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  1. I think they said on the broadcast that USC was getting on average 1-1.5 seconds to get rid of the ball on passing plays, and JuJu was being doubled/bracketed. Not a recipe for success.
  2. Killgrave needs to be in the discussion Trinity Killer Gus Fring Tony Soprano Negan
  3. Sansa isn't creepy, probably a little slimy though, not sure when the last time she bathed was.
  4. Firing a barrage of arrows into his own soldiers and just killing everyone is pretty sadistic. Makes sense from a strategy standpoint but still pretty in line with his MO.
  5. Plus everyone knows not to actually come into the thread until they watch the latest episode.
  6. So are you guys saying that Willis is a kid at the same time he (Hodor) is an adult? The timelines are happening at the same time in some nonlinear circle? How does aging work then? How dies it know which no timeline version to age and at what rate? Interesting g stuff be definitely not as non-complicated as some are making it seem.
  7. Yeah, he really is making the worst decisions. If he just didn't stand around again chatting with Zoom he could have just flashed and knocked his father out of the way. Then he decides to change the whole world potentially after admitting he finally has let it go and that his own Mom told him to let it go, and when Iris finally wants to hook up...
  8. So does Hodor hold the door because his brain got fried and he just froze, because people follow whatever instruction when they are Warged into by Bran or because he's just a loyal SOB?
  9. Why didn't the tree dude just warg into the white Walker leader and command them all to go away.
  10. Can Daenerys even summon or control her dragons yet? Does she ever get that ability? Use spoiler tag if need be. Not sure if that's a big spiiled or not.
  11. Careful, people used to say this when Chubb was just being discovered and people talked about him over Gurley. Don't discount Guice.
  12. Ever been around a pregnant women? j/k but that would totally fit the MO
  13. There's a mindset in devy leagues where people just want the next big name prospect to carry on where a series of previous guys have left off. If you were to poll devy owners a few months ago the "top tier future WR studs you can see from a mile off" would have easily been linked like this for many: Watkins--Cooper--Treadwell--Dupre. But obviously it doesn't work like that. Sometimes it does, but Treadwell to me, based on how he's looking now, isn't fit to occupy the shadows of Watkins/Cooper at this point. This is all that matters as you know. It's all about perception and value.
  14. Devin Duvernay 10.48 100m Says 4.38 40
  15. Oh sweet jesus plz, anywhere but Jacksonville. Still beats Seattle and reports they were Jag's main comp. I don't agree with your opinion. I think Wilson will develop into an elite QB, I think Bortles will be out of the league in two years. The Jags have 80 million in cap space and nothing else going for them. If he signs with Jacksonville, to me it pretty much proves the speculation that he just wants the biggest contract and is done playing football. or maybe he has a professional athlete ego and thinks he can get paid and help his team win. These guys do have a lot of confidence....
  16. Good find. Thanks On a side note. Why is that smooth and explosive can't co-exist. A smooth athlete that runs a low 4.4 is labeled as not an explosive player, a max effort runner runs a low 4.4 and they are explosive. I don't get it. The combine will clear some things up but size, speed, age of breakout, stats, metrics....almost identical to Watkins at this point. Yet Watkins is explosive because it "looks" like he he trucking along when he runs, Cooper is athletic because he is smooth when he is trucking along.
  17. Where do you find metrics like WR market share, Dominator Rating, etc. is there a website that has them or do you stat guys just calculate them yourselves from their stats vs. the team stats? I'm more of a film guy but trying to branch out. What are your top stats you look at anyways beside those big 2?
  18. He showed very good leaping ability, but still used the same poor technique he did in college. There was an incompletion on a short Out route that he could have came up but he used the same poor technique as well. I think someone told you that as well. Seems like a pattern here. What was wrong with the technique? Both instances, he used "underhand" technique. Should have squared his hands so he can snatch the ball. On the leaping catch, he actually pinned the ball against the DB's hand. He should have snatched the ball and pull it over the DB's hand allowing him to run after the catch. On the Out route, he tried to pull the ball in and trap against his shoulder. Should have extended with the hands square and catch it against the sideline running out of bounds. This is inaccurate. What's inaccurate? My description of what happened? Tell us what really happened then. You're right it was inaccurate. Lee pinned the ball with his right wrist against his left wrist after pinning it against the CB's hand. Lee tries to catch it "underhand". And doesn't even get his fingers on it. It hits him in the palms, sort of. The right hand of the DB actually applies pressure to "help" him trap/pin the ball. His hands eventually roll up on the ball. It's the same horrible and sloppy technique he showed here and here. He made it look harder than it needed to be. He needs to get his hands much closer together, whether he wants to catch it underhand or "overhand". That's his #1 flaw with catching. Besides the leaping ability and effort, tell me what was so awesome about it. and how it differs from what you were told or shown? Oh, here is the other play I was referring to. Oif. Glad he caught the ball, that's what matters at the end of the day, but as a HS receivers coach that underhand one makes me cringe. Can't imajine how a pro would have that technique.
  19. Thanks, I'm guessing it's that Kiper blub from a while back that people are regurgitating, but I don't see any difference from Cooper and Watkins in almost every category. I think Cooper even has an edge in route running right now.
  20. Xue can you repost that Cooper 40 time. Not sure why it's such a repeated opinion that he's not an explosive athlete. Looks pretty darn explosive to me and that clip seemed to back it up.
  21. Mike Davis was considered widely top 3 RB this offseason. What are people's thoughts now?
  22. what stat source are you guys looking at? ESPN has Crowell with 2 fumbles; 1 lost. Hoyer with 1 for a total of 3.
  23. If "everyone" expected Chubb to look like a total beast from day one then you'd think at least one of those four DLF staff members would have had him ranked as an elite talent. Your earlier posts seemed to imply that nobody should have been surprised by Chubb's display because everyone expected him to be a monster, but that doesn't jive with my sense of things. I took him in BYB4 a few weeks ago, but he went undrafted in my 14 pick Deep End devy draft earlier this year and was undrafted in BYB5 as well. He was totally unranked in FF Oasis's offseason RB rankings, which are admittedly very outdated now (I think that site basically shut down?). He went 30th overall in the draft you posted in the devy thread. He's ranked at RB17 in the DLF list even after a couple guy's update their rankings today. He wasn't even a 5 star prospect on Scout, Rivals, or ESPN. 5-6 incoming freshmen RBs had higher consensus rankings by the recruiting services. I'm not seeing much evidence that he was a unanimous elite asset going into this weekend. Maybe there were 1-2 guys per league who had him ranked high, but that hardly equates to "everyone." I think his showing this weekend will have opened a lot of eyes, but also that there are still lots of eyes left to be opened. If people in dev leagues have a reasonable opportunity to buy him right now, I'd certainly pounce on it because I think the price is heading up if he stays healthy. FF Oasis joined DLF, just an FYI.