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  1. To be honest, I was scratching my head a bit when the Vikings took him in the third round...but I'm VERY happy to admit that I was wrong about this guy. So much more explosive than I thought he was coming out of college - plus has short yardage power.
  2. I see they cut Sherels, so I am guessing one of the practice squad WRs will be brought up before Thursday... Holton Hill comes back after this week as well. Hoping they can win this game and stay healthy while doing it...Packers have already had five home games so they are hitting the road quite a bit the second half of the season...hopefully Vikes can keep the momentum!
  3. Not sure what the specific IR rules are but does anyone know how "healthy" Beebe and Doctson are at this point? Can they bring them back after week 8? Something that could be needed if Thielen's hammy is a lingering thing...
  4. Not going to lie...I kind of like the Treadwell signing - dude can block (even if he can't catch)!
  5. "Touchdown saving tackle"...shouldn't that apply to every single tackle??
  6. This sounds good! Alexander could play...
  7. I agree...was kind of nice not to have to show much of the passing game so they can have more "surprises" this week.
  8. Any word on how long Alexander is going to be out? I read that Brett Jones is back in town and could sign back today. I know it is only one week, but I like the looks of this team...
  9. Needed another cup of coffee before typing...that is a better idea!
  10. Interesting with the trade for Vedvik...they were having other players practice as holders in training camp so I wonder if he will be the punter or if they will make it look that way and try and flip Bailey to the Bears...
  11. Seems like there is a lot more OL depth than I thought initially...if there aren't many that go before their pick, I would be in favor of a move down to collect another 2nd or 3rd to pick up more offensive linemen. Bradbury has really grown on me though - think he would be a good pick. Any chance Rudolph gets traded? I have a weird feeling about that one...think he may be on the move...
  12. The biggest problem, IMO, is ESPN. They have gone to exclusively highlighting players and not teams - doesn't lend itself to leagues with non-marquee talent.