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  1. Shakes.
  2. George Springer down? Hitting 450 foot home runs in the World Series. Felt a bit of UConn pride right there.
  3. Probably addressing the fable that when you cut your best money makers in impatience that you get poorer rather than richer if one had any patience. What brings this on?
  4. I simply remember hitting it about 135 once right at the pin. It made me convinced to keep golfing. Then I quit because of my shoulder and terrible, terrible swing. No harm, no foul.
  5. The golden goose that lays the golden egg? The fable? I'd love to discuss, but I have no idea what you're talking about. I even Googled it. The sneaks? Or is it metaphorical? Aw, I dunno.
  6. Von did?
  7. Oh, ouch.
  8. was a good day.
  9. I've even got my slogan worked out for the debate. Bunch of tepid College Republicans, yelling. AUTOMATED DRIVERS! NO SURVIVORS! God, we have failed. Miserably.
  10. So, this is a better thread, then? I freakin' hate light salt.
  11. Yep. In the name of law enforcement and safety, such will go even the frontiers of the open road.
  12. What should we do about drunk driving and what should we do about guns and danger? I'm curious if you're still addressing the OP or if you're addressing us, and where the analogy is. Because I can't really speak that intelligently about guns -- see my thread -- but I do know the history of imbibing and driving and the legal limits that even MAAD was trying to establish before even their own head resigned and essentially -- essentially -- called them prohibitionists.
  13. Totes McGotes. Yeah, probably it will be -- in the name of the efficiency we seem to so value. Maybe the next frontier is homesteading, but vehicles, the way the left is arguing, are going the way of the dinosaur in the name of algorithmic safety. Just look at the responses and typical political reactions of the usual suspects on this board.