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  1. I personally think they tried to cram in too many different topics last night in too short of a time period for their to be any real substance...just when things started to heat up, the moderator would drive them towards a completely different topic. It seemed like half of the time they were arguing back and forth like a couple of kids seeing who could get in the last word (mostly Romney). A few other takeaways: Found it comical that both Romney and Obama butchered Lorrainne's name when she was up. Also, did she bring Horatio Sanz to the debate with her last night? I wasn't expecting the moderator to be an ex-stripper turned man vs food.
  2. I think the moderator is hungry, I just saw her wolf down a Snickers bar faster than Joey Chestnut in between questions.
  3. I think it's funny when the President mentions Romney's spending plan, when they spent out their ### in the past 4 years, and was their basis for dealing with all of the economy's current problems.
  4. This may come to blows by the end of the night.
  5. Agreed. They should be in every episode in some way or another. I like both better than Nucky.
  6. Taylor Swift and Kanye West
  7. That was Obama without a teleprompter, pretty much clueless and unable to think for himself. Romney wiped the floor with him so bad last night that not even CNN and MSNBC could spin it in a good direction. Can't wait for the VP debates...anytime you put a microphone in front Joe Biden, you never know what is going to come out of that mouth.
  8. For people looking to trade for Spiller, I just made the following deal in one of my leagues where I owned Fred Jackson today. Reggie Wayne/Pierre Garcon for CJ Spiller/Vincent Jackson
  9. Bump for Season 3 premier on Sunday, September 16th.
  10. Did you already see the sneak peek of this weeks episode?I have not, this is the only show where I try not to watch the previews. Just my gut feeling after how the last episode ended and what Walt said to Mike right before he died.
  11. Now that the legacy payments have stopped since Mike is gone and was supposed to cover the payments, what is Walt's next move? I think that he will go to Lydia, threatening to off her if she does not give up the list of names. Once he has the names, I think he has Todd reach out to his prison connections to take care of the people on this list. Maybe in exchange for teaching Todd his formula. Lydia is just about as bat#### crazy as Walt, so this could really go in any direction.
  12. Am I the only one that thinks Skyler is about to erupt? She has been bottling up a lot of anger in these past few episodes and I have a feeling the top is going to blow next week. Or maybe she just takes the money and kids, and makes a run for it? That would not make for good TV, so I am guessing she does or says something significant about Walts operation.
  13. Battlestar Galactica << Dwight Schrute <<<<<<<<<<<<< Breaking Bad
  14. I think Hal and Hyper Guy from "The Price is Right" still need McPike's business sense. I don't think Hyper Guy has grown enough to handle what needs to be done.I think things are going to heat up at breakfast this next week when Hal and Martha Bullock get into it over the finances and money laundring, all while Tim is munching on a bowl of Raisin Bran. Scott Quittman is definitely going to struggle to hold things together after Landry pull the trigger on that kid. I wonder if Shadow Man will be able to calm the team with Hal being such a loose cannon these days...or else Phil Baker may not be too far behind on their trail.