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  1. Home town of Hauppauge and now up in Centerport. People have been great up here. Far more deniers down along the 25 corridor.
  2. Whereabouts (roughly) are you on The Island. NW Suffolk here. A whole #### ton of "Open 'er up!" in the roughly 50-60 age group in these parts
  3. Nonsense. You have the mask and you wear it when you cannot maintain six feet of separation.
  4. Too true and or too perfect? I know more than a handful of guys in here who could roll that out.
  5. You mean like a guy who may or may not have knowingly passed a bad twenty?
  6. Blacks make up 13% of the population- White, non hispanic/Latinos, etc- 77%.
  7. Has this been posted yet? I have a friend who fought the good fight inside his department for 20+ years, rose to lieutenant and left as he was in the running for captain because he was done with the push back. He's now a public defender in the same county. He vouches for this piece.
  8. Yep. A mouthpiece and some real guts and you can supplement with forced air.
  9. What kind of quoting is that? This isn't "changing zip codes and patrol routes"- it's turning over control to a different police force- without the history. Where is your "Seattle" quote from?
  10. Why do people insist on pressing the narrative that disbanding or de-funding the (present) police force as a way to remove them entirely from the equation is a goal? Disbanding/de-funding a police force has happened before, basically absorbing it into a much less dysfunctional entity: Minneapolis Council majority backs disbanding police force...
  11. Well, I'd like to think that having the knowledge might change that to "many"...
  13. And I agree. They used to be called "peace officers," too.
  14. The neck gaiters and multipurpose head wrapper thingees ain't "masks."
  15. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that these non-mask wearing/no distancing types are all about "I'm not wearing no mask/distancing 'cuz I'm not afraid." They still don't get that wearing a mask is a courtesy to others in case that they themselves have the 'rona. Not enough PSAs out there on this?
  16. With black plexiglass, maybe. No way I want to be eye ball to eye ball with some stranger...
  17. STILL not working from home. (Apparently there are a few things that this company doesn't get done "absolutely, positively overnight!" )
  18. Only place I could order a 50' Cat6 cable to work from home and receive it in three days. All Amazon finds were over 10 days.
  19. Nothing more than there is an obesity issue in our Latin-American communities. Extended families living together = "perfect" storm.
  20. Nurse I know says that common denominators in her hospital in our neck of the woods here on LI are: over 65, obesity, diabetes, and Latinos...
  21. The Deep State. Don't forget that this is a eugenics inspired plot by Bill Gates to thin the herd. I've had to do some blocking myself to preserve my sanity. One is my SIL.
  22. I hope so, but the lines I saw at the Field & Stream gun counter a couple of weeks back tell me that many are afraid of their neighbors- or projecting that person inside of themselves on to others.