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  1. Politics is retail!
  2. I expect some completely bogus 11th hour accusation from his camp. A "sources say Hillary ###### Assad in college" type thing. A more aggressive not sayin', just sayin'.
  3. Commuting from the beltway and in isn't nearly the horror show it is for those a little further out. Bike to work > other commutes
  4. That'll show them!
  5. That's some quality derp.
  6. Bill Clinton was guilty of sexual harassment and rape?
  7. Anybody on the fence has x debates coming that will render last night irrelevant.
  8. Yes, some are willing to play Russian roulette with the country out of spite for those pointing out how addled they and their candidate are. No, there aren't nearly enough of those people to put him over the top. He could win, but it's not because of those people. They are voting for him anyway because of the steady diet of Hillary red meat they've been getting from their daddies. And, well, because WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!11111111 and he's the only one who can fix it.
  9. Good question. Dr. Laura apparently spotted him in the crowd last night.
  10. And of course the unconditional uniform knob polishers are going to be all hot and bothered. And coming from one of THEM?!
  11. Right on. Of course he's absolutely right.