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  1. What a boss. Love this.
  2. That's a big debate. I'd probably say Ken Anderson.
  3. Yeah, pretty much...or he always acts like he's offended about something. I think most of what he says/does is part of the character he plays to elevate his motivation. Whatever works, I suppose. Some people enjoy it. I'm not one of them, though.
  4. I think it's pretty much impossible for the Packers to keep it close, let alone win the game. That san fran defense is going to destroy them. And the Packers D won't be able to stop the run. Gonna be over quickly. I think it will ultimately end up one of the most lopsided losses in Packers history. They've had a good season with a rookie coach and did better than many expected. But it ends today.
  5. Outstanding points. You win this argument. Obviously, only time will tell, but this is the most logical analysis in this thread. We'll see what the future holds.
  6. Agreed. Great take. It's nice to see young people make good decisions like this. I just wish more would follow suit. But this definitely makes me respect him so much more. As you said, he has a good head on his shoulders, and it's fantastic to be pleasantly surprised like this. Looking forward to seeing how he plays in the NFL after next year.
  7. Exactly. The excuses people keep making for this guy are just ridiculous.
  8. I think the seahawks will win. Even though they've struggled at Green Bay in the postseason, they've also given the Packers some pretty tough playoff losses. The Packers always seem to have trouble with mobile quarterbacks, and I think we'll see a repeat of that tomorrow. I say the seahawks beat the Packers 31-17.
  9. Yikes. I don't know about that. If anything, I thought the Packers would have had a better shot against the saints. January, in Green Bay, against a warm weather, dome team that hasn't traveled well in the past? I think they could've won that. But not against the seahawks or eagles. Philly already played there earlier this year and won...
  10. I don't really care about either team, but I've always felt the OT rules are pretty ridiculous.