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  1. Smallwoods upside will be limited by the Eagles inability to stretch the field. i like Rawls best. Was the preferred starter coming into the season and should be healthy soon. Plus he plays with a great defense where game script will favor the run. Kenneth Dixon is another who may have a chance, but a West is playing better then I expected
  2. I would only remind people that this was against Chicago. A team playing their 3rd string QB. That defense was on the field for 40 minutes of the game. I don't think you will see many games with that lopsided of a TOP.
  3. Glad I played him last night, but I still can't help feel that he just looks average. Idk, maybe it's just learning the nuances of the RB position. Things like chip blocking and still getting into his route quickly, not getting hung up with lineman, etc. He just doesn't look smooth in these plays. Nor does he look good in/out of his breaks or in running routes in general ( doesn't set up defenders). Right now he is benefiting from a crazy amount of touches and a soft schedule. Should benefit next week in a high scoring game against Atl,and then plays my horrendous Colts team. I may try to sell high at that point.
  4. Did McCarthy just say that Jackson is out the rest of game?
  5. not good when he gets zero looks in the hurry up. This play calling sucks. every play is Ty on a delayed release out of the backfield. 30 f*** passes? how do they expect to get the linebackers out of position when GB never runs the ball?
  6. looked like Ty tripped over his own lineman's foot as he was cutting it back
  7. awfully loose holding that ball
  8. lol. and davis fumbles first return
  9. with news davis will only be returning kicks, gonna roll the dice
  10. Yeah. I'm stuck between Britt and Ty. Was leaning Ty before the Adams news. Snap count wise, Ty only saw 50% of the offensive snaps on Sunday. Would think that goes down considerably now that he won't be feaured at RB and Adams playing.
  11. Idk. Detroit was a totally different situation. DT had 3 RB **edit** 2 RB (Washington and Zenner) on their active roster even before bringing in a 31 yr. old Forsett. GB doesn't have this luxury (no other RB on their active roster). GB is going to have to activate a practice squad RB to even have a backup for Davis. So, I don't see how he does not get the lion's share of the carries. I think the question is how many carries will there be or if GB lets Rodgers throw the whole game.
  12. Well. The biggest argument I can think of is that the IR list with the designated to return option is only 4 years old, so there are very few players who have had this option. Before that, teams would have just IR'd the player for the season.
  13. agree. Walker is the only one catching passes on a consistent basis for fantasy purposes. All the others are just too hit/miss.
  14. Alex Smith would be an enormous upgrade over Brock