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  1. Best thing about this flick was J.K. Simmons. Arnold was good too, not surprisingly. I like Emilia Clarke a lot but I did not enjoy her performance here too much and she was distractingly tiny next to the guys.
  2. It might! Agreed! It's spectacular. The Eiffel Tower view is fabulous as well, but the lines can be long, the space at the very top is a little bit cramped, unavoidably so, and the biggest issue is that you can't see the Eiffel Tower. The daunting climb to the top of Sacre Coeur, which is very similar to climbing the Leaning Tower of Pisa, does have the advantage of cutting down on crowds a bit. One far lesser known observatory in Paris with a spectacular view is that atop La Tour Montparnasse, in the southern area of the city, left bank, probably 14e or 15e arrondissement. It's panoramic, because of the orientation you can get pictures of the Eiffel Tower with the sun setting behind it, and best of all there's an open-air area about 50 stories up. Breathtaking. The top of Notre Dame provides a similar experience, including being east of the Eiffel Tower for sunsets, but it's unsurprisingly not nearly as high. Montparnasse is well worth a stop.
  3. Your original post was fine. In fact I was hoping it might get someone's attention. So sure, now walk it back.
  4. Not sure if you were serious or just being a goof, but many other forums have IM functionality and adding it here is actually an excellent idea.
  5. I do not care
  6. It's almost as though my point, most clearly implied in the final "will this be a ghost town" sentence, was that TPTB around here can adjust marketing strategies now to tailor things to the oncoming young people's likely needs and wants.
  7. Oh, and as for millennials or whoever not joining, they'll soon discover that message boards are more fun than social media in some ways, and will start getting all into message boards, some for the quality, some for the trendy "vintage" appeal. So don't worry about that in the slightest. But will the FFA be a boring ghost town before they show up?
  8. Hey, you got a special box outline and a heart or something for that post! Some heretofore undisclosed new bored innovation, no doubt
  9. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, but notwithstanding the foregoing, Keebler Elves may freely misquote religious texts in an effort to drum up support from the dim.
  10. That is a good one. The opposite BTW is non-diegetic (sounds the characters can't hear). It took me a long time to remember which was which. And this shows that you can always learn something, like some Greek-based vocabulary, in the Bachelor thread!
  11. Wat
  12. What was the other?
  13. I regularly watch and thoroughly enjoy The Bachelor, which is where the Bachelorettes come from. BIP, too; loads of fun. Seen every minute. And remembering the names of the past several Bachelorettes isn't exactly a feat of eidetic proportions! Unfortunately, though, the past several B'ette editions have indeed been lacking. Yeah, it sadly only took me two episodes (plus the previous Bachelor season) to detest Kaitlyn. This one, however, we're really digging.
  14. Yup. He's a producer plant like Chad. As for this season, we're enjoying it because Becca is nice, fun, and down-to-earth. It's also the nicest collective group of guys in many seasons. Normally I check out on the Bachelorette after the second episode because the leads annoy me (the awful Kaitlyn, the prissy Rachel, and even Joelle bored me after a while) but this season I like it.
  15. Nah, that about covers it. Have a grest time!