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  1. Everyone up in here reeeaally needs to land themselves a good hobby. Like the guitar. Or stamps. Or fantasy football. Something. (Me, too. Thanks for all the info.)
  2. Wanting to see Drumpf burn certainly doesn't mean that the partisan rabble want to watch the country burn. Trust me- few see him tied that closely to this country. (Or is that a "thinly" veiled threat? Should he be found complicit and all?)
  3. Bernie Torme "Bernie Torme, a member of Deep Purple and a hard-rocking musician, died "peacefully" on Sunday at age 66."
  4. I never said "eradicate" the pitbull. I was merely breaking down how such a harmless doggy could come to be so misunderstood. It is the "idiots" fault, not the dog's, so we can agree there. However- they most certainly ARE inherently more dangerous than the multitude of dogs that I can kick clear across the room if one of them goes off. For whatever reason.
  5. Unfortunately the "outlaw" image of the pit- totally deserved or not- has become somewhat self fulfilling. I'm not sure if that is obvious to you. For a number of years now you have the "idiots" (not all dog/pit owners) who want pits expressly BECAUSE they have that bad dog, aggressive reputation. And they do little to see to it that that behavior isn't encourage to come to fruition. Some even encourage that behavior to go along with their misplaced sense of machismo. So, now you have a society struggling with a trust issue involving a breed that has the ability to inflict major damage should it become aggressive. And many don't care if your pit snuggles with your kitty and precious newborn. It's YOUR dog, and you know how that works.
  6. I got pulled over when I was not so young. (40ish?) I knew as soon as he pulled out behind me that it was because- due to an unfortunate encounter between ice and the air dam mounted plate the past winter- my front plate was under my passenger seat. I pulled over , got my license and regi handy...aaaand ...reached around the back of the passenger seat for the plate... "FREEZE! SHOW YOUR HANDS- NOW!" Fortunately it was a nice spring day, because my windows were partially down and the officer could hear me apologizing loudly and sincerely- hands in the open!- as he approached the passenger side window- hand on his hip. He looked almost as scared and rattled as I felt as I blubbered about how sorry I was and how I was reaching for the plate under the seat. He read me the riot act for making such a move and how things could have gone south real fast. I'm pretty sure he could tell that I damn near crapped myself because after he gave my papers the once over and we had both caught our breathe he asked me if I was okay. After I answered in the affirmative, he told me to have a nice day- and asked me to remember what he had told me about sudden moves, my hands, etc should I ever get pulled over again... When I got home I remember discussing with my wife how a helpful to all televised PSA about what to do and what not to do when getting pulled over by LEO's would be. I've never seen one. And there still is a need for such.
  7. There's a whole lot of awesomeness to digest up in there. I'm going through it for the third time...
  8. Just that NY is "known" by many to be a bastion of liberalism. An elite bubble. It's a BIG state.
  9. Just where in the "liberal bubble" known as NY do you hail from?
  10. I can state that one is acting like an @hole. I can then say I that didn't mean that one IS an @hole.