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  1. The majority of the dynasty lgs I'm in are 50-60 man rosters with taxi squads, where I would hold on to someone like Sanu and Sanders. The one lg I'm in that we roster 25 I tend to ignore those types myself since there are usually serviceable guys on the wire. In the deeper lgs I tend to hold on to rb's and wr's for 2-3 years if they show any flashes at all. In the smaller lg I usually turn them over multiple times a year. I have dropped a few guys to soon but I usually make up for it by not keeping guys like Caroo and Treadwell wasting a roster spot.
  2. Got you. Makes sense to keep it that way as opposed to having to keep a separate trade value list. I have so many I forget which ones are which. I keep spreadsheets for all my dynasty teams with players color coded green, yellow, orange and red and change it as needed as we get closer to cutdown dates. Prob the only ones I find useful after I make them.
  3. He may be in a crowded corp but he is looking good in otas. I haven't missed a snap of Lsu football since the early 90's so I'm pulling for him. He certainly wont see worse Qb play than he did in college even with Bortless throwing the ball. Hope he spends a little more time in the weight room to help him deal with press coverage and I'm sure McCardell will help refine the rest of his game.
  4. I certainly appreciate the time and effort you put in to share your thoughts. I like most of the rankings but I will ask, why put guys in places where you wouldn't draft them. Why not just move them down a few places or a tier where you would actually take them. You also have Watson in tier 4 and 5. Again thanks for sharing.
  5. Only thing I'm worried about is that they will once again reduce the number of practices and the length of camp. We are already forced to watch 4 weeks of crap football early in the year as they try to get the o lines to come together and get the young guys trained up. More Qb injuries, penalties, lower ypc. Don't think I could handle 8 weeks of the same.
  6. Nice list can't believe I missed all those the first time round. Got them added and added a quick link to each position on the first post.
  7. I was going to update the list i made a couple of weeks ago but I've been stuck in south Texas in an RV since Harvey. But I can keep it up to date until someone come up with a better solution.
  8. Allen has great hands, good pass catcher who has not looked good between the tackles in the past. Seems like he has improved that aspect so he could have some value.
  9. Go to the add edit league page and unlink the team and then re-link it. It will prob ask you to log into your account for the hosting site.
  10. 2008 Steve Slaton and Selvin Young. I'm gonna be set at rb for a few years.
  11. (RotoWire) New SF defensive coordinator Robert Saleh wants to use Lynch as a full-time lineman, Matt Barrows of The Sacramento Bee reports. "Aaron, he's on the defensive line," said Saleh. "We're going to try to keep his hand in the ground at all times." Analysis: A 2014 fifth-round selection, Lynch has primarily operated as a pass-rushing outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense, tallying 74 tackles and 14 sacks in 37 career games. The transition to a 4-3 scheme and a simpler role could help him rebound from an injury/suspension-marred 2016 season in which he managed only 13 tackles and 1.5 sacks in seven appearances. Still only 24 years old and listed at 6-foot-6, 270 pounds, Lynch should be able to make the transition to defensive end. Recent first-round selections Arik Armstead (2015) and DeForest Buckner (2016) figure to provide a stronger interior pass-rushing presence that will make life a bit easier for Lynch and the team's other outside rushers.
  12. Thanks Its always worked before but couldn't get it to accept the formating. Still won't work for me and it isn't showing properly. Must be a browser issue on my end.
  13. Matt Miller - Bleacher Report Rob Rang - CBS Daniel Jeremiah - Joel Klatt - Fox Pro Football Focus Charlie Campbell - Walter Football