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  1. DUMBO then ferry over to south street seaport. Walk around downtown, up through the City Hall, past the Jeffry Epstein hanging site, then killer Vietnamese at Nah Trang, followed by a Mulberry St for cannoli. Nice little afternoon.
  2. It's all north facing, so that makes sense. Plus, it's a bit of a haul to get back there for some.
  3. I have my spots (WFO, Ouzo, etc) , but haven't been to Blue Sky since the year it opened. I'll give it a look. Thanks.
  4. It appears to be some people's resting state, even if they are angry about all the wrong things.
  5. I did this by accident for the first time on my last flight. It is a pet peeve of mine too, so I was kind of mortified, but it was out of necessity or I was going to fall back into my seat. It's getting so tight on some airlines that it's going to happen more and more.
  6. The Rockies is the place to be this winter.
  7. Good timing. I'm coming out for the storm next week. Not sure where, but probably Vail. If it stays mostly south, I'm prepared to drive down to Telluride. When are you leaving?
  8. Are you serious, Clark? This is the kind of stuff we need to see more of on the ol' FBG.
  9. I'm surprised he hasn't tried to sell gear with the seal on it. ETA: Or has he?
  10. Damn, I'd have settled for their biscotti. Need to up my expectations.
  11. Don't know enough about fast food, but my money's on it was better back then. Like airplane seating.
  12. Yeah aisle and window are the same price. i did have a flight last week where the middle seats were more expensive than aisle and window. No idea what the algorithm on that could be. I do know frontiers middle seats are wider.
  13. I should have made it clear that the kid was booked on the aisle seat next to the grandmother. She just wanted to look out the window.