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  1. I have him, and I struggled starting him this week. I am looking to package him with another for trades. His name is still valuable despite the performances. If I don't get any hits, I would still rather have on my bench then gambling on a waiver pickup. For perspective, in our redraft league, top WR waivers are the likes of Kupp, Paul Richardson, JuJu. I think I'll keep Nelson's track record over these guys.
  2. shoulda gone w the bigger running back on first. not 4th
  3. Murray clearly looks like he can't put it into top gear as well.
  4. He is. But Smith seems to be reverting back to check down king and Reid seems to have quit using Hill on runs.
  5. Why I keep getting suckered into starting Hill is beyond me. All he does in run decoy routes
  6. This is the quote off of ESPN player page. "Film review reveals Bryant is getting open often enough on his vertical routes, but his quarterback simply can't get him the ball." So there is an argument to be made of greener grass...
  7. Owning Hill reminds me of owning DeSean Jackson years ago. All his points for the season will come in about 5 games. Good luck guessing which ones.
  8. Hills snap count appears to be trending down.
  9. From watching the game, my takeaway was that TB came out of the second half with Martin in mind, but just continually got behind in down/distance (3rd and anything over 5 to go) so Sims came in. Then, starting the 4th quarter, TB was down 2 scores, so Sims was in from there on out when they were playing catch up. I think if Folk had hit the FG either at the start of the 4th or with 5 minutes left to make the game 16-10, TB would have stayed committed to the run. FYI, TB only ran the ball twice in the 4th. Martin to open the 4th (3rd & 2) and not again until the 8:50 mark with Sims (2nd & 2). No other designed runs the entire quarter Also, I think Sims will always be the 2-minute drill RB, and probably rightfully so. Bottom line, I like what I saw out of Martin. I don't think it was much about the playbook or lack of prep. I think it was Winston not sustaining drives (man, he looked bad all game) and then TB just panicking into playing catchup with the Pats.
  10. and he followed it up by saying TB had no run, Martin is averaging over 8 yds a carry. how do you miss that?
  11. I don't know why Deion Sanders blames the play calling for Winston's bad play
  12. hes been bad for years
  13. it will be SIms on 2-minute drill I'm guesing
  14. all that and TB will run a draw first play and end the half. Ha!