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  1. I'd toss these back and pick others if I knew people were taking them. I figured solo El-P from 2012 might just fly under the radar, but you did pick RJD2 and often participate in all sorts of ways in the hip hop thread and know more than I do, frankly. But long story short: lots of albums worthy of the island over here.
  2. Round 29.38 - Cancer 4 Cure - El-P (2012) The finest solo effort from El-P, the Run The Jewels stalwart, previously an underground indie rapper. This is him in a previous iteration of himself. Cancer 4 Cure, as it were, is El-P's testament to paranoia, borderline schizophrenic, but always reasoned, always rational. Never delusionally grandiose, yet rooted in a firm fear of the system under which we live. It’s performed under the assertion and belief that there is someone out to get you, somewhere, wherever you are – because of something you have said or done before. The lyrics are dystopian. The anger over being a pawn in the game seethes with every track. There’s a ripping sense of humor that goes along with it, one that those already in the know indeed do know. An appropriate album for the events of the day. Selections include the outright dance/techno trance banger and William Burroughs-introduced "Request Denied" and "Drones Over BKYLN" Request Denied Drones Over BKYLN
  3. I almost picked it anyway. I remember us talking about them a while back. Yep. It might take me a minute to decide, though. I never thought it would get back to me.
  4. Henry apparently left the board. I do not know the reasons why, but it was apparently his choice to do so. OrtonToOlsen was on the other day.
  5. I think rcam and I have talked about "Bombshell" before. Outside it's 6 A.M. the bums are praying/met her at a party she was drunk I was sober... Used to be a girl in college I knew that I thought of when this song would come on, for not-so-obvious reasons, actually.
  6. May 30th 51 man rosters, 12 team PPR, 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 4 FLEX, 1 TE, 6 pts. all TDs, 9 start IDP Rebuilding on the fly, Team A gives Kenyan Drake & 3rd to Team B for Terry McLaurin & 4th
  7. The bolded font: Tight, isn't it? I don't mind doing it as I think McLaurin is actually a more settled commodity in the future. As for the trade, I'd love to reciprocate, but couldn't tell you in the least given Superflex and that many teams. Always err on the side of the available QB is what I've learned in two years of SuperFlex. Glad you got Haskins's backup.
  8. This album used to have its own thread it's so legendary. Of course, that thread was started by a drunken me, so it might not be so legendary, but you know what I'm saying. I draft RTJ every draft so was trying to stay away. I figured KP would beat you to this, but alas, none for KP, either. Great pick. The hip hop act of the teens.
  9. Awesome feed about the protests and who comprises them. By Jesse Walker of Reason.
  10. Round 28.03 - Deltron 3030 - Deltron 3030 - 2000 In the dystopian future of 3030, Deltron (Del The Funky Homosapien Dan The Automater, Kid Koala) form to create a story that casts Del in the role of Deltron Zero, a disillusioned mech soldier and interplanetary computer prodigy rebelling against a 31st-century New World Order. In a world where evil oligarchs suppress both human rights and hip-hop, Del fights rap battles against a series of foes, becoming Galactic Rhyme Federation Champion. So it is. It's also a darn fine piece of trip hop, excelling at everything, likely even causing Gorillaz to form in Damon Albarn's mind. 3030 Madness
  11. It was Busta Rhymes - E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front - 1998