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  1. Idk about made of glass. 1. He just needs to learn when to not come back to early. 2. Pitt needs to learn not to keep him in a game (against Miami) for pointless runs when they could have kneeled out the game.
  2. LOL. No. Didn't mean to come across as trolling. Just thought people were jumping on the Samuels train and knocking Conner way too early. Seeing if opinions had changed now that Samuels has had several games now as the lead RB. Guess I could have been a little less blunt w the question.
  3. Now that Samuels has several games sans Conner, still believe Samuels is the better RB?
  4. So both offenses are avg well over 5 yds a carry, but keep letting their respective QB throw. Yeah. Makes total sense.
  5. What's the deal w Walton? Nowhere to run, or just not that good?
  6. Just a guess, but probably has nothing to do with performance. More likely that Miami does not want him to get hurt before they can trade him. MIami has been gobbling up draft picks all year and churning the roster.
  7. Another dude game and gonna be time to trade while he still has name appeal. Both yardage and TDs are non existence this year.
  8. Pitt with all this gimmick junk. If Rudolph is the future, gotta just roll with the normal offense. Good or bad.
  9. Yes. Think it will go as a pass though with that little flip from Samuel
  10. amazing, Phillip Dorsett appears twice ("Philip" and "Phillip") one has weeks one and two and the other has week 3
  11. You give him too much credit. That was his 5th turnover
  12. Slye might drop a bit with Cam now looking like he won't start. Not that Cam has played well, but still should hurt some.
  13. Any eyes on the game. Is Singletary playing or are they still doing the "vet" BS with Gore?