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  1. Would you prefer clear ice?
  2. Did you see the news story about some dude hurting himself on black ice?
  3. Thanks. Now even sadder.
  4. Oh, that’s terribly sad. What a great singer. What issues did she have?
  5. If only other unknown posters would so thoroughly explain their motivations and drives.
  6. They flew to Amsterdam, then took a train to Belgium, so she was right.
  7. Thanks for including the mass grave for perspective
  8. Stable genius
  9. This thread's question got completely turned around I like it
  10. Duke's utter inability to defend. Combine that with the disappearance of Grayson Allen, and Duke can't win a road ACC game to save its life. Krzyzewski has, sadly, suffered a steep and sudden decline in coaching ability. It'll take missing the NCAAs (possibly next season) or another first-round exit for most people to realize it, but he's likely nearing the end.
  11. Good call on these three. Marling is also really, really sharp and an excellent writer.