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  1. Wgaf? People really need to get a grip.
  2. You see things like an imbecile. HTH
  3. Keep your day job.
  4. Oftentimes it's funny, but there really is something deeply wrong with this clown.
  5. Oh some idiot will take him sooner.
  6. You're not talking about a GHIN handicap, right? If so, f that. If it's just a local thing and everybody is doing it, no big deal. But that doesn't belong in your GHIN scores. Just call the shop and ask the pro to explain. I wouldn't bother with a committee which is surely a bunch of old dudes with nothing better to do getting uppity about nonsense.
  7. Welp, that's what it is. This is really, really scary. And sadly, heroin's grip is so strong that it won't discourage many people from accepting the risk and continuing to use.
  8. Diehard Trump Voters Confirm Rest Of Nation Should Stop Wasting Time Trying To Reach Them
  9. Same. Wishing for a positive turn and strength for you and your family, shady.
  10. One word...propofol
  11. Goes without saying. And window seat with a pillow to lean on is mandatory.
  12. I find drinking heavily and then closing my eyes works pretty well. The hum of the engines is like a tonic for me too. I'm not much of a plane sleeper, but usually have no trouble if it's necessary. Usually just overnight west to east flights.