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  1. I did the same, but made sure that our airbnbs had a washing machine.
  2. We did three nights and loved every bit of it. It does seem to be a love/hate place. We were prepared for the mass of people, enjoyed the evenings when the tour boats left, and got far enough away that the crowds thinned out.
  3. Hit the number exactly this week. Damn, bottom of the survivors.
  4. Amazing that just now Montgomery has more carries than Patterson.
  5. Smails! I think my family is just following you around. Italy first and now Portugal/Spain summer 2020. We will be traveling with a 17 and 15 year old. Our draft itinerary is: 4 nights London 2 nights Paris (quick stop, we will come back) 4 nights Basque, not sure what city yet 5 nights Lisbon, might move a night to Basque or to Azores 5 nights Azores any initial thoughts on this plan?
  6. It is the rise of the Washington State QBs - Luke Falk will be under center soon!
  7. Once my first teen started to drive, got a $1M umbrella, costs like $225 a year.
  8. He got volume, that is different than the past few years. Arrow up.
  9. And now they are saying that AP might be inactive for week one.