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  1. That seems like a lot of money for a back-up, albeit possibly the heir apparent. Other back-ups getting north of $7M?
  2. And Ingram to the Ravens as well, 3 year $15M.
  3. The Browns are a very very interesting team. Were before this signing, so much more after this signing.
  4. Just passed over 1M American miles through many Citi cards. Already used up 220K to fly family to Costa Rica in April and 50k for son and I to go to Chicago. It is fun having so many miles and so many places to think about going, but I do feel the need to spend them down. First world problem.
  5. Burn Notice! Loved that show!
  6. Yes to this, both points. I used to think I needed to get the best best redemption for my points, but now I am happy to use them to get, say a $200 hotel. I've been hoarding and it is time to spend. It saves me money and I am not going to the Maldives anytime soon, or ever.
  7. Don't like it and don't know why people have to say anything when I sneeze. No one says anything when I cough?