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  1. Seems like there is a lot more OL depth than I thought initially...if there aren't many that go before their pick, I would be in favor of a move down to collect another 2nd or 3rd to pick up more offensive linemen. Bradbury has really grown on me though - think he would be a good pick. Any chance Rudolph gets traded? I have a weird feeling about that one...think he may be on the move...
  2. The biggest problem, IMO, is ESPN. They have gone to exclusively highlighting players and not teams - doesn't lend itself to leagues with non-marquee talent.
  3. Cody Ford would be perfect for what Zimmer wants, as far as attitude is concerned...
  4. It all depends on what they do with Barr. If they do not retain him, then Devin White is the pick if he is still there - no matter who else is available. The top OLinmen will be off in the top 12. The ones that are left aren't that much better than what they can get in rounds 2-3. I think they go White (although I think he is a top 10 talent) and then come back with back to back offensive line in rounds 2 and 3. ****my dream scenario**** I have a feeling they will cut Griffen (or have him restructure)...and if they retain Barr, I still think White is a good choice because we saw how bad the depth was when Kendricks was out at the end of the year. Rumor is that Barr was practicing some DE last year so that flexibility could be used.
  5. Kendricks being out killed them yesterday...they don't have the depth to cover his loss. O'Neill has played well - easily their best O-lineman this year (nothing to really be proud of...) Best thing for the Bears would have been to let the Vikings win - would have been like a bye for them next week...
  6. If only they would give him a redzone look...all the coverage goes to the other two (as it should)...give the guy a jump ball!!
  7. This Everson Griffen bizzaro incident might help explain the bizzarro game they played on Sunday...
  8. Outcome stinks but they only gave up one offensive TD to the Packers in Green Bay...they will be fine. Diggs and Thielen are going to be monsters this year with Cousins!! And spend a ton of $$$$ on a QB, you get a gift roughing the passer call! Who woulda thunk it?!?!!?
  9. They have to be entertaining the thought of Dan Bailey...
  10. 96 questions was must see TV! Good luck Brob!
  11. It will be interesting to see what they do with Roc Thomas and Mike Boone (or even Latavius Murray)...thinking they will end up shopping one with how well they have looked and the team not having room for all of them. Probably be better than cutting and taking the chance that they make it to the practice squad. Good problem to have. They should be able to get a pick but if they could somehow get some o-line help that would be even better.
  12. Tore his ACL yesterday...bummer, as I saw some good special teams time for him this year.