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  1. Well . . . maybe post such content? Here, even, in the thread you started?
  2. A month ago I was sure there would be no season. Now I'm 85, 90% sure there will be. Thank goodness.
  3. Hey, I just wanted to thank Ghost Rider and all the posters in here for an outstanding thread. I read it for the first time in a couple of hours over the weekend. Everyone had such great perspectives and depth of knowledge and insight, including the sweet personal touches (teaching your kids to drum and similar). It was also a thread about the love of music with no acrimony or snobbery whatsoever. Bravo! Rush would never be my very favorite band because one of the things I treasure in music is vocal harmonies, but that's not Rush's fault. Everything else about them really resonates with me. No surprise that a lot of you commenting are musicians. My depth of knowledge pales next to you experts, but I loved Ghost Rider's rankings - I also adore keyboards in rock music so the synth era is wonderful stuff to me. However, the high rankings of 2112, LVS and Xanadu were all very justified to say the least. I listened to each while reading the thread, for the first time in a while, and was really impressed all over again. Anyway, my all-time favorite is Subdivisions followed by Mystic Rhythms (honestly one of the coolest songs I've ever heard), SOR, and the usuals of LL/TS/RB. I was pleased to see those all well-ranked; I'm sure MR in particular isn't for everyone. I also need to check out Clockwork Angels; I've heard The Anarchist once or twice and like it but did not realize that this was a full-blown concept album. Sounds very worthwhile. From an admirer but non-expert, fantastic thread. Thanks for the great read! πŸ™‚
  4. What an incredibly strong, wonderful human being to fight so hard for life and keep it a secret. Fantastic actor. No one seemed to have a bad word to say about him. What a loss. πŸ˜” 😒
  5. Agree with this. I started it, didn't realize it was in German, and Netflix defaulted to the dubbing. After a few minutes of bafflement at how horrible the acting was for something rated so highly, the light dawned and I switched to the German language track. Fantastic, fantastic series.
  6. Boy, are you being rude in here. We get it - you think jvd is wrong.
  7. Yep, two young twins who do this recently went viral listening to "In the Air Tonight" for the first time. Great video. And the song is charting again too.
  8. Plus, he and his family donated to her, which is hilarious.
  9. Enh, in part. There's another surrogate for him, though . . . stick around
  10. Oh, LOL! I was really impressed! πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ™‚ Funny that the wikians let that ambiguity about the notes stand though. As anyone with relative or perfect pitch should be able to confirm, that's E and F, not F and F# or whatever the other claim was. In any case - great pick. Love reading picks with detail and inspiration.
  11. What a great writeup. The tuba that opens is playing E and F, then later plays alternating couplets of E/F D/E, but by then it's harder to hear because the higher-register horns have entered.