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  1. Thanks for the replies. I have read some articles saying Williams + Fitzgerald starting, Kirk WR3. Given new coaching staff, always interested to see if they believe in a player from previous regime.
  2. WR Chad Williams -- There isn't a ton of conviction here because this position battle is so wide open. There are multiple choices that could step forward in camp. But in the end, it just feels like Williams will be able to be the one who makes that step. This report has him over Christian Kirk. Who is on board?
  3. I will take big weeks. Also, consider the quality vs age of Brees and Mahomes. Some like taking Brees'short term while others are worried he might retire in 2-3 years while Thomas is reaching his pinnacle
  4. With the Edelman suspension, who are you looking to buy? Sell? I think Britt could be a fair waiver pick up. Also, if lookingto sell Gronk, he should provide a platform to sell high. Anyone hoping to buy Edelman low now?
  5. Thank you. I will try to check in more regularly.
  6. Many times, gaining roster space adds unforeseen value due to waiver wire guys or creating room for training camp fliers
  7. I am late to the party, but agree with Tangfoot above. Dynasty is all about finding value. It is difficult to have young studs at every position. When forced to choose, I almost always pivot toward older QBs and TEs. This goes for rookie drafts in first 2 rounds (generalization).
  8. Thanked you for the feedback. I added the word "redraft" to the sentence. I love Brown in redraft leagues. In dynasty, I have him lower just due to age. Fell free to email or message me if you see anything else. I do appreciate you bringing this to my attention
  9. Just noticed that Jordan Reed is out this week so Niles Paul is a solid pickup for those in need
  10. TE - > Fleener Drop M Bryant (no ODB) and keep both defenses. someone picked up Fleener this am on ww. Who would be your second choice, and would you keep him RoS in case Julius gets hurt again? tamme and just play the denver starter