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  1. I think this team is clearly the class of the NFC. I have a hard time seeing anyone beating them all season. I'm making my super bowl bets now while the odds are still good.
  2. OK, I'll do one better. 1. The bears win the division and win the Super Bowl thanks to the unflappable Foles and a ferocious defense. In doing so, Chicago becomes one a handful of cities to celebrate a World Series championship and a Super Bowl championship in the same twelve month span (white sox will win it all) 2. Pittsburgh makes it to the Super Bowl. 3. Dak will finish the season as a top three QB. 4. The Packers won't make the playoffs. 5. CEH will be the most productive rookie RB and finish with over 1,300 total yards. 6. Aaron Rodgers will finish outside the top ten at QB, passing for fewer than 4,000 yards and less than 25 TDs. 7. The buccaneers won't make the playoffs.
  3. Kind of the same boat. I've been focusing on the NFL much less. But the hysteria around the Wuhan virus, warranted or not, has been interesting to see. I run a keeper league and I've been holding out on a variety of decisions to see how the NFL was going to lean. If we have a draft, people will have the option of participating online just like they do every year. For those who want to get together and have a traditional one, that's not going to be an issue, and we'll do it like we always have. But if everything gets cancelled... so be it. I agree with your sentiments. It would certainly make things easier in some respects.
  4. Nope. I expected even more shocking revelations. Nothing in this report surprised me at all.
  5. I appreciate a lot of what you said. And I see where you're coming from. But the problem is that this isn't BLM's goal.