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  1. ex-ghost

    QB Kyler Murray Oklahoma

    Next to Flutie:
  2. ex-ghost

    David Moore, WR (SEA)

    He also dropped a few big passes, but seems like an arrow-up type of player for the Seahawks.
  3. ex-ghost

    Do you hoard credit card points?

    Hint: you don't need a real business
  4. ex-ghost

    Do you hoard credit card points?

    No, that is really the gold standard, if you can get it. If you have been approved for 5 or more personal cards in the last 24 months you are ineligible (may be some business card anomalies). If not, that is one of the first cards you should get!
  5. Didn't he also have microfracture surgery?
  6. It is not a great trade, but not awful. If done during the regular season, would you think of doing the 3 panel tribunal? That would be my test.
  7. Let it go, let it stand without any tribunal. Nothing to see.
  8. Love that they are back to the young, on first contract players, mostly.
  9. ex-ghost

    Week 14 Injury Thread

    Holy ####, what a day.
  10. What time are waiver claims?
  11. Totally agree. He is not old, like Rice. There is a future for him, whether you like it or not.
  12. Which I always find strange. Is the reason that in the huddle the opposing team does not know who the QB will be until they break the huddle? Looks funny when Brady or Brees just stand there spread out wide.
  13. Damn, team A made out nicely.
  14. ex-ghost

    Chris Carson - RB - Seahawks

    Cluster#### backfield.