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  1. Lol. When my son was 3 he was really into Thomas the Train and one of his favorites was Percy but it sounded like ...slang for the female body part. Oh his uncles had fun with that one.I had a friend's kid say it that way as well. Of course, my friend then extends the joke to liking "Teen-Age Percy", "Bald Percy", etc. Cinders & Ashes!
  2. I enjoy it. The nerd schtick will get old, it's got a limited shelf life, but for while it's here I will enjoy it.
  3. The nice thing about them is that they're delicious and cheap. $1.39 for a box of ten? Best money you'll ever spend. My personal favorites are the the Devil Squares.
  4. If you're only going to read one book about baseball, it has to be this one. If you're going to read more than one book about baseball, make this the first one.Ed Wood's right about David Yudkin being right.
  5. I don't hunt, but my main client invited me and my law partner Carson to go quail hunting on their farm. I tell my five year old that I'm going bird hunting, and he says, excitedly, "Will you bring me back a parrot?" I had scratched my leg and it was bleeding a little bit, and I showed it to my three year old. Me: "Daddy has a boo-boo." Him: "Daddy, who shot you?" Me: "What?" Him (seriously): "Daddy, did Carson shoot you?"
  6. I enjoy his stand up. I've seen some of his material that didn't do anything for me, but I like a lot of his stuff. I put him in the good-not-great category. He's fairly visual for a standup so it isn't always the lines that are funny, but his delivery. I can see where some people are underwhelmed by him or don't enjoy him. To each his own.
  7. If you seriously answered that you'd save the dog over a random person, your values are severely out of whack. I'd suggest you do some time reflecting on them. And the guy who said 99 out of 100 people deserve to drown, you've got issues as well. People aren't perfect, but they don't deserve to die.
  8. Man, I didn't think we'd go two pages and nobody mentioned "Gin and Juice" by the Gourds (bluegrass version). Which I heartily recommend for any cover songs cd or box set.Satisfaction by Otis Redding. Keith Richards said it sounds like the song was supposed to sound, i.e. heavy on the horns.I'm also partial to Pat Boone's covers of hard rock tunes, esp. Crazy Train and Long Way to the Top (if You Wanna Rock and Roll).Hayseed Dixie is always good.