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  1. Guess they're waiting on their talking points. Which might not be coming. This is kinda un-spinnable.
  2. Especially as he suspects the window might be closing on his ability to influence markets.
  3. True (I used to live about a mile from the Eagle airport), but flights and car rentals tend to be significantly cheaper into Denver. Especially, with non-stop Frontier flights. Plus, I stop and see friends in Denver. I skied Telluride a good bit in the '90s. Have not been since they put lifts on Gold Hill and beyond. It looks insane.
  4. I've always had buddy passes for Vail, but I was kind of shocked to see that price. My only reservation about getting the pass is that A Basin is my favorite spot and the most convenient.
  5. The price went down this year, didn't it? I remember a ticket at the window at Vail was like $195.
  6. Can't let a JLL mention go without giving a shout out to arguably the greatest recording in the history of rock and roll, Live at the Star Club, Hamburg. Long live the Killer.
  7. Thinking about getting the local Epic pass. Even as somebody who has to fly to get anywhere I'll use it for $739 is a steal. Did anybody have it last year?
  8. Just about anywhere on the water. There's a parking area just before the bridge where you can walk down to the water and get photos. You can also get a less commonly seen vantage point, from the SW side, from Lands End.
  9. So, now the play is to get a Dem candidate to plant the seed that all of the other candidates are proxies for Hillary? :lmao: Also, would.
  10. I don't recall, but you'll definitely want to stop in the stretch around Cypress Point. Edit: Not that I'd advocate for such behavior, but years ago a friend and I played 15 on CP before being busted and politely removed by the asst super. He was way cooler about it than we expected. The tee box is just off the road.
  11. The Marin Headlands is probably the best place to get a photo of the GGB. 17 Mile Drive is gorgeous.