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  1. Yep, every 6-12 months I put around $2 charge to amazon. All are either fee-free cards or ones like IHG that receive a free night every year. I will pay $80 a year for those cards since that are very useful.
  2. Surprisingly very little junk mail. The most we get is from capital one for my daughter, who is 16. Not sure why that is happening.
  3. 85 is between myself and P2. Detailed spreadsheets. Currently have 32 active, the other 50+ have been closed over time.
  4. Thanks for the write-up, very appreciated. We only can visit in the summer, so looking at staying up north. We are thinking Barcelona for 3 days, the Basque region for 5, a quick flight to Lisbon for 3-4 days, Porto for another 3-4 days and then the Azores for a week. Family of 4 (15 and 17 year old) so the bar hopping probably will not happen.
  5. We are looking at spain next summer. Where did you go?
  6. Family of 4, would not have made trips to Italy or Costa Rica without free flights. Hell, went to Chicago to catch Bears/Cubs/Northwestern games. Again, would not have happened without free flights and hotel.
  7. No, you just put your own name as a sole proprietorship. If you don't have an actual business, do not make up a name. If you sell things on ebay, tutor, really anything that makes money, you have a business in the eyes of a bank. I have opened a few business bank accounts in branch and they ask what you do, how much you make, how long in business, etc. I say ebay (true), less than $1000 (true) and 3 years (also true).
  8. Just got our 85th card in two player mode over the past 3 years. Credit scores in the 790's. Fun game to play, but it takes time and organization. Strong spreadsheet game needed. Calculated that we have "saved" over $32k in travel costs. "Saved" because we would not go on many of the trips without all the points.
  9. Nope, you cancel most of them after one year. The game is the initial sign-up points.
  10. Had been in Hawaii a few weeks and had many water up the nose moments. Started having headaches and noticed that my sinuses were sore to the touch. Had the same issue a couple years back and flushed with a Neti pot. That did the trick, was too stupid this time to do it again. Lesson learned.
  11. A few weeks ago traded him for two late 2019 firsts. Not a believer.
  12. Oh man. I hope your flight is okay. I had the salt water in my nasal cavity thing while in Hawaii last summer. Wife said I should fix it before the flight home, I said whatever. Worst two flights I have ever been on and I have had some brutal ones coming home from Las Vegas. Pain so bad that my head was in my hands and silent tears streaming down my face. ####### the worst.
  13. 6/14 Weigh-in: 237.2 (down 6.2 lbs) Have only had 2 beers and 1 sugar drink in 11 days. Running 4 days/week (3 miles). Eating healthy, only a few sweets during this time. Feeling better, sleeping better.