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  1. If he sent that out as a blast he's even more of an idiot than first thought. Still leaning fishing trip.
  2. Peter Krause
  3. Marilyn Monroe > Monica Lewinsky
  4. I see your attention to detail ain't so good either. It's not just the grammatical errors (plural). It's that he also did not bother to proofread it. Nobody coming out of a four year school should be sending a formal email like that. And they should not be misreading that an unsolicited email of this nature to chet shouldn't be treated as formal. So it's an error in judgment on top of the obvious lack of innate first pass attention to detail. chet was definitely a #### and probably enjoyed it. But the business he's trying to get into is largely made up of #####. It's a taste of what's to come. That said, I would have definitely handled it differently. I probably would have just had my admin respond with a thanks for reaching out but it's not a good time. Good luck. Then have them throw a parenthetical heads up about cleaning it up.
  5. It can definitely be read as insulting. A kid most likely with relatively insignificant responsibilities and demands on his time couldn't be bothered to take 20 seconds to proof the email, but he expects a stranger to take time out of his busy schedule to help him get his career started? That's a hot mess. But I see it as obliviousness more than an insult.
  6. They're not concerned with grammar, they are concerned with how it looks. Nobody is going to trust their money to somebody who communicates like that kid and who so badly misreads the gravity of an exchange like that.
  7. It's odd that anybody coming out of college is this oblivious. I can't imagine anybody I graduated with doing it. No way. Which is why I still think this could be a fishing trip. Well, it's definitely a fishing trip regardless of whether the situation and email are fabrications.
  8. Pretty sure I get 132 every time I take these. Probably missed the second word scramble and last number problem.
  9. An hour with Charlie Rose.
  10. Could be the season but I keep seeing the header as handwringing.
  11. In most other families, I would be the #### up addict. In my family, my brother the alcoholic takes up all the oxygen from that conversation. He has been missing for three months. We are pretty sure it has come to the point that he is homeless. At 54 years old. My parents had reached the end of their rope financially in helping him out since laid off by GE a couple years ago and told him he had to come live with them and obviously could not drink there, which he said was fine that he had not been drinking. My mom has always bought it when he said that; everybody else knows better. They drive five hours to pick him up on the agreed upon day and time and he didn't answer the door. They called and he said he wasn't ready that it would be a few hours but he didn't know exactly when. Mom said that's it you're on your own and they turned around and drove home. That is the last any of us has heard from him, though they have received FOUR separate bills for emergency room visits since and the hospitals are already threatening them. He is extremely bright on many fronts, with a genius IQ, but was diagnosed with mild Asperger's. He is socially awkward and every stretch of sobriety is met with a bender that wrecks everything. He has always lived alone - no relationships we're aware of - and since my dad died in '98 he has been a bit of a mess. He has just never been able to get it together for more than a year or two at a time and even then was hiding being drunk and reeking of booze at work and would require forced time off to dry out here and there. Bosses would try to help him, but eventually you have to say enough. So he's been let go a couple times despite the fact that he has always been good at the tasks associated with his job. When he was younger, he was much more in demand as he was an early IT guy. Now? He's the old guy with the sketchy resume in a field heavily populated with young, desirable candidates. He would surely have killed himself decades ago if not for his oddly firm but casual relationship with Catholicism and the belief that suicide is simply not an option. That he would end up in hell. I'm pretty sure he'll eventually lose faith and do himself in or just find that drinking himself to death gets him off that hook. Maybe not. I hope not. It is remarkable to me that he is still alive. My mother is struggling with filing a missing persons report but is being told by everybody not to. That if she finds him all she is going to do is get right back on the merry-go-round of enabling. And he has burned my stepfather and her for an ungodly chunk of what was left of their savings. She is reaching out to all the old contacts she's developed over the years when he was in this or that rehab facility. She is 78 ####### years old and is destroyed over this. Doesn't help they just lost all of their furniture in a storage facility that was flooded by Matthew, but thankfully just photos or anything with sentimental value. It blows seeing this poor, sweet woman who has tried so hard to help the best way she can get burned time and time and time again, emotionally and financially. This is eating away what's left of her spirit. I have come very close on a few recent Fridays to getting in the car and driving down to look for him. We've never been close as he is nine years older than me and was well into isolation and alcoholism by the time I could have adult conversations with him. But he is my brother and it is really strange not doing anything proactive in attempt to better the situation. But having my own past with addiction and knowing what the lifers are saying, it seems the only thing to do here is wait. Sucks. Happy Friday y'all! Couldn't find a similar thread, so vent about your ####-up siblings (or whoever else) here.
  13. We need to get in there and rig an election or three.