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  1. How about Damien Harris? Seems to be a risk to keep on teams that have some sort of cut downs, like 10 team keepers. Feels like a roll of the dice, not knowing the future of BB, Brady and the rest of the Pats.
  2. Sugar Ray Leonard, probably 25 years ago on a plane. Small talk and shook hands. He was in coach.
  3. I've heard that Penny has a hard time keeping the weight off - this will not help.
  4. It is hard to know exactly how "hard" these AP classes are. They teach to the AP test. My daughters favorite time in these classes is after the test, the last four weeks before school gets out - the teachers let loose and they actually learn fun stuff in class.
  5. Agree with this. My daughter took one AP freshman, two sophomore, four junior. Also will take language throughout, but is thinking of not taking calculus her senior year. She works very hard in math and will not be an engineer.
  6. Our tour guide mentioned she did it for free. Big mistake, pay these kids and expect more.
  7. Took our first college visit. Amazing how much weather conditions (crap) and student tour guide (crap) can influence a 17 years olds experience.
  8. Williams TD won me one prop. Didn’t think that was going to hit.
  9. @Otis Read this book and do it yourself.
  10. Ax has fallen. P2 just got shut down by AA. Only a matter of time until I am next. Many SUBs over past two years. Drat.
  11. University of Washington as well. Much easier to get into the private schools in WA, if you want to fork over 6x the money.
  12. How many college visits did you take with your kid? How many blind applications did your kid do, without a school visit? How many visits were taken when they were in their senior year?