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  1. If the players wouldn't do 18 games during the last contract negotiations, then what makes you think they'll want it now with even more information and knowledge about health and concussions?
  2. and with those same dollar signs in the owner's eyes, they still went from 18 weeks to 17 weeks. The owners didn't changed their minds because they had too much money back then. As for the bolded - seriously?. You can't tell me they care about player health and safety while telling them they have to play Sunday and then play Thursdays. Rest instead of painkillers? Will they be swimming in a rejuvenation pond as well during their magical week off that will cure their aches and pains? Adding a few extra roster spots and bumping the salary cap up $10-15 million which will probably all go to the QB is something I don't think the players will want.
  3. The NFL did a 16 game, 18 week season in 1993. It went so poorly that the following year, the league went back to a 17 week schedule. I don't see how a 19 week schedule will work well.
  4. Ashley Massaro's affidavit when she sued the WWE. In it, she says she was drugged and raped while overseas at a Tribute to the Troops event in Kuwait. She also claimed that when she spoke to Vince, he told her to shut up so it wouldn't affect the company and its relationship with the US Military.
  5. Have the biggest, meanest looking guy you know open the door and introduce him as her overprotective uncle.
  6. Lynx. Text based browser I used in the mid 90's at university.
  7. Reports are that Johnson resigned with the Bengals for the exact same $$$ as his previous contract.
  8. Police report says Enzo Amore never knew about the rape investigation until his accuser went on social media.
  9. The announcer was saying that the ref should look for a pick on that goal? Wasn't the Russian pushing the 2 Uruguay players out of the way, or did I see it wrong?
  10. Hey guys. I took over a rebuild and am looking to move some assets, but I'm not sure what draft picks I should be asking for or how to figure out their value. 12 team 50 man rosters offensive and defense players. Start 2 D-Line, 2 LB, 2 DB's + 2 flex IDP spots. 2 points Tackle 1 point Assisted Tackle 5 points for each sack (or 2.5 point for every half sack) Campbell was the #2 DL, about 100 points more then DL 24. Kuechly was #10 LB, David was #15 LB, Lee was #35 LB. Thanks.