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  1. Another dude game and gonna be time to trade while he still has name appeal. Both yardage and TDs are non existence this year.
  2. Pitt with all this gimmick junk. If Rudolph is the future, gotta just roll with the normal offense. Good or bad.
  3. Yes. Think it will go as a pass though with that little flip from Samuel
  4. amazing, Phillip Dorsett appears twice ("Philip" and "Phillip") one has weeks one and two and the other has week 3
  5. You give him too much credit. That was his 5th turnover
  6. Slye might drop a bit with Cam now looking like he won't start. Not that Cam has played well, but still should hurt some.
  7. Any eyes on the game. Is Singletary playing or are they still doing the "vet" BS with Gore?
  8. Doesn't Boyd play mainly out of the slot when AJ is playing? I would think AJ and Ross would cannibalize each other's targets as the outside receivers, and the fact that Boyd would still be in there on 2 WR sets. It also means Boyd will see less of the top CB coverage. I think Boyd is better for fantasy purposes with AJ there.
  9. I agree that Moncrief looked bad. However, this might be more the case of Washington having limited ability to run the route tree. I don't see Washington run much more than go routes.
  10. Looks like all of us who picked up Duke w high end RB2 expectations didtb factor in BOB foolery
  11. I would not be surprised to see Corey Davis on a lot of waivers this week. Think you are missing the train on Mack. The loss of Luck has been drastically overstated. You can squarely put yesterday's loss on Vinatieri. One missed XP and two missed chip shot FGs. Brisset looked good against a slightly injured Chargers defense. Mack/Brisset are playing behind what is probably a top 5 OL, if not higher. Even if you take away Mack's long run, he still had +110 yds rushing. I think a lot of people still value him as a mid RB2 though. I think he will surpass the fantasy value of Fournett, Michel, K. Johnson, Henry quickly. Is he going to have weekly outings of 30+ points No, but he is the type of RB who's weekly floor will probably always be +75 yds rushing and 60% TD He would be a target for me, but I live in Indy, so the homer value doesn't bode well. See above Jury's still out on this and prob will be that way until Baltimore faces a decent defense. Miami is going to be a team to stream against all year. Whole team is a mess.
  12. AP has been ruled a healthy scratch, so prob answers your question about Guice