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  1. More convulsions than gymnastics.
  2. I can't imagine how many novice guitar players broke strings trying to get in tune with Europe '72. Glad they finally corrected the pitch. Odd they never bothered with studio versions of Jack Straw, Tennessee Jed, Brown-Eyed Women and Ramble On Rose.
  3. Never struck me as a very good day for Jesus.
  4. You know what they won't do? Stand in a hotel room and murder scores of people across the street.
  5. And the ease with which they can do these things. There is a reason they use guns and not peaches.
  6. Where did those numbers come from? Not doubting them, just curious.
  7. Most of those were at Andrews Air Force base, where no additional security costs were incurred and a very short helicopter ride from the White House. Their "golf outings" are not similar.
  8. You just cannot help yourself. Even Trump said the good doctor was "compelling" and "credible", along with every person with at least half a functioning brain.