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  1. Idk. It's premature to say that Conner is/is not as good as Bell. Conner only has one year of history. However, Conner averaged 4.5 YPC this year and 9.0 YPC this year. Both those are on par with Bell. Bell was targeted more in the passing game, but not necessarily as efficient with those touches. Stats show Conner saw an eight man box quite a bit more than Bell, and was better with yards after contact. I think Brown is much harder to replace than Bell, but sometimes talent doesn't trump the extra baggage. Will be interesting to see how this shakes out.
  2. maybe, but Samuels is not Kamara, plus Switzer is a better pure pass-catcher/roue runner if they were gonna implement a strategy of 2 RB on the field.
  3. Hasn't TN also finally shifted away from the zone blocking it was running most of the season to more power blocking the past couple games?
  4. I think pass protection will play a big part moving forward. I only saw a limited part of the game, but I did see Samuels not account for a blitzing LB that came straight through
  5. That seems a pretty weak argument. If he were able to be a true #1, it wouldn't have a huge effect. There are plenty of teams with a solid #1 and Jags behind him. Colts, Texans, Packers, Saints, jury's out on Chargers and Giants. I would put him somewhere around Golden Tate quality.
  6. Idk. Seems more of a pure slot receiver. Don't get me wrong, he is a very good receiver, but not sure he is a WR1. He seems better suited to be a 1B player.
  7. Michel and Jackson. Unless you don't think LA will dominate.
  8. I assume you mean Winston.....not Watson. Winston is who I would take. see mine please.
  9. tentatively got Ware over AP. Neither is a good option, but not sure about what happens in Washington with Mr. Buttfumble
  10. Winston Kamara, Chubb or Lindsay, but prob Lindsay. He's on a tear. JuJu, Hill, and Woods See mine.
  11. If he was gonna get 25 carries, I agree. He hasn't seen 20 carries since week 8....against the Giants. I'm more worried about him even getting 10 carries with Sanchez at QB
  12. Who is Sharpe? Do you mean Shepard? Regardless, I don't know how you don't start Samuels, J. Jackson I think you are overthinking it. I could see Shepard, but Moore seems like you are shooting for the moon.
  13. I'd go Kittle & Watson. Ebron is TD dependent. Kittle gets too many targets to ignore in PPR. Watson v. Baker is closer on paper, but think Watson has a safer floor and higher ceiling w his rushing ability.
  14. Hilton if active. Lockett not a bad option. Should see an upgrade in targets w Baldwin likely out.