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  1. Nice! As you're coming down the mountain on 219 just turn left on Bell Road before you get to Newberg and my place is a mile down the road. PM me next time you're planning to be in the area - I do all my tastings by appointment so you won't be fighting crowds. Mo Ayoub is quite a character. Makes great wine and does his tastings in his kitchen - definitely my kind of vibe.
  2. Yep - my Chehalem Mountain tasting room looks south so Hood views aren't an option but Parrett Mountain, Dundee Hills, and the Coastal Range are right in your face, and even South Sister and the Eola/Amity Hills are visible on a clear day. Can't beat the Willamette Valley for the sheer volume of rustic destination wine spots.
  3. I'd throw a flag on this even if I weren't in the business. Most Washington grapes come from the east side of the Cascades where it's too hot for pinot but can ripen the big reds. Most Oregon grapes come from the west side and the opposite is true (southern Oregon and the Columbia Gorge are improving on big reds but not up to Washington quality just yet). I just don't think we can really compare the wines against each other and in fact they compliment each other very well - I'd prefer to say both of us are better than California at doing what we do well. 😉
  4. Phil gets an attaboy from me. If you've done your job correctly in the cellar, filtering should only be necessary on wines with residual sugar and that ain't gonna happen on a well made Cab. One of these years I'm going to get the stones to leave my whites and Rose unfiltered as well. Oh yeah, you'll get a crystal clear wine - and kill about half of the flavor in the filtering process.
  5. This is my place: I'm by appointment because I'm such a tiny producer but I live on site so I'm real flexible on when I can take appointments - shoot me a PM or email and let me know when you want to stop by and we'll make it work!
  6. You imagine correctly. There are a lot of farming livelihoods on the line in the Gorge. We've had some ash falling in the Willamette Valley and smoky skies - biggest adjustment I've had to make is moving all tastings inside the barrel room due to air quality but obviously that's nothing compared to what they're facing over there. Latest forecast I've seen is that it's supposed to start improving later today through tomorrow but we'll see.
  7. We have corkage here too (I'm in the Willamette Valley, Oregon) and I always recommend folks grab an extra bottle (even if not from me, from another tasting room) if they're going to have a nice dinner that night.
  8. You were taught well! I don't see as many of these folks as I used to around here (and those folks aren't coming to my place anyway) but they still exist and the pretentiousness is palpable. Always good fodder for industry story telling though.
  9. To add to this, restaurant markups on wine (around these parts at least) are about 250-300%, and I have to take a 40-50% haircut just to get my product in the door. Which is why you won't see many small producers on wine lists outside of their immediate geography. I agree on the issue of lack of distinction between a $30 and a $300 wine - even for snobs. And whatever perceptible taste difference may exist is is highly unlikely to be worth the cost difference.
  10. Well, I'm a little 400 case winery so I don't use distributors but I do ship when the weather allows. Web site is for a list of what I currently have in stock and you can drop me an email under the "Contact" tab or a PM if you're interested in ordering. Those 2014 reds will be released in spring once bottle shock has subsided a bit.
  11. If you like the style of the 2012 pinots, you'll love the 2015s. I'm scheduled to bottle my 2014 reds on Friday if my label printer can get their act together. Probably my favorite Oregon pinot noir vintage to date - has all the richness of a warm weather year with the textured layers of a cool weather year. No excuses for not making great pinot from that harvest. Strongly advise letting them sit for awhile because just about every producer will be releasing them way too early (myself included I'm afraid) - it will be well worth the wait.
  12. Still filling, organizing, etc. But here's the current state of things Wow - most impressive! Forgive a construction newbie's question - how are seams between the glass panes treated? I can't make it out from the pix.
  13. Awesomeness. Just got an email that we are picking our allocation on Feb 3 for the spring release. have you been to their new facility at The Barlow yet? No. I have a ten month old son at home. That and the run up of nine months of my wife not drinking because she was pregnant put a serious damper on my wine trips. Our first wine trip out will be the World of Pinot Noir next month. WOPN looks like a blast. seems like all the big boys/girls of Pinot Noir will be there. if you're looking to find some under-the-radar producers, be sure to taste Cargarsacchi Wines (Peter is kick in the ###) and Romillily Wines. both are small-production, high quality wineries. i'd also stop at the Red Car table, even though Parker #### all over them in the latest WA issue. their Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir is top-notch. and you should have a great time at the KB pick-up event. their new spot is one of the more impressive production facilities i've ever seen. Any last minute suggestions anyone recommends for wineries to visit that aren't well known? Crap - sorry I missed this back when you posted it as I could have given you some good leads on the Oregon side. The good news on our project is that we finally got our building permits approved for the tasting room renovation and we have our first 2 pinot blocks planted. We MIGHT be able to begin the renovation next month. The bad news is that our federal winery app has been in the queue for 3 months and hasn't even been picked up yet. Still hoping to open next year but at this rate who the hell knows.