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  1. I have: K. Johnson (DET) vs. LAC A. Ekeler (LAC) vs. DET D. Henry (TEN) vs. IND M. Ingram (BAL) vs. ARI Need 3 of those in a 0.5 PPR league. Leaning towards Ekeler, Henry, and Ingram. Should I be considering Johnson seeing as Mack tore apart LAC last week? (Although I hate to do that since I have LAC as my defense and I'd be rooting against them lol.) If I go Johnson who would you leave out? Thanks in advance!
  2. Mayfield
  3. Williams and Henry
  5. Keep JuJu in for now, if there is any indication tomorrow morning that he will be kept out of the game then switch it up for Anderson. Thanks for answering mine.
  6. Hard to go against the Bears the way they have been playing. See mine if you get a chance.
  7. I am playing in the Championship Game this week. My lineup is below. This is a Yahoo league with fairly standard scoring with the addition of 0.5 ppr. How does it look to you guys, especially QB and FLEX? Starters: QB: Watson vs. Philly WR: Hill vs. SEA WR: Cooks vs. ARI WR: Edelman vs. BUF RB: Kamara vs. PIT RB: Cook vs. DET FLEX: Williams vs. NYJ K: Butker vs. SEA DEF: New England vs. BUF Bench: QB: Goff vs. ARI WR: Baldwin vs. KC WR: Sterling Shepard vs. IND RB: Adams vs. HOU RB: Murray vs. DET DEF: BAL vs. LAC My biggest concerns going in: Watson vs. Goff, but Goff has been horrible the last three weeks, I feel Watson may be a better play. Williams vs. Adams/Murray for FLEX, neither Williams nor Adams give me the greatest of tummy comfort but it seems like GB leaned a lot on Williams last game so he seems like the safer pick. For Murray, I'm not sure I want play two RB's from the same team going at the same time on my team. Do either of my receivers have a better edge at FLEX than the RB's? Baldwin and Shepard don't exactly excite me more than the RB's I have. Shepard hasn't done much for me this year plus there is the Manning problem and Baldwin had a good week last week but most of his weeks this year have been down. Are there any changes you would make to my starters? Thanks in advance!
  8. I would do Michel and Eikler. Thanks for mine.
  9. That was my mistake. It was Watson, not sure why I saw NO instead of Indy.
  10. Thanks for mine. I would take Shepard in the first group and Michel and probably Samuels in the second group. I have my own Sheohard quandry with flex, right now I have Adams from Phil in there but really tempted to put in Shephard with Beckham out.
  11. Need a win to get in to the Playoffs. Who would you start Goff versus Chicago defense in the cold Watson at home versus Indy Seems like Watson might be the better play.
  12. Henry Mine:
  13. I would probably stick with what you have considering AP has a banged up shoulder and knee. Mine: