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  1. This pretty much nails it: Ezra Klein @ezraklein Apr 29 Donald Trump does not want to be in charge of any of this. He wants to play president on TV. He doesn't want responsibility for governance in a time of crisis, and in every way he can, he's refusing to do that job, and lashing out at those who ask him to do it.
  2. There are still stores that don't require masks? Wtf?
  3. That Honeywell factory scene yesterday was kinda mind-blowing.
  4. Walking through a mask factory without a mask, not distancing, to the all-too-appropriate sounds of "Live and Let Die", and picking up masks, contaminating them and putting them back in the box. So much greatness, I can't stand it. New heights everyday!
  5. Has a Democrat-led Senate ever refused to have a hearing?
  6. It's The Real Victim Here Wednesday here at the FBG.
  7. Somebody needs attention.
  8. It's astounding to realize how much Idiocracy low-balled it.
  9. I'm surprised people are not going through with their hikes. A friend and I are discussing doing our C&O Canal bike ride early this year and possibly adding in the GAP from Pittsburgh to Cumberland.
  10. Kavanaugh was clearly not SCOTUS material. From the beginning. After his testimony? Less so. Has anybody accused Biden under oath of violently raping them?
  11. Every one of those well-run businesses that get bought by "private equity" firms turns to garbage like clockwork.
  12. Aside from arthouse cinemas, theaters are generally awful places to see a movie. If mostly empty and no idiots? Great. But that seems to be rarer and rarer.