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  1. Price check on Chris Carson? Start 2 RB, 1 PPR league. Took over a team that looks like it's 2 years away from being 2 years away.
  2. I think Allen is more like a politician than a football guy. He's not orchestrating a loss. He fired the head coach a week before Washington plays the perceived worst team in the league because a win against Miami would let him say that the coach was the problem, and not the horrible job he's done as a GM/President since he's been in Washington.
  3. Sasha was probably just hanging out with her cousin Snoop Dogg.
  4. Rick Bognar aka Fake Razor Ramon passed away on September 20, 2019. He was 49.
  5. Deal with this issue. What are the fighting over and screaming about? Do they have a valid complaint, or not? If not, then tell them to grew up, shut up, or get out (or throw them out). Don't make yourself sick and have your enjoyment of the game ruined by a few fools.
  6. Final Player Position Updates (Published Tue Sep 3 11:33:19 p.m. ET 2019) The following player position changes will be made on Wednesday, September 4th, to bring our player database up-to-date with the depth charts: ARI: Jalen Thompson from S to CB ARI: Charles Washington from S to CB BAL: Michael Pierce from DE to DT DAL: Kerry Hyder from DT to DE MIN: Hercules Mata'afa from LB to DT TB : Anthony Nelson from DE to LB
  7. If you read his responses on the first page, or the second page, or the third, you will get your answer.
  8. Are you telling me the NSA doesn't work with FBG to get us this information? Unacceptable.
  9. If the players wouldn't do 18 games during the last contract negotiations, then what makes you think they'll want it now with even more information and knowledge about health and concussions?
  10. and with those same dollar signs in the owner's eyes, they still went from 18 weeks to 17 weeks. The owners didn't changed their minds because they had too much money back then. As for the bolded - seriously?. You can't tell me they care about player health and safety while telling them they have to play Sunday and then play Thursdays. Rest instead of painkillers? Will they be swimming in a rejuvenation pond as well during their magical week off that will cure their aches and pains? Adding a few extra roster spots and bumping the salary cap up $10-15 million which will probably all go to the QB is something I don't think the players will want.
  11. The NFL did a 16 game, 18 week season in 1993. It went so poorly that the following year, the league went back to a 17 week schedule. I don't see how a 19 week schedule will work well.
  12. Ashley Massaro's affidavit when she sued the WWE. In it, she says she was drugged and raped while overseas at a Tribute to the Troops event in Kuwait. She also claimed that when she spoke to Vince, he told her to shut up so it wouldn't affect the company and its relationship with the US Military.