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  1. No strategery in early rounds, and it's looking like seven and eleven and Tre'Quan and Jeremy Hill and Bradford will bite me, but I'm moving on to the next round with over 200 firmly in tow right now. That's nine dollars in dead cost that could have procured me a RB or WR, but I'm happy with my other values.
  2. Indeed.
  3. They're averaging about 35 points a game but need a running back.
  4. But it's not equitable.
  5. Still awesome after all these clicks?
  6. I think Godwin and this guy are interchangeable in terms of opportunity but they're both QB-dependent. Fitz and Mayfield benefit each, respective.
  7. Steel Breeze. Stiff Wind.
  8. Disqualifying it, it seems, from greatness.
  9. Picked up an unclaimed McDonald in Summerpalooza before the game; went with Howard. So it's an answer, but no help to you. Hope your Brate went great!
  10. I'm pretty happy having been on the "Carson is the man" bankroll. He's a better back than Penny right now.
  11. No way you're involving the Jets. They have Crowell locked up through 2021 at $4M and no O line to speak of right now. Good luck with that trade proposal. eta* They also have Powell this year. They're set at RB.
  12. A little bit of Monday. Added: Vance McDonald - Pit - TE - Rice University (Houston) Song: Dirty Rotten Imbeciles - Nursing Home Blues This is how much to trust Rotoworld: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Vance McDonald appears to be behind Jesse James as the Steelers main tight end since he had less snaps and less catches than James in Week 2, and until Ben Roethlisberger starts targeting McDonald, expect him to have little fantasy value, even in a good matchup against the Jets in Week 3. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Oops
  13. Heh. I guess jam bands gonna jam for the kids.