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  1. The neck gaiters and multipurpose head wrapper thingees ain't "masks."
  2. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that these non-mask wearing/no distancing types are all about "I'm not wearing no mask/distancing 'cuz I'm not afraid." They still don't get that wearing a mask is a courtesy to others in case that they themselves have the 'rona. Not enough PSAs out there on this?
  3. With black plexiglass, maybe. No way I want to be eye ball to eye ball with some stranger...
  4. STILL not working from home. (Apparently there are a few things that this company doesn't get done "absolutely, positively overnight!" )
  5. Only place I could order a 50' Cat6 cable to work from home and receive it in three days. All Amazon finds were over 10 days.
  6. Nothing more than there is an obesity issue in our Latin-American communities. Extended families living together = "perfect" storm.
  7. Nurse I know says that common denominators in her hospital in our neck of the woods here on LI are: over 65, obesity, diabetes, and Latinos...
  8. The Deep State. Don't forget that this is a eugenics inspired plot by Bill Gates to thin the herd. I've had to do some blocking myself to preserve my sanity. One is my SIL.
  9. I hope so, but the lines I saw at the Field & Stream gun counter a couple of weeks back tell me that many are afraid of their neighbors- or projecting that person inside of themselves on to others.
  10. I've had really high fevers with the flu. Once, I was trippin' so bad I swear I saw God. I even told him that I didn't believe in him.
  11. They just jump to the Bill Gates conspiracy bandwagon. If they haven't already. My SIL is in BOTH camps.
  12. And my buddy's wife in JAX- a nurse- was furloughed. 30 years of experience, but she was serving as an admissions nurse. Here we are sending out an APB for retired nurses, ex-nurses and soon to be nurses... but we're furloughing in position nurses with experience.