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  1. How does Carey play into this when he comes back? I don't own any of them, but I thought Carey's injury wasn't that bad and may even be back this week.
  2. at the same time though, Ingram still got 19 touches.
  3. I haven't seen anybody address whether Detroit has the offensive line to be able to exploit his talent. This is why I have a hard time believing he will be able to put up RB1 numbers even if he is given 12-15 touches per game. I realize it's early in the season, but DT has some tough rushing matchups coming up.
  4. With the Eagles performance against the Steelers (arguably the best offense in the league even w/o Bell), are the Eagles becoming a must start?
  5. Have you tried clicking the "sort by" drop down tab. It is on the right side at the top. You can then use the "custom" filter to cater to more of your liking. I can understand some of the frustration, but some of the things you are wishing for are on the paid portion of the site.
  6. lol. I'm not far behind you. I did the same thing but with Mariota! Not as bad last week, but this week was brutal
  7. Clay Matthews and Morgan Burnett have been ruled out for tomorrow. Good news if you are gonna try him out.
  8. Clay Matthews and Safety Morgan Burnett ruled out for Sunday. Good news if you are gonna be brave with Washington this week.
  9. If Cruz and Shepard continue to play well, the double teams on OBJ will become less and less. The Giants still have nada in the run game, so I still think he should finish with double digit TD's and over 1,300 yds. On the flip side, VJax is getting slower and older, and Evans will continue to see more and more double teams and over the top help.
  10. You are completely guessing at how the Detroit coaching staff MIGHT use him. Tough matchup and there has been no indication that he will do more than spell Riddick. Unless you are desperate, I would rather see him have a monster game on my bench than 2 points in my lineup.
  11. Injury....hamstring
  12. Why? It wasn't Miller who put them in this situation. He still got 9 points in a completely lopsided game. In basically 3 quarters of play
  13. i started Miller and I wish he would get benched. there is no reason to have him get hurt worse in this game.
  14. Insult to Injury, or injury to insult. i was hoping to get out of this game with 7 pts and move on. this sux! Hope he can take adv. of the long week and heal up
  15. i'm praying for a garbage TD for Miller to salvage my fantasy week