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  1. Is there a link to see the winning playoff lineups from last year? Thanks.
  2. Is there a subscriber link that shows how the sample lineup that FG Staff (e.g. Dodds) posted would have fared each week in FanDuel? Would the lineup been in the money or not? Thanks.
  3. I was actually about to ask a similar question this morning re: Jamaal Charles and LeSean McCoy. All of "Staff" have LeSean McCoy #1, yet he is ranked #2 in DD. Simon, could you give me a reply as to why as well? Thanks so much.
  4. I was wondering if this review for Draft Dominator was accurate re: VBD? And, if so, why was it changed like this? https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id889046041?mt=8
  5. My roster is dependent on a few things: - The lack of a sophomore slump by Cam Newton - The lack of a benching of Ryan Tannehill - The lack of a straight jacket for Dez Bryant Honestly, if all of the above hold (and, of course, having luck and barring injury), I really like my roster. I think I maximized the value of my $250. Cam Newton $28 Ryan Tannehill $4 LeSean McCoy $32 Darren McFadden $26 Stevan Ridley $16 David Wilson $9 Cedric Benson $3 Evan Royster $3 Ronnie Brown $2 Percy Harvin $20 Dez Bryant $18 Torrey Smith $16 Titus Young $10 Justin Blackmon $7 Ashlon Jeffrey $6 Jonathan Baldwin $4 Aaron Hernandez $23 Scott Chandler $6 Kellen Davis $4 Matt Prater $3 Justin Medlock $3 Seattle Seahawks $4 Cincinnati Bengals $3 Total = $250 Total Players = 23
  6. Well, spent all $250 and have 25 players: 2 QB - $32 - 1 stud and 1 OH MY GOD, WHAT AM I DOING? 6 RB - $88 - 2 studs RB1, 1 tier two RB1, 1 very undervalued back, 1 who could get some carries, 1 flier 7 WR - $81 - 3 WR1 "veteran" receivers, 3 WR2 receivers and 1 rookie WR1 3 TE - $33 - 1 top-3 stud, 2 fliers 3 K - $9 - whatever 2 D - $7 - whatever
  7. Just asking -- how do you get week by week projections in DD for a team that you have? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for your reply GoBears84. So is there any workaround to get PD data into DD? Via a spreadsheet or something? Or do you just ignore the PD steps on your cheatsheet when working on a Mac. i.e., just go with the defaults.
  9. Thanks for the cheat sheet ... a couple of questions. 1. If I am using a Mac, how do I update projections in PD and import into DD? There is no PD for the Mac. Is there a workaround? 2. Is there a manual and examples of what the Dropoff, Drop Value, Need Mult and DVBD numbers mean in the Best Value window? For example, I am seeing the following for Arian Foster at pick 1.1 DropOff: 5 DropValue: 135.0 Need Mult: 1.0 DVBD: 135.0 I am not quite sure what to make of those specific numbers. For example, how is a Drop Value of 135.0 different than a Drop Value of 115.0 or something? Thanks.