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  1. What about the system hurts the moderates? Do you mean the Democratic system or America's system of choosing a candidate from two parties?
  2. For edification. A good summation.
  3. A lot of us are in agreement then. It's time to hang 'em up.
  4. I think you're one of the fairest and kindest guys around. You're allowed to mess up every so often when your patience is tried to the extent it must be with this moderation. I didn't find the incident any part of a larger pattern. I just found it odd. Now that we pulled the cover off of the wizard, it's no big deal. That's my two cents.
  5. He had plenty in the tank. He scored a TD in his only game with them and saw like eighteen targets or something ridiculous like that. AB can still play. It's whether he gets a check up from the neck up.
  6. True. That's a depressing sentiment, but life goes on for the others. Death stops for nobody.
  7. Supporters aside, this is my new Democratic home for the primaries. Too many people I respect recommend him and from what I've seen, he's the best candidate the Democrats have.
  8. So he was cut? Shame. Like the blurb said, he was as talented as all get out.
  9. Nice obit, good read.
  10. Voted mostly okay. Funny thing is I had this exact thought for a spot of his. I have no idea why. Independent creation, for sure.
  11. That's an exercise that gets to your point a lot better, IMHO. If they choose the security of the government to handle their money, then there is a blurring of lines there with respect to economic theory.
  12. Aw, man, don't sell yourself short. Yours would have been such an effective line of questioning, which is seemingly nothing given your obvious intelligence and competence.
  13. This is strictly my opinion, but you might be looking at it from a former prosecutor's perspective, covering all bases, going in for the kill shot. I thought she was more than effective without being heavy-handed.
  14. It doesn't have to be accusations of gaming the system. Let's throw that out. Being compelled to pay in for forty years and then place an impetus not to collect because of some arcane theoretical point leaves a simple man for want.