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  1. But there is the possibility of signing him in the offseason anyway...if that is the case then the deal is gold!!
  2. More likely a high second for 2 4th's, a 5th, 6th and 2 7th's by the time Rick is done with it...🤣🤣
  3. Sometimes I think it would just be easier for me to pick a different team instead of trying to figure out how they can fix things!! 🙃
  4. I'm sure they'll turn it around after the bye and finish 10-6 🤪, but if they don't it will be interesting to see if they do shake things up with trades. I know NOTHING about the cap and all that stuff but I would think they would have to look into moving some guys - I'm not a fan of a total blow up of the roster. I wonder if Ngakoue would be a candidate to be moved...I know they gave up a 2nd for him but wonder if he is saying "No way I'm staying here!" and the Vikings try to recoup something out of him. I've been pleasantly surprised with how well Wonnum has looked in the few opportunities he has had. I have always been a Cousins fan but have no idea what he is doing this year...absolute junk right now. I would think they have to cut Mannion and put one of the young guys as back-up and if/when Cousins plays like garbage, see what they have. Seven of their draft picks are now playing meaningful minutes...not good for a team that was expected to be decent...
  5. If they don't win this week, I say shut him down!!
  6. Not having Hunter is huge...can't get pressure up front and that puts those young corners in a bad spot. Will be better when/if Hunter comes back.
  7. Has anyone heard if they are working with Harris on a multi-year deal? I would think that would be a key thing to help get Cook extended (and maybe bring Everson back...).
  8. Not if they were exploring his trade value during the draft...
  9. If they can agree to a long term deal with Harris and lower the cap number, I think they could sign Griffen back and get a veteran corner...
  10. And when I watch James Lynch I think of Chris Hovan...and that is a good thing!
  11. I really like the picks of Dye (Kentrell Brothers' special teams' spot), Cole, Hand and Metellus (Jayron Kearse and Holton Hill's St spots) for depth...perfect thing to look for late in the draft!