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  1. Agree. Who knows with Breida. Healthy scratch most of the year, and barely played last week. Wilkins is risky w Reich. But that's what yoy are dealt with having to pick for RONA relief
  2. Don't follow. That was what I meant by cruise control after a lead. Could have been a monster game, but he had less than 10 passing attempts in the second half and zero points. They just were content running the clock and letting the defense win the game.
  3. Look at last game against Jets. 3 TDs in first half and Miami only scored one FG in second half.
  4. Potential. It's the Jets, so danger of an early lead and cruise control.
  5. Yeah..... I tried that last week against Carolina. Horrible.
  6. Our league's final playoff spot goes to highest point total. I'm on verge of that. So it's even worse for me. I need high points worse than a win. I'm stuck picking two from ARob/Julio and Claypool (std. scoring). Julio's upside is hard to risk sitting on the bench for me. I will not draft Julio next year for sure. His injury games seem to be more frequent this year, and I don't think it is related to "no offseason"
  7. I'll eat crow if it continues, but Atlanta is not a good litmus test.
  8. He's garbage this year. Gonna get worse as Julio continues to have more and more injuries.
  9. I don't know why they won't stay committed to the run.
  10. He is not. Don't know why Snell has been getting GL carries last several weeks.
  11. Yet he wasn't even in there on that final drive. I'm guessing he's decoy of anything.
  12. His "injuries" are starting to get ridiculous. Coming off a bye, no real action and hurt again. I don't think I can stomach ever drafting him again.
  13. Is is safe to assume the next step is players deemed "close contact" with Myles to come next? Seems those players would be hard to make it through protocol in time for a game 48 hours away.