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  1. There is indeed a thread on this somewhere (though I think it was inside a pet peeves thread or something similar) and I posted that I knew some FBG or other would make such an argument - as if the worker would get laid off if the carts were all properly put away. Oof.
  2. Absolutely genius commentary on Landry. I cut my teeth as a kid Cowboy fan when he was nattily patrolling the sidelines, and you just nailed him with your analysis. Great job overall, too. Props!!
  3. This thread reads so fast when you make certain adjustments. 👍 Strangely just as informative, too.
  4. Ahhhh. Another, er, adjustment to the thread and I believe it might just be readable now.
  5. I made an . . . adjustment to the thread/board about two weeks ago and it greatly increased my ability to read and enjoy the thread . . . .
  6. Oh, I'm so very sorry to hear this, Tom. All the very best wishes to him and you and his family.
  7. Well . . . for very sound reasons we can't get into too much of a debate about this here rather than another forum, but just so I understand, is the main reason for the difference in pandemic-controlling success between this country and South Korea (which incidentally also managed to hold a national election this week) really that much of a mystery? Or are you just looking forward to reading about it whatever the cause may be?
  8. Surely you could have come up with one spanning the subject matter, while avoiding suspension.
  9. Just tell me that the hosts' plan isn't to release a pandemic to kill off the humans. Not what we need right now, right? If they seem to have some other plan I'm in. I mean, I'll watch anyway, but still.