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  1. Burn the Witch is a really kickass song to play at high volume while driving fast and taking chances.
  2. The places don't want a reputation for it. I've never heard of anybody getting busted down there and for me that is remarkable. That said, now that I'm a little older I would stick to the concierge guys connections. More expensive, but definitely safer than some random dude on the beach. But really, they want you to have a good time there. Nobody wants to see you get busted. You have to really be a knucklehead to get busted.
  3. Our concierge guys hooked us up with everything we needed
  4. Yet, would also not be at all surprised to learn he is an inadequate wiper.
  5. This is going to be very interesting to learn once they all write their books. That is the $1M question.
  6. The volume we are talking about here is beyond anything we have ever seen. At least without the use of a history book. Just a torrent of bull####. Comparing this to the Benghazi and email witch hunts and the response from political blah blah blahs is absurd.
  7. But the point is the never-ending hypocrisy of these blessed folks. Then again, I long since passed the point of trying to actually communicate with any of these halfwits, because it is painfully obvious that none of them care about intellectual honesty or any other than this imaginary "winning" they think they are experiencing. Btw, Melania reading the Lord's Prayer the other night was comedy gold.
  8. at any of the tone deaf dolts - Harvard or not - who voted for him attempting to make a joke involving Sweden.
  9. Obama played most of his golf at Andrews, minutes from the White House requiring no extra security measures, and often did it as effectively meetings.
  10. Honestly didn't know that anybody over the age of 16 watched the ASG or surrounding events. And it's funny when sports fans get uppity about this sport being worthwhile but that one being a snooze.
  11. Agree with wikked about sitting courtside for an NBA game, especially between two good teams. It's like nothing else in sports. The speed and athleticism is far more apparent up close like that.