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  1. Is McCaffrey/Gibson the optimal RB combo for cash games on DraftKings? For the same price you can get Kamara/Jacobs... EDIT: NEVERMIND! Boston Scott/McCaffrey it is!
  2. Can't imagine a worse schedule for a RB coming out of his bye with NO, Car, TB, NO, Car, SF, Jax, a lot of defenses that are very tough against the run. But how do you all view his outlook in PPR given that he's almost more of a WR than a RB right now? Somewhat immune to the difficult schedule?
  3. So it's fairly likely that the only obstacle now is Rainey? Time to find a way to get this guy in dynasty and keeper leagues.
  4. I wouldn't expect him to get added in any redraft leagues unless he has a huge game. His short term value is too limited. But I'm adding him in a keeper league where I'm out of contention and am looking solely to next season. There probably aren't many other guys with his upside given the combo of talent/situation that are still available in the average dynasty/keeper league. I'm not expecting anything this year but if he opens next season as the #2 in Indy that could present some real value.
  5. Obviously we all like him long term, but what about specifically 2015 for those of us in keeper leagues? With Wayne and Nicks both being FA after this year, what are the chances of either being brought back or neither coming back? Surely Wayne's injury has to factor in even more now, and I can't see any motivation for Indy bringing back Nicks at this point. Rogers and Brazill don't appear to be much of a I crazy to think there's a >75% chance that Moncrief is Luck's WR2 next year?
  6. What's up with only one catch on the year? Is he really not going to be much of a contributor in the passing game going forward? I know he's a bigger back but I'm just wondering if we have another Alfred Morris on our hands here for those of us in PPR leagues
  7. lmfao. I mean just lmfao at what this guy is doing with these QBs this season. and also crying at the fact I benched him so many weeks this year
  8. Fitzpatrick loves him some Kendall Wright. Definitely worth a flex start in PPR.
  9. Sick move to get open for that TD. I know he's had some drops today....but that was a veteran-level move. This kid is gonna be really, really good.
  10. One of the more frustrating players to own in keeper leagues right now. Diminished value for this year but the possibility of a trade or improved QB player next year combined with all-world talent means he still holds tons of value as a keeper. Sucks to think that only a few weeks ago he was a possible WR1 both this year and for years to come.
  11. Averaging only 3 targets per game since he came back? Any hope that he becomes more involved in the passing game moving forward?
  12. When you think about the number of near-touchdowns he's had yet how many points he's still managed to put up, we probably still haven't seen this guy's ceiling. Obviously since he's a rookie I don't think his floor is 6-60-1 or anything but the fact is he's getting targets all over the field and especially in the RZ. When you look at his talent+situation+schedule, I don't see how you're trading him for anyone that offers so much upside unless another owner is even higher on him than you are.
  13. I know the popular advice is to hold him if you're 5-0, 4-1, even 3-2, but although I have a good record I have a weakness at QB and I'm gonna try to package him to get a decent QB from an owner who has 2 decent QB's. This is screaming lost season to me for sure and I think the risk of holding and Gronk never suiting up is finally greater than selling and him coming back in beastmode. If I can get anything for him I'm bailing before the news gets worse in the next week or so and I'm left with a useless roster spot all the way up until the fantasy playoffs, because you're probably not gonna get enough clarity any time soon to make him droppable.
  14. Changed my mind 5 seconds before game time and went with Avery. Here we go!