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  1. I live in Boone, and I would not drive from my house to the ski slopes right now. We have been unusually warm. It is the kind of weather that give packed powder a bad name. You should trade your skiis for a mountain bike. You should still come on up the hill, there is lots to do. I second Simey's food list above. That guy has good taste. Enjoy.
  2. Morton, I agree. I am rolling with kielce, hill, and Patrick. I could substitute C Godwin but I think Hill's speed might be deadly today. Furthermore, if recent history is any indication weather reports these days are a little over dramatic.
  3. I am drafting Conner with confidence. Almost every single RB in the league will deal with some kind of committee, but they won't have Conner's OL. Plus I just really like this kid's heart.
  4. I am a lifetime Steelers fan and this makes me grin, but the whole thing is a damn shame.
  5. I’m am trying to get Freeman for him. The Bell owner is pondering it.
  6. Agreed. I am a long time DD user, but it just doesn't mock an auction draft as well as other tools.
  7. I'm curious. Trying to decide between HZD and FC5 for the upcoming holiday week. Anyone want to chime in with an opinion? Thanks.
  8. You got my attention. I think my wife needs one of these. I have been doing my research and for our house I think the Laitissma Pro is the way to go. I have been on Amazon and the Nespresso site. Nespresso is advertising %35 off on machines, but they are listing this unit for $385. Amazon had it for $311 over the weekend. That deal is no longer available. So, I guess my question is what is a good price?
  9. I lost DJ. Picked up Blount last week. I'll play Blount over Martin this week. I expect Martin to have a lighter load and a angry opponent. I hope Martin gives me no reason to sit him the remainder of the season. ..and Samesong is correct...I would not trade Martin after rostering him for five weeks.
  10. Thanks to Olsen breaking his foot, I am rolling with OJ now. Anyone else?