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  1. Yeah, based on her reactions I'm pretty sure that's not what's happening.
  2. How about Buddhism?
  3. Impeachment of judges. For refusing to find in Republicans' favor. There really is no bar too low for these organized criminals.
  4. LOLZ. Byard responded with class, too. I love Deion but this was embarrassing. Next maybe he'll tweet about the fastest baseball players and mistake Billy Hamilton for a fanboy.
  5. I should charge the SIO. Duke has never played a game inside Nebraska, according to AA Research Ltd. No neutral court games there, no games against Nebraska or Nebraska-Omaha, and just one neutral court game against Doug McDermott and Creighton in the NCAA tourney a few seasons ago.
  6. Cool. I'm trying to figure out if Duke has ever played a game in the State of Nebraska before. I sincerely doubt it, but the SIO folks I asked "didn't have that information yet" (huh?) and weren't any help.
  7. Dunno. Interestingly I actually only know one guy, out of about maybe 200-250+ such acquaintances, who is a Duke fan that did not attend (and he's the opposite of an obnoxo-fan). Add in my SO as well, but she had no real choice and is blameless.
  8. And you're up to 1801!!!!!!!!!!111
  9. And for another goofy shot at Duke fans. I don't think any of you has ever met a Duke fan IRL. Or a Maryland fan or a Kentucky fan. Going to a game at Maryland's arena is not for the faint of heart, and that's if you're rooting for the Terps.
  10. I'll be back when you guys hit 5,000 again. So, see you on Easter Sunday.
  11. This was outstanding; thank you. Ridiculously, I still have not seen Civil War. Also need to see Ant Man, Thor 3, Doc Strange, and now Black Panther. Up on all the Netflix shows except the last four eps of JJ S2 (fantastic) and I've been watching SHIELD throughout.
  12. Wow, congrats to you folks on 1800 pages. And you lost more than that (way more?) in the board downgrade, right?
  13. Indeed If you mean that Duke is on a potential title run, they looked very, very good in Pittsburgh, but Syracuse could give them trouble and (presumably) Kansas is a really tough team, so I wouldn't start sweating it yet.
  14. There's still a parting shot in there at Duke fans, but you made me proud.