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  1. Eifert gets the Texans defense in his next game on Monday Night Football. The same Texans who gave up 3 TDs to Kelce in week 1.
  2. He won't be doing the praying though. That'll be left up to others. Texans fan here. I greatly appreciated him carrying our offense for years. Kubiak definitely rode him into the ground. But he produced. Big time. Not bad for an undrafted free agent.
  3. Oswalt?Think dead kile?Astros threw a 6-pitcher no-hitter in 2003 @ Yankees. It was Roy Oswalt, Kirk Saarloos, Pete Munro, Brad Lidge, Octavio Dotel and Billy Wagner. Darryl Kile was the last solo pitcher to throw a no-hitter for the Astros. 1994 I think.
  4. I think today is the final day of a special at GameStop: Trade in your 360 (250GB) or PS3 (120+GB) and receive $125 off towards the purchase of an Xbox one. And this can include the kineckt-less version, and these are now bundled with a game like Halo or Assassin's creed. So with a trade in, you can get an xb1 for $225, tax not included.
  5. Just chiming in to say I use Castor & Pollux Organix dog food. Made in USA, organic, lots of real ingredients, no bad filler stuff. Been using it for close to 4 years for my 22 pound mutt. He's healthy and happy, never really gotten tired of it. The adult version (brown bag, red label) is rated 5 stars on, for what it's worth.
  6. Bust. My least favorite Texan by far. Wish we had Bortles, Teddy, Matthews, Robinson, Mack, or Barr...
  7. Signs an extension: On Friday afternoon, Mike Florio reported that the Cardinals and quarterback Carson Palmer could agree to a contract extension soon. Soon didnt take long. The Cardinals announced a bit later on Friday afternoon that they have signed Palmer to a three-year extension through the 2017 season. . Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports reports the payout is $50 million, although there arent any details about how the deal is structured in terms of guaranteed money and injury protection at this point. Palmer could have become a free agent after the season, which was apparently something the Cardinals didnt want to risk. Palmers season was interrupted by an injured nerve in his right shoulder, but hes played well since being back in the lineup and has posted his best numbers since his early days in Cincinnati. Palmers first year in Arizona got off to a rocky start, but hes thrown 25 touchdowns and 10 interceptions while the Cardinals have gone 11-2 in his starts since the midpoint of the 2013 season. With Palmer off the market, Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer stands as the most attractive of the potential free agent quarterbacks. His record as a starter over the last two years is almost as good as Palmers, which will make for some interesting decisions in Cleveland if things keep going well for him over the remainder of the season.
  8. AJ is indeed still the #1 option. Fitzpatrick trusts him and will continue to feed him. DeAndre made one guy miss on a short-medium pass and just ran untouched for his big TD in week 1. Other than that he didn't do much. Week 2, incredible throw/catch on the back shoulder on the sidelines for the TD. Fitzy put it where only DeAndre could get it. Here's why I would be holding or even buying on Hopkins: Bill O'Brien is only keeping 4 WRs active. He's made DeVier posey inactive both weeks so far (mildly shocking to us Houston fans). The #3 and #4 WRs are Keyshawn Martin (slot guy with stone hands) and undersized Demarus Johnson, who is still learning the playbook since he was claimed from the eagles after preseason ended. He looks like he can't block or catch cleanly. Add in all 3 TEs looking like they will be more relied on for blocking or the occasional "move the sticks" catch, and this is realistically ALL Andre and DeAndre. That's it. They are the only true pass catching options right now. O'Brien wants to run, run, and run some more. But if there are any passing chances, it'll be the 2 guys above doing the catching. No need to worry about a 3rd guy emerging anytime soon.
  9. Too early to take him In the early 4th of a 0.5 PPR league? I missed tonight's game but he just seems like a mismatch. I have visions of his first game of the season from 2013. Beast game and then he got hurt. Imagine what his stock would be if he played all 16 games...ugh I don't think I'll be able to get him in the late 5th now...
  10. Whoa. Pump the brakes there. The division will be mediocre and the Jags will be improved but there's a long way to go. I dunno man. I'm an outsider, but there's just something reassuring about your new brain trust. I really like Gus Bradley, that defense will be top 10 soon, and maybe elite in the next 2 years. Let that offense cook some more, unleashing a wiser Bortles in 2015 with some extra o-line help and y'all will be right in the mix with the Colts. The colts aren't deeply talented. A quality QB can mask holes on the team (like Rodgers in Green Bay). If Bortles is as advertised, and i think he will be, I would feel confident picking the Jags as a true dark horse for next season.
  11. 2015 AFC South Champs. No doubt. And Jags will be competitive this year. As a Texans fan, I'm sick to my stomach watching Bortles looking great already. He and Luck will beat up the Texans for at least a decade.
