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  1. You can't do much when you have little to no talent proecting the QB.
  2. So to expand on what I was saying referring to Ty as JAG, here is a link to what I said about him being pedestrian as a complete RB back in November....... It's his inability/lack of execution to do the necessary things WITHOUT the ball in his hands.. Maybe its a lack of experience, idk.
  3. Yes. I felt the same watching him play. He's fairly good w the ball in his hands, but looked uncomfortable and unsure of what to do on all the other necessities of being a RB.
  4. Man. This guy at least gave me hope for a xmas miracle after starting Farrow, Montgomery, and L. Murray.
  5. koodos. But I hope ur eating a little crow in the Kenneth Farrow thread too.
  6. when did Farrow get hurt? says shoulder and questionable?
  7. Anybody else get suckered in to this play for the day?
  8. Complete bed Sh#$#@ going on.
  9. Rex, the used car salesman
  10. how does Rex keep getting head coaching gigs. His teams always underperform and always undisciplined
  11. Farrow robbed at the GL. I hate you Gates!!!
  12. alright mnm. I might lean your way and switch from Britt to Farrow. guess I gotta follow the volume of carries....... i hope
  13. hill had a full day practice yesterday
  14. I am rolling Britt over Farrow. Just no clue how Farrow gets used even in a juicy matchup
  15. Can you elaborate or provide a link where you are hearing this?