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  1. Truck with a mix of horrible and awesome takes in here, sometimes in the same sentence.
  2. He said in the PC that he didn't make his decision or even really start thinking about it until a week and a half to two weeks ago. Also said he felt like he was on an incessant cycle of injury-pain-rehab and just couldn't do it anymore. This last part is just me spitballing but I also gathered the distinct impression (about which I hope I'm wrong) that there's an emotional component to this. Nothing he quite said, just a feeling. And if so, good for him if he found himself in a situation that was upsetting or making him anxious or whatever and got out of it. Talk about massive courage. Lastly, he didn't owe anyone anything and honestly I think Brissett may have just as good a season as any of the rookies (even Murray) would on the same team.
  3. I'm team 11. I did that well (i.e., mostly crappy)? I doubt it. Wood always gets all iconoclastic with his stuff. Someone want to run this with the David/Joe or maybe it's just David predictions? That should plummet me right to the bottom I thought kutta had the best draft.
  4. Hmmmm. Now you've got me rethinking this! But I don't believe Ben Orr wrote any of those three songs. Ocasek did. Good call. I remember a bunch of people mocking Foreigner in the 90s when IMO they made some really lasting, melodic music and, like The Cars, could rock as well.
  5. Well, that's exactly right. And it also applies to Sting, mentioned earlier in here. I mean, dude. The songwriting skills of those guys. And none of that is to denigrate Ben Orr in the slightest. I wish he had made much more music.
  6. Just watched Luck's full press conference from last night. He is the epitome of class. Total class. I can't stand these DBs in sports - Brady, Belichick, Rodgers jump to mind - who treat the media with contempt whether they deserve it or not and act like their press obligations are some annoyance from which they must wearily descend from on high. Luck not only thanked a million people including the workers in the cafeteria and his wife and parents; he declared his love for Indianapolis and the team (in spite of the gutless gentlepersons who booed as he left the field), and he was completely respectful in response to all of the questions he took. Now I'm sorry I didn't pay greater attention to his career.
  7. @bucksoh now up at 16.08 @cheese on deck pinch hitting for Pedro Borbón at 16.09 Some sort of means to reach Raptors - @Binky The Doormat ? - in el holo at 16.10
  8. 16.06 Robbie Gould, PK, SF - no idea why all the FBG staffers (except JWood) discount this guy as much as they do, but I'm sure I'll soon find out. @Capella up at 16.07 @bucksoh on deck at 16.08 @cheese in the hole at 16.09
  9. Thanks. @Capella I'm here so I'll take my own kicker - no need to trouble yourself.
  10. I assume it's not going to get back to me tonight and I don't know when I'll be online tomorrow, don't want to hold things up, etc. Is there someone who will take a kicker list via PM in case I'm not around tomorrow? Thanks, guys. Absolute blast today.
  11. AA - 15.11 -Jake Kumerow, WR, GB @flapgreen up at 15.12 @Stuart_Little on deck at 15.13 @jvdesigns2002 in the hole at 15.14