  12. Excited to see what this guy can do. I think his stock will continue to rise during these preseason games.
  13. I really think rookie Alfred Blue, picked in the 6th round, will be a fantasy factor at some point this season. Foster having back surgery is nothing to sneeze at. Kubiak really ran him into the ground in 2012. This could be his Larry Johnson-like decline. As a Texans fan I hate to admit that, but his best durable days are behind him. Once the hamstrings go, that's it.
  14. Seth Rollins looked like he got legit injured durning the end of Raw.
  15. Bad News Barrett vs Dolph Ziggler with an awesome match. Loved Barrett's burn on the Redskins name! Had me laughing!
  16. Unfortunately the hardcore theme doesnt fit with the current direction, but I liked it as well. Cant remember who it was that held the title and basically was having a scripted nervous breakdown because he couldnt sleep due to the 24/7 rule. Hired APA to guard him, etc. I think it was that mini version of Bob Holly that always carried the scale out with him.Yup, it was little Elroy Jetson-looking Crash Holly! Good times. May he Rest In Peace.
  17. Only at Wrestlemania 19. Watch for the moment Brock nearly breaks his neck. Oh yeah. I forgot about that match. I did see that one.I wanna say they had an iron man match as well. Probably a few weeks after their Wrestlemania match. It could've even happened on an episode of Smackdown.^beat me to it! Haha
  18. Bracie Quote: Forget about that and explain two things in a rational way. 1. Explain the drafting of a PUNTER in the 3rd round over QB Russell Wilson. 2. Explain trading away Eugene Monroe for 4th and 5th round picks before the start of last season before they knew whether or not Luke Joekel could play. The Browns, of all teams, were offering more than 4th and 5th round draft picks but the Jags turned us down which isn't rational in my mind but you are rational so you can make a rational reply to both points. I wanna say that the GM and Coach who drafted the punter have been fired, right? So you can't blame the current regime for that blunder. And all 32 teams passed on Russ Wilson at least TWICE. Hell, the Texans took Guard Brandon Brooks (who?!) 2 picks ahead of Wilson. So give Bradley and Caldwell a break. Trading Eugene Monroe, knowing he wouldn't resign with the club, or knowing/feeling he was not with elite $$$, was a shrewd move. And he got traded MID season. Not at the start. Sucks that Joekel got hurt, but that's the NFL. They got a 4th and 5th for a rental. And in a supposed "deep draft" and a young man's league, those extra picks look golden. I wish my texans had those picks. Jags have made a lot of sneaky, low risk moves. Henne ain't elite, but give him competent weapons, (Blackmon, Shorts, Ace), shore up the oline (Mack, Beadles) and give him a RB he can lean on (Toby G.) while Bradley does what he does best: build the defense. This is a team that can compete in the weak AFC south. I expect they'll have a good draft. Ending up with Clowney, Teddy, or Mack. Those are 3 great players. They're getting someone good regardless. I hope cleveland retains Mack, just because I'm a texans fan. But the jags are building up their team in a smart, sneaky manner.
  19. I agree with your assessment. I hope my Texans don't pass on him. I would rather have Bridgewater over Clowney. I think Teddy can at least be as good as Matt Ryan.
  20. Promos ripping ones' character have been done thousands and thousands of times in wrestling history. Thought Cena's comment was quite amusing. Well I guess we agree to disagree here guys. IMO there are ways to cut a promo with keeping the other guy strong and preserving some nature of conflict. You won't see Wyatt using humor in his promos, and frankly this snarky ##### Cena only hurts him when he tries to turn it up on the go home promos. You can attack the guy in the context of his gimmick but to point out how stupid the whole thing is in comparison (you're just some guy in a fedora and a hawaiian shirt) does nothing for businessI get what you mean Tripper. It was awkward, corny and fell flat. I've always hated Cena's promos. He can "speak" well on the Mic, but he never has anything interesting to say. That line on Monday was like hearing a laugh track right in the middle of Saving Private Ryan. Totally ruined the aura of the feud that Cena and Wyatt had been developing. Now it just feels like Hogan getting ready to feud with The Warlord or something.
  21. Cesaro vs Orton last Friday on smackdown was great too. Tonight's match between Cesaro and Cena is INDEED early match of the year front runner! Cesaro is breaking out into superstardom!!!
  22. Double meat hamburger, lettuce, tomato, pickles, fresh jalapeƱo, mushrooms and hot sauce! Add a side of non-Cajun fries and it's one of my favorite meals! A bit pricey but sooo worth it. ETA: and plenty of peanuts before, during and after the meal!