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  1. Worth Allen Robinson and a mid 2021 1st?
  2. Currently rebuilding and been offered a 2022 1st, I’m tempted.
  3. I’ve been offered a 2021 first which is tempting. Especially considering I picked him up for nothing.
  4. Jaguars OC Jay Gruden said he wants to get James Robinson more touches in the second half of games. “The more we give him, the more he seems to perform. We have to keep the game where we can use him for 60 minutes. I'd love to get him more touches and those will come in the third and fourth quarter.” The Jaguars have trailed by 10 or more points in the second half of their last three games. It’s created negative gamescripts for Robinson, who has 34 first-half carries and 26 in the second half. Robinson still managed over 100 total yards in those three games and could see his biggest workload of the season in a Week 5 matchup with Houston’s league-worst run defense.
  5. His passing usage gives him a decent floor in PPR
  6. Why would you trade him for a pick in the hope it turns into what Robinson is - a young 3 down back
  7. The lack of Cohen and Foles likely starting should mean an uptick in opportunities
  8. I’d definitely say knowing what we do now, he’d be a first round pick
  9. James Robinson is looking like a great pick so far. ”Through three career games, Robinson has the most yards from scrimmage from an undrafted rookie in NFL history (339) and he's the only undrafted player in league history to record at least 300 scrimmage yards and multiple touchdowns through three career games.”
  10. Now Woods as well as Kupp signed extensions.