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  1. I think this is spot on. Reminds me of CJA for this years draft (who by the way, may be a good value pick next year). I think Langford will get overdrafted as well due to him posting strong numbers in Forte's absence. I think Carey steals more touches than people will contemplate and keep his TD ceiling low.
  2. I actually think Kelce falls due to people overreacting to his season this year thinking he sucks (he doesn't) and ignoring that his situation really does (it does). I was actually thinking Kelce and Graham could end up being TE value picks next year if people are so down on them after neither was a stud this year. This is actually one of my favorite strategies every year - figure out who is trending down simply due to perception. I almost always wait on TEs so I have a feeling Kelce and Graham are gonna be on a lot of my teams next season. I'm assuming the negative perception of them plus the positive play of several other TEs will cause both to fall. I could see all of the TEs below going ahead of these two: Gronk Olsen Reed Eifert Walker Thomas That's six. Ertz could sneak in there and maybe Barnidge too. If that happens that will push Kelce and Graham to the backend of TE starting options. I would be thrilled to get them there. I could be wrong about all six going ahead of them. Maybe Walker and Thomas don't but I'd be shocked if the first four didn't assuming all of them are healthy. I can't see Graham being draftable except as a flyer. HIs injury was late in the season and is a long time recovery. Cruz blew his out before the 2014 season and never even saw the field in 2015.
  3. This stat got severely inflated by a 50 yd hail mary at the end of the half.
  4. I only got to watch a handful of Detroit games, but from the ones I saw, the play calling is way to predictable. I understand he gets double/triple teamed, but the difference is the coaches don't care. They simply have decided they are okay with it and will pass instead to Tate, Riddick, or whoever. On top of that, Stafford rarely throws deep any longer. Calvin was/still is winning jump balls when given the chances. He just hardly gets them anymore. I don't buy that he became Andre Johnson irrelevant this fast. Brandon Marshall is older and has 1200 yds and 11 TD's this year. Even Decker (about to be 29) is approaching 1,000 yds and already has 10 TD's. Given the right landing spot, I think he can easily achieve 1100-1300 yds and double digit TD's for another year or 2. I'd like to see him land somewhere with a burner to line up across from him. Call me crazy, but Washington would be nice. Desean Jackson to occupy the safties, Jordan Reed to keep linebackers honest, and a couple young RB's (Jones/Thompson) who can catch out of the backfield. I think Gruden would be creative enough too. I don't think he needs to be paired with an "elite" QB to put up the numbers. Just a good one. That division is favorable for fantasy numbers too.
  5. Barely 300 yds combined for these teams
  6. What about D. Robinson's fumble that was recovered by Jax for a loss of 13 yds. Shows it as a negative run of 13
  7. Whatever the knock, last night is pretty good evidence that he clearly plays up to his size, and then some. The Philly D is a great measuring stick! Lol. Johnson ran for the same number of TDs last night as every other RB Philly has faced this year combined.Watch the game tape and the most glaring common theme for missed tackles is Byron Maxwell. Always going for the strip, failing to wrap, and just God-awful form.
  8. I think it's been more of the Detroit o-line. When they play a team w a good pass rush, Calvin doesn't get the looks. I don't know why, but they don't give him the quick hitters, instead using Tate and Riddick.
  9. Yeah. I didn't understand this either. Why isn't it from the spot of the fumble?
  10. I was up 50 pts before last night. I had AZ kicker, he had D. Johnson, Ertz and AZ defense. Now I'm down 18. Unreal. Gonna play Calvin over Hightower and pray for 100yds and a TD to win. Not great odds considering he only has 1 game all year over 100 yds.
  11. Not watching game. Has Eli or Coughlin stepped up and addressed OBJs behavior yet? Seems someone needs to say something
  12. I hedged. Played West and Denard Robinson over hightower, and then will flex either Hightower or Calvin based on where my score is and what they are saying about Calvin pregame. Good luck to those deciding. He's almost impossible to bench, but have to agree that his practice and usage has been maddening. Only one game over 100 yds all year, and only 5 targets last week despite Stafford throwing almost 50 times. I think this is more to do with when DT plays a strong defensive front. Stafford just has no time against these type of teams, and DT seems to prefer Tate/Riddick on the short routes
  13. I'm doing the same. I think Shoelace actually has the highest risk. Jax avg. a high point total, but very few rushing TD's
  14. I'm seeing light showers with wind less than 20. That will be even less inside the stadium. I wouldn't think this weather (typical in Seattle) would be much of a factor against Wilson's game