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  1. It's much easier, for most business credit cards, to go sole prop with your own name as the business. I do sell things on ebay, but man, not very much at all, and use that as my business. Amex seems to be the least concerned about it, Citi next, Bank of America and then Chase is much tougher. Bank of America can be a #####, too.
  2. I’ve applied for three and I am waaaay over 5/24. I think the key is making sure your credit with them is under 50% of your income and spread out the apps. My recent three are over a year period.
  3. I've been waiting to get this card, just used this link in incognito and found it: https://www.americanexpress.com/us/credit-cards/card/premier-rewards-gold/?eep=25330 Doctor of Credit says there have been 75k offers, but doesn't say how long ago.
  4. Yeah, it is huge. Massive FU to Chase.
  5. Currently, it is $0 the first year and $195 after. Not sure if that is going to change. The public offer is 25,000 points, but people have been able to pull up 50,000. I believe the historical high is 75,000.
  6. Great news, brand new benefits for the Amex Premier Rewards Gold card being rolled out, looks like a strong competitor to the Chase Reserve (from reddit, https://www.reddit.com/r/churning/comme ... d_grocery/): $120 Dining Credit: You get $10 monthly dining credit available at Grubhub, Seamless, The Cheesecake Factory, Ruth's Chris Steak House, Shake & Shack. Must enroll first and pay using Premier Rewards Gold card. 4x points at US restaurant 4x points at US supermarket, up to $25k purchase per calendar year. 2x points at US gas station is removed.
  7. Just like in Seattle. His best lines were 3-31-1.
  8. How’d he look tonight? Stat line meh, but overall Lions stats look crappy.
  9. I agree with everything you said, great lottery ticket at a basement price.
  10. Not good, not good at all. Dissly new WR1. Whoop.
  11. Oh the days of Em and RnR, but can't say I miss those guys.
  12. He has to be joking, right?
  13. Taking my 13 year boy to Chicago on Friday (Seattle). I was born in Chicago, but have not been back in 30 years. Saturday game at Northwestern (my dad's school), Wrigley on Sunday and the MNF game, Bears vs. Hawks. So damn excited, had to tell someone.