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  1. Weather is always overstated. Not to be overlooked, but its never as extreme inside the stadiums. Plus, it probably would equate to more running by Allen which is actually worth more point wise. For comparison sake, Matt Ryan looked okay in that downpour last night. Didn't Allen also have a TD wiped out where Beasley barely stepped out of bounds before coming back in to catch the ball?
  2. Because they still haven't figured out that Julio might be a good red zone target.
  3. Why do coaches do that? I guess, I'm OK w a FG, but why burn a timeout? Five yard penalty and it still would have been a shorter kick than an extra point.
  4. Very good. Smart play might be to bench Claypool until Steelers show they will utilize him more in games all three are healthy.
  5. Most likely concussion protocol. Doubt he gets out of protocol in time to return, and even more so w game likely over
  6. Well. The Taysom Hill actually results in positive plays fairly regularly, so more defensible. I havent seen Patterson have a positive play yet.
  7. What is the fetish with the Patterson experiment? Ridiculous. Get over it. He's not good. Just dumb in 4th and 1
  8. And then Patterson just rocking back and forth for no reason on 3 and forever. Get up the field!
  9. Would Fitzpatrick be a better target? Out of conference and believe he will he a free agent next year. Bet a deal could be had that would benefit both teams with Dolphins moving on to Tua. Might as well get something for him before we walks in free agency. His mobility would be a big improvement over even a healthy Dalton.
  10. Yes. I'd like to see some more runs from under center. Ultimately helps open up play action too.
  11. Anybody watching? How does Robinson only have 2 targets??
  12. Can anybody answer who is in on 2 Wr sets for Pitt? Thx
  13. Any eyes on the game? Is Claypool or Washington getting the 2 WR sets?