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  1. Which I always find strange. Is the reason that in the huddle the opposing team does not know who the QB will be until they break the huddle? Looks funny when Brady or Brees just stand there spread out wide.
  2. Damn, team A made out nicely.
  3. ex-ghost

    Chris Carson - RB - Seahawks

    Cluster#### backfield.
  4. Would you rather have Cooks or the best 2019 drafted WR?
  5. ex-ghost

    Costa Rica tips

    San Jose.
  6. ex-ghost

    Costa Rica tips

    Yeah, that is why I really only want to hit two places and a beach is a must for the family.
  7. ex-ghost

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    Allen went for 3 firsts about 5 weeks ago.
  8. ex-ghost

    Costa Rica tips

    Headed to CR with my wife and two teens - early April Spring Break. We only have 7 days, thinking of splitting it up between Arenal area and Manuel Antonio. Will rent a car and would like to stay in airbnb. Any tips for this part of CR?
  9. Thoughts on his value in relation to 2019 first round pick? Worth it in the 1.1 - 1.4 range? Knowing that there does not seem to be a clear cut 1.1 next year and it looks like top 2-3 might be WR.
  10. A mid-1 is not going to pry him from many owners, for sure.
  11. ex-ghost


    Hue just fired.
  12. Seems about right.
  13. 7 episodes down. Episode 6 was a great way to tie in a lot that had happened so far. I do think it is still a bit slow, as a whole, but still really good. Funny to see the E.T. kid all grown up.