. Thompson: Washington's O-Line will be better. It has to because last year was an actual nightmare. Alex Smith will love him. Deshaun Watson: A golden schedule and a healthier defense will help him stay on the field longer. We can stomach some down games because our strength is RB and TE. Plus, if he hits we win that week. He will hit at least 5 times this year. Which means as long as you don't fudge up your team and manage to stay healthy, you will finish with 6 wins. 7 sometimes gets you into the playoffs... ROUND 6 Finally... Goodwin: Fate has chosen him to anchor your WR corps. He will be going at the 3/4 turn in next year's draft. Crabtree: Volume. So much volume. ROUND 7 Chris Hogan: If he is still on the board, this is easy money. Jordy: What if he is not washed up? We want WR1 numbers. He could do it for part of the season. The perfect guy to trade if he starts hot. (OAK has a rough week 9 and on. Trade any OAK player before then) ROUND 8 Did you forget a TE? Take Jack Doyle now! Kupp: Is he still here? Why? Is everyone in your league a non-believer?! Robby Anderson: Bad team, bad scripts, MORE VOLUME ROUND 9: Mike Williams: Touchdowns for days. Take him the 8th if you want. If Keenan Allen goes down...the rapture will be upon us! Calvin Ridley: I am taking him in round 7 sometimes. But that is just me. ROUND 10 and on: Now we have 3/4 WRs. Be ready to pounce on any and all upside/value. Snipe RBs because you league will not expect it. If you don't want to wear this fancy hood and cloak then I guess it is okay to do the whole wait on QB thing past round 10 if you didn't have the guts to draft Rodgers or Watson. Either way, here is all the upside you could ever want at WR/RB... WRs to round out roster John Brown John Ross Anthony Miller Godwin (be patient) Stills RBs for the pilfering Matt Breida Corey Clement James Connor James White Rob Kelley (yes, I am serious) Bilal Powell (worst first name ever) Jordan Wilkins We want to walk away from our draft with the most RBs. Every year people become desperate for solid RBs. We've both seen it. Those pathetic, cringe inducing rosters around week 10. Bereft of RB talent, and you say to yourself, "Thank the maker that is not my team" You can literally dictate the trade market with this type of roster. Your fellow leaguemates will both resent and envy what you have done. All will bow before your glory. Now... you are one of us. One of us. One of us.