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  1. I miss Hot Sauce Guy in the SP. Looks like he's stopped posting recently. Glad you enjoy his sauces!
  2. As far as the bolded, it may be few and far between, but we agree on way more than you think, my friend. I sit here in the ether, just taking it in and responding when it happens. Jeez, that last clause -- about your Dad and your work -- is great and probably saved somebody's life. Awesome.
  3. Really nice link, krista. Good movie, too. Pro bono and innocence projects, like I've noted before, are just where it's at. Never should innocence be rewarded with the ultimate state decision. Just tragic.
  4. La Dispute's Panaroma, which Eeph bumped for me, isn't what I thought it would be after four singles. Just a bummer. Loved their Wildlife back in 2011.
  5. I post it all the time, but so you see it, Pup's Reservoir on KEXP needs a look if you like them that much. It soars. Just love posting it for you. Reservoir.
  6. Great post. Backes, with the Blues, caught my eyes as very physical. I have to admit to watching with half an eye. Backes is certainly older, and his usefulness as a non-healthy scratch is to do what he now says he'll do. I'm just noticing a trend as a casual fan. I've just noticed more Bruin fights lately and it's been in the press (which is simply a narrative).
  7. This is the only thing to say to this thread. /end it
  8. Between this and Breitbart over in the PSF, you're getting into some journalism ethics and sourcing. I have to say that the real stories about real things that sound absurd aren't being reported honestly by either side. I would say this: We'll never know. Ben hated Haley's West Coast Offense from the moment he brought it in. He loved Arians. IMHO, Arians should have coached that team forever (OC, that is) and they'd have won one or more SBs. That's simply my opinion, though. Air Arians!
  9. Hags! Hope things are going well with the show...won't be able to participate today as I'll be in and out proverbially and physically. Love the sheep, though. And the Preds. So where does that leave me? Thanks, bud.
  10. It's why I stopped watching for a while. I didn't like the goon element. The modern game, without fights, is a better game IMHO. But I'm the last to solve the crazy intractable problem that is five for fighting in hockey, so I won't. I mentioned it because it looks and sounds like the Bruins are back to it, and I can't think that but for Tampa's excellence they wouldn't be. It's a tough issue, and thought about and written about by smarter than I.
  11. Yeah, Klecko was probably better. I listed Gastineau because I thought Klecko was interior, and remember Gastineau off of the edge. Turns out, my memory is a little faulty, as Klecko played both EDGE and nose tackle. I was only six or seven in his prime, though. Heh. What a line for its time.
  12. I'm laughing because I thought it was the 22nd -- the release date, that is. Thanks, Eephus. A definite listening party will commence at the sight of the bump. We need a new draft. Any ideas? You guys rule. Thanks. eta* Not a huge fan. It has been over ten years since Wildlife, largely considered their best. I am getting older and time and punk is flying by. But it's nice to get the heads up on the release.
  13. I have to laugh. I'm old enough to remember the NYSE. Gastineau was our EDGE. BPA vs. BPA need is a great debate when it comes down to it. Love to have that debate but too tired right now. Is Mahomes II not 1.1 every time once one thinks about it? We picked a the best safety in the draft That says it all.
  14. That's amazing. This -- this sentiment and knowledge -- is just a gift. I'm a would-be slaughtered Slav at several idiots hand's. I'm glad somebody thought enough of you do to that. I think we're on the right side of history here.
  15. Oh, that's a great quote. Thanks, Long Ball. And so his uncertainty led to him being uncertain of others The conservative political conundrum. Mad love for his personal becoming political. This board always keeps giving in its knowledge. True that.