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  1. I have Diontae as my WR4 behind my top three WRs, so he's on my bench. But I'm pretty confident that he could be the go-to guy if Juju doesn't do well (which is likely).
  2. I'm glad that Fournette is on a team. I took WRs with Michael Thomas, Golladay, and DJ Moore in an auction league, so Fournette was my top RB. Now I'm stuck with Ingram and Mostert as my starters. I'm keeping Fournette on my bench for now (typical 12-team league), and I can see a situation where if Ronald Jones gets hurt or even struggles at all, it could change quickly. I might just be too optimistic, though.
  3. Would you sit OBJ for Greg Ward or Darius Slayton? I'm considering both due to the potential ceiling.
  4. Hi Sig. I have two questions on Week 16. 1. 12-team Dynasty League with 25-player rosters, 0.5 PPR. Flex spot. Which would you pick from this group: Austin Hooper, Darius Slayton, Emmanuel Sanders, Kerryon Johnson, Greg Ward 2. 12-team league, 0.5 PPR, normal-size rosters For my WR2: OBJ, Juju, Slayton, or Ward Happy holidays!
  5. One more question with Parker now playing. 12-team, 0.5 PPR, dynasty league with large rosters WR: I'm definitely playing Michael Thomas. For the other two WR spots, I have Slayton, Sanders, and Parker. Which two should I play? I currently have Slayton and Sanders in my lineup.
  6. I really hope that Mostert gets the carries he deserves this weekend. It seems like a no brainer given how much he's doing with fairly limited touches. He scores from all over the field.
  7. I'm also going to sit Laird as my RB2 for Mostert given the ceiling. With McCafrey as my RB1, I think it's worth taking a shot at the bigger upside. Laird was solid last week, so he's pretty safe, though.
  8. Hi Sig. Struggling to choose on these two positions. 12-team league, 0.5 PPR, 4 pts per passing TD (-2 for INTs) QB: Russell Wilson or Dak Prescott? WR: My #1 is Golladay. For my WR2, I have ODB and Darius Slayton. Which one is best?
  9. Monday night, I had a lead 145.29 to 141.71 in my deep keeper league (18 teams, large rosters). I had Kerryon Johnson, and my opponent only had Matt Prater. Johnson put up 13.10, so I was feeling great about my chances. Prater somehow put up 21 pts and beat me 162.71 to 158.39. I still can't believe it.
  10. Two big Flex spot questions: 1. O.5 PPR, 12-team dynasty league with deep benches - 2 flex spots - Need to pick 2 of these 3: Metcalf, Gore, Mostert (leaning towards Metcalf and Mostert for upside) 2. 0.5 PPR, 12 team league - My WRs are Beckham, Smith-Schuster, Watkins, and Golladay - can only play 3 - should I go with Watkins or Golladay as my flex? Or play both and sit JuJu?
  11. Really hoping the recap podcasts aren't going away. They're basically my favorite Monday morning commute podcasts. Love the other shows, but the recaps are up there for me.
  12. 0.5 PPR, 12-team league, flex spot Breida or Golladay? Deep dynasty league, 12 teams, two flexes, last spot, 0.5 PPR DJ Metcalf or Austin Hooper
  13. Mine too, and I have a weak TE (for a 10-team league) with Engram. My other WR is Tyreek Hill, so that's already volatile. Woods at least should get a steady 10-12 pts.
  14. On Monday night, I was down 8 pts and my opponent had Brees. I had Kamara. I knew that I'd only win with a Kamara TD and nothing from Brees. And it actually worked! Still can't believe that happened, and I was sweating it out until the end.
  15. I somehow survived in a eight-person lineup league with a 0 from Allen last week. I'm thinking that I'm going to play Robert Woods instead this weekend. It's just too important in the finals to not have a 0. But I'm still hesitating a bit.