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  1. For a counterpoint to that, you might check out the Peter Savodnik piece in Vanity Fair about the 2018 elections and Hollywood messaging I posted in Rock du Jour.
  2. This assumes public appetite for impeachment is significant and doesn't tip undecided independents towards sympathetic feelings for Trump.
  3. I don't think she was a sex worker. I think she used his networking connections to land a job with Rose, who then proceeded to abuse/harass her within the scope of her employment
  4. This just gets uglier. Speaks to the importance of investigative journalism and why papers dying is a problem.
  5. Thanks also. Lovin' the love. I think my sometimes jargon-laden language is because most of learning how to write was self-taught. I was a seventies child, back when it was more important to get one's ideas on paper than concentrating on grammar or syntax. I suffered as the result of this educational emphasis, and never really have recovered. I have vowed that once I'm more in a position to do so, I'll take some courses and tear down my writing to build it back up again.
  6. Wow. I consider my day to have been made. That's quite the compliment. Thanks, Yankee23Fan. I appreciate that.
  7. Strange. But they got OBJ and Hunt for their offense, so they restocked for sure. Point afters deserve the "I guess" qualifier. In college, should be a massive given to be a 5th rounder.
  8. I agree and am as guilty as the next. My meltdowns back about five-six years ago could be epic and unproductive all at once. Regarding this instance, PMs were sent and a simple misunderstanding was very much cleared up and actually probably served to make us more human to each other -- paving the way for better future interactions, even. Cool all around.