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  1. I didn't allow this thread to be started...and these definitely are NOT my plays of the week.
  2. Eifert gets the Texans defense in his next game on Monday Night Football. The same Texans who gave up 3 TDs to Kelce in week 1.
  3. He won't be doing the praying though. That'll be left up to others. Texans fan here. I greatly appreciated him carrying our offense for years. Kubiak definitely rode him into the ground. But he produced. Big time. Not bad for an undrafted free agent.
  4. Keuchel is King!! Still proud of this team!
  5. Can't believe they made it, but proud of this team!! Just beat the Yankees!
  6. Underrated? NO! He's unrosterable, undraftable, unstartable!!
  7. Will the Eagles defense be fantasy worthwhile this season? Sorry if this is not in the right spot, but I wanted to get Eagles fans perspectives. I know they had a lot of TDs and sacks last year, now Chip has brought in guys like Maxwell and Kiko. Would you feel comfortable with the d as an every week start? Or more of a matchup play based on the opposing offense/QB? I'm a Texans fan rooting for Chip to prove all the doubters wrong. The racist accusations really rubbed me the wrong way. The man doesn't hate black players; seems to me he hates egomaniacs who won't fully buy-in to his system. If coaches were like stock, I would be investing heavily in Bill O'Brien and Chip Kelly!! Good luck guys, and pummel those Cowpies!! PLEASE!!
  8. Oswalt?Think dead kile?Astros threw a 6-pitcher no-hitter in 2003 @ Yankees. It was Roy Oswalt, Kirk Saarloos, Pete Munro, Brad Lidge, Octavio Dotel and Billy Wagner. Darryl Kile was the last solo pitcher to throw a no-hitter for the Astros. 1994 I think.
  9. This Astros fan hopes so. I think y'all got a future stud in Phillips. He's been a great hitter and has 5-tools, according to folks much more in tune with the minors. I didn't want to lose him, AJ Reed or Colin Moran. But I guess that's the price of doing business. Santana has big-bat potential if he can figure it out at the major league level. He's only 22 years old I think. Still very young. Good arm for a right fielder too. Just has to cut down on the strikeouts. Any other insight on Fiers? I honest don't know much about him.
  10. Is Ausmus really a bad manager? I hear some of the Tigers fanbase wants him fired. I always thought he would be a great manager, watching him play for years in Houston. Seemed like he was destined to be a smart baseball man when he retired.
  11. Kazmir an Astro for prospects Nottingham and Mengden.
  12. Good story from John McClain on the radio. Went something like this: It was one time in November, Stabler didn't show up for a practice with the Oilers. Nobody knew where he was, couldn't find him. Then the next day, he shows up to practice like normal. Doesn't say anything about it. I guess he finally gets asked "where were you yesterday?" Then he let's out something like "Well, yesterday was Veterans Day, and....I'm a veteran. So i gave myself the day off."
  13. Springer injured tho. Could be heading to the DL soon....
  14. Every Breaking Wave (from Songs Of Innocence) is a great song. However, the superior version of it comes from the deluxe edition, and this version of the song is the way that the band performs it live. They're touring right now so go see em!!