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  1. Man, plenty of time was given but I did not watch enough of the movies on these lists to be able to contribute intelligently. Therefore, I bow out with Vertigo by my side as the best movie I might ever see.
  2. Brilliant article and a positive head from the rescuer. So nice to read.
  3. I think once I quit smoking weed I stopped watching so much film and started living a little.
  4. I've seen Rashomon and Ikiru and that's it, and only because it was on the television a day I happened to be around. I haven't hunted down Kurosawa. I've never seen Seven Samurai. To your point -- I don't feel embarrassed about film; it's no longer my medium of taste expectation. I just can't see two hours of sitting in one place anymore. I'm often looking towards popular music to provide my entertainment. But I did love film at one point in my life, so I can converse a bit. That's all.
  5. It seemed so modern. I guess people have just been doing stuff that blows my mind for a long time before I was born. I think I'd place it more in the early '60s for our culture, to be honest, but that's just a feel that gets lost between cultures. I'm no relativist, but it seems like Ikiru (stomach cancer, public park, IIRC) seems like an American movie that would be made in the '60s rather than the '50s, though it was black and white. I don't know. It just seems the year is early for its subject matter.
  6. Ikiru is '52? Holy ####.
  7. Okay. Won't get personal and will cool it, so to speak. Too much respect for you and yours. I sincerely hope this ends up well and everybody winds up happy and fulfilled. This can't be the optimal situation. Perhaps I can learn from this. Peace.
  8. Ah, I see. I was wondering why I wasn't getting made fun of for a bit. Glad you're back.
  9. Seems? Yeah, making identity choices at seven sounds like a distinct argument against transgenderism.
  10. I agree, but being bored at 8 AM PST, this isn't bad for sports drinking accompaniment.