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  1. Thirty-six falls between 24 and 48. Right in the middle, actually. HTH.
  2. I would really really like to get naked with Danielle Haim.
  3. "Out of the norm" is not what you should be looking for. "Out of the norm and competent" is what you are after.
  4. They are morons.
  5. I couldn't get around it. Everything we do is time-sensitive and it does involve hospitals, so sorta. We had a skeleton staff due to people leaving town for Mother's Day and the offer came yesterday afternoon. There was no way. But I hear ya, any other job I've ever had I would have bailed in a heartbeat.
  6. Though there is a lot more luck involved when the wind is doing that on 17 than Road Hole. That's why I'm not a big fan of that hole. Good for television, not a good golf hole, imo.
  7. I had a comp 7th row midcourt I had to turn down because of work. ####### ouch. Glad you got to be there, TF. Not super confident about game 7, but I think they have a shot.
  8. Maybe try a news site, instead of infotainment site. HTH.