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  1. Would it be too much to ask for white men born in the US to catch a break? <sigh>
  2. Really depends on where you are. Arlington/Alexandria are worlds different that anything outside the beltway. You couldn't pay me to enough to live in the DC suburbs.
  3. Certainly telling a handful of brown congresswomen from the US to go back to their countries would be near the top of a list of obvious examples.
  4. The production and arrangements of born in the USA don't do it any favors. Many of those songs were far superior onstage.
  5. It was racist. Like really, really racist. Delusion is not just winter Olympic sport.
  6. Seger is awkwardly cheesy. Bruce is one of the great performers ever and his band is phenomenal.
  7. Ironic that they were there to steal his guns.
  8. It's indicating Max? There is no date for the grounding to be lifted, so nobody should be scheduling flights with those planes. If somebody is, I'd call them to confirm it's a mistake.
  9. There are a kajillion 737s still flying that dont have the max system. And no, nobody is going to have flights scheduled on grounded planes. ETA: The problem is with the flight control system, not the plane itself. They installed it on 737s because it's the most heavily used plane in the world. The same thing would have happened if it was installed on any other plane.