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  1. Just read the last several pages after getting up. Great posts and insights from everyone except Wingnut. What a fun Super Bowl. Just a blast from beginning to end. Congrats so much to the Chiefs and their fans. Classy team and organization with a terrific fan base and a great and unheralded sports city collects another championship following after the Royals. Mahomes is incredible with that arm and poise. Their defense didn't get much ink but their gameplan was perfect and a couple of guys like Bashaud Breeland really stepped up. Also I believe it's possible to win after paying your young QB and I will be interested to see how they handle that. Picking up unsung gems on D and the o-line will be important. So will the ability of whoever succeeds Reid whenever that happens. Bieniemy seems like the real deal. Loved that spin move he came up with. Aikman & Buck called an excellent game (I already shouted out the sideline duo) and Vinovich and his crew did a very, very good job. (Vinovich's low-key but still authoritative presence is perfect for an NFL ref.) I love Kittle but that was clearly OPI. I admire that the side judge/field judge (I'm assuming) who tossed the flag wasn't afraid to do so in the Super Bowl. Great game. Congrats to KC, the city and their fans.
  2. I thought he did well. It's a really tough task. Not only that, but Chris and Erin are fantastic sideline reporters in what can obviously be a thankless job. They completely blow away everyone else including most notably Tafoya and Salters.
  3. International law requires that any world crisis involve an Italian cruise ship.
  4. Except for the part where the people who are vaccinating their kids are trying to prevent the spread of infectious disease. And using risk analysis and critical thinking to do so, without defaulting to hysteria about wild claims of a causal connection between vaccines and autism.
  5. Skynet's new strategy? 😞 They own Corona?? Sad day for sure, if not exactly the end times, when your average trusty Mexican product is owned by a Belgian-controlled "American" beverage company.
  6. It is, you're right. I think he just meant that a narrow waterway isn't going to stop disease transmission. My two cents, probably worth even less, is that Singapore's government is not necessarily the most liberal in the world (remember the kid who was caned? Although that was many years ago so perhaps things have changed), so who knows how they might react to some cases of this disease appearing. Your travel efforts back home could be impeded. Probably a watch and wait situation. (Editing to say sorry, I read right over msommer and someone else already saying similar stuff.)
  7. Funny, I'm actually the reverse. I find that Summers' and even Copeland's playing gets repetitive after a while, and with a few exceptions there are no backing vocals (excluding Sting mulitracking) or keyboards (which is why the greatest exceptions to that, Every Little Thing, Invisible Sun and Spirits are my three favorites). When Sting went solo, he opened things up with much wider orchestration and also spread his wings as a songwriter a bit more. Fortress, Mad About You, All This Time, and Soul Cages are standouts, and there is so much terrifically dark, atmospheric stuff on Nothing Like the Sun.
  8. It's because they broke up, never to reunite, and Sting's solo career absolutely took off. It would be as though Phil Collins started making solo records and left Genesis, so there would have been no Abacab, Genesis (the album), or Invisible Touch. Also, after about four solo records, Sting made no further attempt to continue to be popular, having made all the money he and his family will need for the next 500 or so years. Even so, I'm pretty confident that most people of age who are under 25 know who he is. They might even know The Police too. Breath and Wrapped get a substantial amount of airplay even today.
  9. I meant to add this the first time I posted and apologize for not doing so. The piece posted recently here via link, "Christmas Eve Confessions of Chuck Todd" or somesuch, lays out this whole problem nicely. In that article, the author summarizes Todd's recent public realization that political figures - including without limitation U.S. senators - go on his show, MTP, in a deliberate effort to offer spin contrary to fact to blunt the truth and appear antagonistic to the media. Todd also belatedly realizes that only one side does this and admits his naivete in failing to grasp this sooner. (Don't take my word for it, either - read the piece.) The issue is the same here. The solution probably won't work for Chuck Todd and MTP, but it would work here just fine. Simply excuse those who are only here to argue, attack others, post little rollies, and start calling others trolls. No need for some complex system: just thank anyone who does this for their time and permaban them. Take it a step further and ban anyone who insists on engaging these people rather than posting about the issues. Yes, this proverbial axe may - just may - fall disproportionately on one group. But it will result in a friendlier and more constructive atmosphere. Hard as it is to believe, some people really are here just to disrupt, exhaust critical thinking, and devalue the truth.
  10. Wow, 29 pages. I don't really think this is that hard. Just ban people who aren't advancing the discussion. If you see it in one thread, you've very probably got the right folks regardless of how many threads you check out. If the hammer happens to fall more heavily on one side of the aisle, that's just how it works out.