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  1. I've been doing some clothes shopping on line this morning and I'm getting messages that there may be a delay in receiving my order. I emptied my cart and moved on. Add Prana's loss of a sale to the list of consequences from Trump sabotaging the USPS in order to steal the election.
  2. He didn't say that his brother was in the hospital (at least that I saw) when he initially indicated that he was going to visit him. I'm saying I found that odd because I've never seen any mention of him visiting family. It turns out something was unusual about it; his brother was deathly ill. And honestly, knowing what I know about this man, it is surprising that he showed up at all. I've seen no indication that he has an empathetic bone in his body.
  3. I thought it was odd that he was visiting his brother. ETA: I don't recall ever seeing him mention visiting with family.
  4. Thought it odd that DJT was going to visit him, and made a point of saying that he was going to visit him. I didn't know he had a brother until yesterday.
  5. I would never eat a Big Mac so your math is fake news sorry not sorry.
  6. Although, it passes for black tie formal for me with Zoom calls. Slippers + boxers + polo = dressed to kill.
  7. And that is about as anti-American as it comes. And they wondered for years why we laughed at them and supposed "patriotism," "class", whatever other delusional nonsense they thought they represented.
  8. Focus, the President is trying to dismantle our democracy.
  9. The kids are all about the fanny packs at the moment.
  10. I'm not saying Republicans don't want to privatize the PO. I'm saying Donald Trump doesn't gaf.
  11. To be clear, he's not hell bent on the destruction of the postal service. He is hell bent on stealing the election and the USPS is simply the means to that end. He doesn't gaf about the postal service. Outside of its usefulness in that regard, it's just work for him. We know he doesn't like to work.
  12. I agree with this, but this is not the time to deal with it. He is trying to steal the election in plain sight and if Congress can't be bothered to address it, somebody else should.