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  1. Ren likely got it from Taibbi. I got a Taibbi freebie in my inbox from Ren. I'm interested in this article. Taibbi's no right-populist apologist.
  2. All my substitution possibilities or best balls in one of my leagues and I still would have lost by fifty, standard scoring, no bonuses, PPR, etc. So I've learned one thing: When you get your ### severely kicked by the auto-draft bot team in your league that the commish runs because some dude flaked on the league, you best be humble. And a touch angry with that guy, too.
  3. I had the Hock before the bye -- had to let him go with the uncertainty -- so it's been way up and way down for me.
  4. Yep. I also started Everett in the league I have Henry.
  5. Sweet. On my bench and a bit too late to save an awful, awful start by an awful fantasy team. I'm not having much luck. Henry looked great tonight. Glad I added him on the wire.
  6. The Jets might be a whole lot better than people are giving them credit for. Our top acquisition in free agency and our quarterback have been out since Week One. Yes, it can mean that much.
  7. I should have paid more attention to this. Took him second. Would have been much happier with McCaffrey or Chubb, my next choices. Yeah, I know Kamara's a demon. But my top four was just a little different.
  8. I honestly can see kicking it there. Another field goal and a touch with two give you fourteen. It's still early.
  9. Whoa, let's pump the brakes a touch. No reverse jinxing allowed here.
  10. "Unfortunately, he'll be an option to avoid against New England's shutdown defense next Monday." Speak for your own, Roto. He's a go in a Superflex next week against the Pats for me.
  11. Hunter Henry already beating Everett's day, if you started Everett. (I did.)
  12. PFF grades him out as easily their top TE right now, if that at all matters to one.