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  1. Got in BLMN late at $10.83 on Friday. Out today at $12.14. Thanks everybody!
  2. In at 10.85. Wish I was in the $8-9 range like the rest of you.
  3. Glitch free, but not stress free. AP Lit test would not accept her essay initially. Tried 20+ times, finally accepted with 15 seconds left on the clock. Lots of tears. Spanish tomorrow!
  4. In a standard scoring dynasty 12 team, non-ppr league, what picks would it take to get the 1.6? Would 1.9 and 2.1 do it for you? 1.8 and 1.9? The talent cutoff seems to be at 1.7, probably a premium to move into that range from the back end of the first round.
  5. Same here. There is going to be a nice spike in the unemployment numbers starting July 1.
  6. Daughter had Chem test today. Two of her friends had issues (dropping off and not being able to submit).
  7. You guys rock. Have been lurking in this thread for a long time, bought in on CYDY and looking to add BLMN if it dips a bit more.
  8. From what I understand that is usually in August.
  9. Becoming closer to reality, Dolphins to trade up to 3:
  10. Not involved. Non-ppr, standard lineup and scoring Team A gives: Chark, 1.6, 1.11 Team B gives: M. Sanders
  11. Yep, most things are being refunded through May 31.
  12. This is going to be a mess. My daughter is a junior now and we are wondering how it will effect her college choices. Assuming there will be a large group of students deferring.