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  1. I didn't allow this thread to be started...and these definitely are NOT my plays of the week.
  2. Yay? Yay. Still love O'Brien. But we need a legit QB prospect on this team next year.
  3. This new battlefront is different. There aren't classes of troops to choose from. So no specific sniper, scout, or heavy trooper, etc. If you want to snipe, you need to unlock the 2 sniper rifle-type weapons. They are the pulse cannon, and the cycler rifle. But these 2 weapons are a side-arm weapon, like using a grenade. They don't come with a number of rounds/ammo like previous battlefronts. You shoot it with RB/LB, depending on where you equip it, then have to wait 15 seconds for the rifle to recharge before being able to shoot it again. I guess this was done to prevent constant sniping, users who just hang out in the back picking people off? This game definitely encourages close-to-medium gun encounters.
  4. Great game. Lots of fun. The Star Wars sounds are so authentic. Love it.
  5. Eifert gets the Texans defense in his next game on Monday Night Football. The same Texans who gave up 3 TDs to Kelce in week 1.
  6. I wouldn't. Green has been very inconsistent this season. Eifert and Jones have been stealing a lot of TDs. Ivory has been a great RB. Trading him would leave you with low upside guys like Gore and Anderson.
  7. Need a flex player. 0.5 PPR. Which one of these 3 would you start? Will gladly help in return. Tavon Austin vs Vikings Brandon LaFell vs Redskins Tyler Eifert vs Bengals (Thursday)
  8. Nate Washington injured his back/hip on a long TD catch. And he walks off under his own power. Should be ok.
  9. He won't be doing the praying though. That'll be left up to others. Texans fan here. I greatly appreciated him carrying our offense for years. Kubiak definitely rode him into the ground. But he produced. Big time. Not bad for an undrafted free agent.
  10. If Watt misses a game due to an ILLNESS, then I'll believe the Texans are officially in Tank Mode to get a QB in next years draft. Who that "stud" QB is.....I have no earthly idea. And quite frankly I have no faith that Bill O'Brien and Rick Smith would pick the right guy anyway at this point.
  11. Keuchel is King!! Still proud of this team!
  12. We are really really bad. Total team loss. Coaches stunk. Everything. Just triple team Watt, let the rest take care of itself. Geez. What's the endgame here? I would hate to play the tank game, but I have no idea where to get a real QB for this team.
  13. Can't believe they made it, but proud of this team!! Just beat the Yankees!