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  1. Gurley is the best running back in the NFL. So fun to watch.
  2. It's not even going to be close. The Eagles are nowhere near the bears in terms of talent. They're going to get annihilated.
  3. It's very clear the bears are going to win it all. I've been saying that all season long. I have predicted that in the past, but it's obvious that this is a team of destiny. I really believe they're a lock to win it all, and I don't see anything standing in their way.
  4. I'm still shocked that so few people have picked the bears. I think it's a given they're winning it all. And I'm looking forward to the payout when it happens.
  5. Yeah, no question that Gonzalez and Reed are all but guaranteed. I think Champ Bailey is very likely to make it in, too. After that, I'm not sure, although I do think Atwater and Bruce have decent shots.
  6. AFC Texans over Colts Chargers over Ravens --------- Chiefs over Chargers Patriots over Texans --------- Patriots over Chiefs ------------------ NFC Bears over Eagles Seahawks over Cowboys --------- Saints over Seahawks Bears over Rams --------- Bears over Saints --------- Super Bowl Bears over Patriots The bears win it all easily...
  7. Should be an easy win for the bears. Just a tune up before they meet the tougher teams. They're winning it all this year. It won't ever be in doubt. They might as well hand them the trophy right now.
  8. How so? I only follow the team as it relates to fantasy numbers, so I'm curious what else has been going on.
  9. It would be kind of ironic if the Eagles make it in in part due to a bears victory. Wouldn't they play them in the first round? And if so, they have zero chance of winning. The bears are winning it all this year. So they could be the team to give the Eagles hope, only to take it away shortly thereafter. The NFL is a fickle gal...
  10. I think he'll be the number one RB next year. So versatile.