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  1. And Payton might be right. But I would love to ask him why they traded up and drafted a RB in the first round. They already had multiple proven RBs on the roster. If you are going to draft one that early then make him the feature back. Hell, they could have waited until the third round and gotten demarco murray, who to this point looks like a much better player than ingram. Just seems like a waste to me. Look how many injuries they've had a RB the last few years. If Pierre hadn't been healthy and/or Sproles hadn't come on so strongly, they might've had to lean much more on Ingram. I still think it was a solid pick for real football.
  2. Anyone think DEN D/ST @ SD is a good start? Or is Rivers due for a bounce back game? How bad is the OL situation in SD?
  3. All the overreaction posts aside, it's really just status quo for Ingram this week. He's still showing that he can be a punishing back who is giving the Saints run game some toughness - which just doesn't count all that much in fantasy land. It still looks like Sproles and Pierre will get theirs and it still looks like Ingram's upside will be 50 - 60 yards and a short TD. The good news from this game was Ingram making it out healthy. Status quo.
  4. If you're in here complaining about Ingram's injury, your team never had a chance in the first place. 6-3 and in first place with the point lead - thank you very much. Didn't think there was anything wrong with checking on this thread to see how my RB4/RB3 might be coming along.
  5. lol @ bruised heal. Eye wish his heel wood heal...Oh.....I see......heel (back part of your foot) vs. heal (to get better). Thanks! Huge contribution to my fantasy team. I'm sure to win now.
  6. Not sure it's fair to say he "couldn't handle" the carries. It was kind of a freak injury that didn't even involve contact from another player - just his heal landing hard on the carpet after hurdling a couple of Colts.There sure is a lot of Ingram hate here since so many people reached for him in their drafts (me included) but I'm still hopeful that he can deliver RB2 production down the stretch. :banned:
  7. I don't understand this heal injury with Ingram. How in the hell can a bruised heal keep him out/limited for so long? I saw the play when it happened. All he did was jump up to hurdle a tackler and then land maybe a little flat footed on the carpet. But really!!! WTF?!?!? Ingram should've taken over a lion's share role these last few weeks but instead he's opened up the door for the Saints to be keeping 4 RBs active on game days. Anyone seeing any way, any possible scenario where Ingram can be useful again this year for redraft leagues?
  8. Anyone know if Ingram practiced today? I was assuming this heal bruise wouldn't keep him out 2 weeks.
  9. Agreed - if anything it was better than I was hoping. I knew PT and Sproles weren't just gonna roll over for him, but I liked how he got the lion's share (even though in this shoot out there were so few total run plays called), he got the first carry, and the final game-deciding carry. And he looked tough. Payton wants him to succeed and Payton will want to get more balanced - loosing to GB in a shootout will just reinforce that need for balance. Ingram =
  10. No where to go on that GL play. Payton should've called a pass. Saints OL hadn't been able to get push all night. Great game though.
  11. Tough not to start Ingram tonight - with all the hype.