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  1. Long time/first time. Only diet I ever went on was Atkins during it's heyday. Dropped 30lbs down to 160 with people asking me if I was okay. I began running again- something I can never seem to undertake gradually- which precipitated my first meniscus tear surgery. Second came a couple of years later. Like most of us, I slowly put some of that weight back on. And the knees don't like that. Synvisc shots helped BIG time. Mrs glock underwent two major surgeries this past summer: abdominal surgery- that delayed a scheduled hip replacement- to remove a football sized tumor that turned out to be benign...aaand that hip replacement. She has come out the other side driven by her pre-hab and the successful outcome of her hip replacement. This all coincided with our 20 year old's sudden desire to become a vegetarian. Or at least NOT eat meat. In our efforts to support him in this endeavor, mom and dad have basically cut out meat and inserted plant based eating in it's place. Not having the same passion for avoiding meat as my boy, I "cheat" with chicken, turkey, ham sammiches for lunches at work and the occasional burger. But there are amazing meat substitute sources of protein out there. I'm eating veggies in forms I never knew existed and Trader Joe's has been a blessing in this area. I don't miss all the "real" meat at all. My morning :cough: constitutions are awesome. And being someone who falls into the "eat to live" camp as opposed to the "live to eat" camp, this is working great for me. I dropped from a pretty steady 186 to an even 170 over the course of the summer and am easily holding there. Since I've been battling little old man boo-boos during that time, my exercise regimen has been reduced to some walking, an awesome 1/2 hour yoga based wake up program @ 5:30 AM, some planking and quad work (knees). I can't wait to get back to the Y. Moral to the story? Going semi-veggie works, and doesn't involve all of the mental gymnastics of counting calories, etc. It just works.
  2. If this baby is as practical and affordable as they make it seem...
  3. Care to share info on this product? My "cicadas" haven't increased noticeably in number or intensity, but not sure I want to wait for that either...
  4. Neighbor didn't know that he was dealing with...a FBG.
  5. Thanks. And you got that @#$% right!
  6. Thanks for the feedback. My issue just kicked off (no, I couldn't right now! ) just this summer. It's there. And then it isn't. Right in that "big toe meets the foot" region. Sometime hurts like a beeyotch! Did you go to an orthopedist or a podiatrist??
  7. Whoa. Where did all that time go? How you making out months later?? I came back here to check out the PF talk and tripped over the toe tawk that essentially meant nothing to me- back then! As “luck” wound have it, I’ve been dealing with the on and off soreness in my right big toe region. Seeing as I’m just the other side of the big Six Oh- and fighting little battles with Arthur Itis- I’m curious. Shuke detailed some of his history, but I didn’t see how you came to this procedure. I’m thinking of broaching this with my orthopedic guy (he’s done work on my knees) but was wondering if going right to a podiatrist was the right move. Anything you can offer...
  8. I just found that part humorous. The nose is a warm, moist filtering system that collects germs and other particles. You don't want to be making wounds (plucking) up in that petrie dish...
  9. The tobacco industry rode the "we know little about the safety" wave for a long time before they were finally outed as marketing something that was not only not safe, but deadly. It turns out that this was known almost from the get go. Knowing that AND using nicotine to capture as big an audience as possible for was as insidious a marketing strategy as a there ever was. But, sure- give the vaping industry the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure they consider your health a priority. Bottom line? Clean (as possible) air is what belongs in your lungs. But- free country.
  10. Sheik- here's a pretty solid case for the vaping thing not being safe at all.
  11. The Choice Isn’t Between Capitalism or Socialism "All countries practice a mix of both, and the U.S. isn’t the free-market leader some might think."
  12. King also said: "“The choice is not between violence and nonviolence but between nonviolence and nonexistence.” ― Martin Luther King Jr. Who was he talking to? When push comes to shove. American Values.