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  1. Just noticed that Jordan Reed is out this week so Niles Paul is a solid pickup for those in need
  2. TE - > Fleener Drop M Bryant (no ODB) and keep both defenses. someone picked up Fleener this am on ww. Who would be your second choice, and would you keep him RoS in case Julius gets hurt again? tamme and just play the denver starter
  3. and either Sanders or Hopkins
  4. TE - > Fleener Drop M Bryant (no ODB) and keep both defenses.
  5. drop reed for clay
  6. bailey (dome kicker vs outside in gb) for defenses: gb, den, buf in order
  7. drop mcfadden and denard for stills and crowell also look to change from sd defense to either gb or sf
  8. tate will get claimed by someone and may be starting again soon ... is crowell available? hillman is more droppable than tate at this time
  9. Good luck this weekend, everyone. I will not be around the computer much so feel free to email or ttweet any questions. Thanks. Jeff
  10. close between Sanu and JT .... just trying to take guys in what looks to be high scoring games as tie break