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  1. I think they said on the broadcast that USC was getting on average 1-1.5 seconds to get rid of the ball on passing plays, and JuJu was being doubled/bracketed. Not a recipe for success.
  2. Clowney. I'm stashing him in hopes he moves to DE when a free agent.
  3. Killgrave needs to be in the discussion Trinity Killer Gus Fring Tony Soprano Negan
  4. Sansa isn't creepy, probably a little slimy though, not sure when the last time she bathed was.
  5. Firing a barrage of arrows into his own soldiers and just killing everyone is pretty sadistic. Makes sense from a strategy standpoint but still pretty in line with his MO.
  6. Plus everyone knows not to actually come into the thread until they watch the latest episode.
  7. So are you guys saying that Willis is a kid at the same time he (Hodor) is an adult? The timelines are happening at the same time in some nonlinear circle? How does aging work then? How dies it know which no timeline version to age and at what rate? Interesting g stuff be definitely not as non-complicated as some are making it seem.
  8. Yeah, he really is making the worst decisions. If he just didn't stand around again chatting with Zoom he could have just flashed and knocked his father out of the way. Then he decides to change the whole world potentially after admitting he finally has let it go and that his own Mom told him to let it go, and when Iris finally wants to hook up...
  9. So does Hodor hold the door because his brain got fried and he just froze, because people follow whatever instruction when they are Warged into by Bran or because he's just a loyal SOB?
  10. Why didn't the tree dude just warg into the white Walker leader and command them all to go away.
  11. Can Daenerys even summon or control her dragons yet? Does she ever get that ability? Use spoiler tag if need be. Not sure if that's a big spiiled or not.
  12. Careful, people used to say this when Chubb was just being discovered and people talked about him over Gurley. Don't discount Guice.