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  1. Also, skip [Rec] 2, 3, and 4.
  2. I just looked at a couple of unboxings. It appears the PS4 version just has 1 sheet. I didn't know that. If it only has 1 code for all of those items, it's best to not give it out. I was focused on the PC version, which came with a card that looked like this.
  3. If any Overwatch players have Hearthstone codes that you don't plan on using, I will glady take them off of your hands. [/shameless begging]
  4. Hoping the 2016 version appears.
  5. Who knows what they'll do with Mack. Last year, Jared Allen is traded from Chicago to Carolina in season. He went from being a 3-4 OLB to 4-3 DE and MFL changed his position. Last year, the Rams moved Mark Barron from Safety to LB during the season and MFL didn't change his position.
  6. I don't have much faith in the Shane/Undertaker match leading to something cool. I'm almost expecting them to turn it into another WCW v WWE thing where they remind us Shane 'bought' WCW years ago and tried to eliminate WWE at that Survivor Series. How the Undertaker was one of the WWE leaders and he's fighting for his company, etc. I'm hoping I'm wrong.
  7. When your follower is dead, you take 100% of the damage. If you don't have a 'do not die' relic for your follower, then craft a cheap rare relic at the Blacksmith, and use the 'Hope of Cain' Kanai's Cube recipe to upgrade it to Legendary. With 3 Legendary relics, it shouldn't take long to get the desired property.
  8. The Steam Winter sale started today. They no longer have 8 hr flash deals.
  9. It shouldn't. Gilmore is on IR, so I would assume it would benefit Darby. In my league, Darby is a top 5 CB and DB, but CB's are mandatory and we get points for pass deflections.
  10. If a WW add puts him over 18, then he's out of luck.
  11. You are going to go ballastic on a 1rst grade girl on Saturday? Seriously though put your daughter on the swim team, she will be skinny in 3 weeks. You think I should wait until Sunday to cool off? She's not fat, even a little bit. She is a lot taller/stronger than most of the other kids so that could explain the 'fat' comment. Teach her how to apply an armbar like Ronda Rousey. Why fight back with words when she can simply snap the arm of the next kid that insults her.
  12. If Dickey had to be replaced, who would you put in the game? Loup wasn't at game 4 for family reasons. Cecil is out due to injury. Sanchez and Osuna are the late guys. You're not pitching Tepara. That leaves Lowe, Hawkins, and Hendricks. Are those three good enough to get 7 outs without crapping the bed? Can Estrada or Dickey pitch in game 5 if needed? How much time do the starters need between games?
  13. Both teams have a Week 8 bye. I wonder how long the NFL will wait before they make a decision.
  14. You should post in the video game thread. There are a few people in their that play Hearthstone.
  15. can I rip as many legendary affixes as I want if I have enough material and then choose which three I want to use in my skill menu? I feel like I may need to experiment to see what the best combo is going to be. You choose the affixes you want in the cubing window.