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  1. I honestly don't know. Just as someone who has kind of (and I stress kind of) followed the situation by the weeks with an eye towards maybe starting Hyde in desperation in something happens, Homer has gotten eight carries total. Hyde has sixteen. So I'm not sure what to do with that. The carries have been 7-5-4 for Hyde and 3-3-2 for Homer. Really, Carson is the bell cow in this backfield and we don't know much else. Hyde may dominate carries. I don't really know. Just seems game script dependent for Hyde to step in and carry the ball fifteen times. I'd guess less, but I've certainly been wrong before. The situation flux.
  2. That would take one right up to the Week Six bye they have.
  3. That's something where we don't know that yet. Homer was taking the carries with Carson out and catches the ball out of the backfield, unlike Hyde, who is pretty much a straight away type guy. Not much dazzle or sizzle to Hyde's game, but effective if you ask him to do that which he can. The Hawks have thrown a ton this year, and I don't see that changing, which means Homer is the more beneficial back to have in there. I roster Hyde, but would guess that it's a 60/40 or 55/45 split at best.
  4. No, it isn't that terrible, but it is certainly a dump offer, even if Ertz is worth a good second at this point. I would have countered with Diontae, but he already told me Diontae wasn't really available last time and I didn't want to irritate a future potential partner. As for Swift, I totally agree about MP and Detroit. And coaching and GM changes scare me more because the back is no longer "their guy." But I would give a first for him and Diontae because that's really at least a first and second value there. I also need running back and linebackers. The first next year should address that. I think the guy thought that with the points I was scoring I might be naive enough to think I could win now with a TE. Ertz had about sixteen points this weekend, O.J. Howard had six. So it is significant, but not one I'd do a first for at this point in the build. I'm looking to accumulate dart throws for aging guys, not spend them.
  5. Congrats to the Lightning and their fans! Well-deserved cup. What a great tourney! Games at right time, done well in the bubble. A+ to the league and the guys and women for getting it all done.
  6. Thanks. It's a terrible offer. It's a "let's see if I can dump some guys on you and get a great pick back" offer. Guy probably thinks I don't know at all what I'm doing. Which I don't necessarily, but I have guideposts, at least. I would give Queen plenty of time to figure it out, too. I was speaking in that passage as if he were mine, but I had drafted someone else on offense instead. That was my lament yet honest assessment preceding -- that I hadn't taken him. Re-reading it, I can see the confusion. Plus, I type a lot. Not to worry, there will be guys next year rated highly, I'm sure. We draft after the NFL draft, if early, so that helps.
  7. That's some bad luck for the opposing team. That onside kick reminded me of when Homer Simpson was trying to outrun the townsfolk mob in that car..."Hey, everybody! He's getting away...very...slowly"
  8. I would have added him but had no money. In the words of Altman's Wimpy: I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today...
  9. I don't know where to check this year and that's a good thing. I cannot imagine advancing with the week my guys had. A bunch are out, a bunch had duds. Not a good entry this year.
  10. I'm pulling for him even though I have Lock on my dynasty team. Be nice to see somebody take it by storm.
  11. I was gonna ask if you were his mother's alias but remembered you were related in some way.
  12. But I see both sides of that debate. I'm honestly with the side that thinks Boyd, and 1st, and Elliott was too much for Saquon, and it proved so. Sometimes the best trade actions are the ones that aren't accepted by the other side.
  13. Relax, everybody, the Jets have a good run defense. They take away one part of your game, and it's that. The score was 34-7. No need for there to be any crazy stats when you get two pick sixes.
  14. Pulling the jersey down like that is indeed a horse collar tackle. Jersey or pads.