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  1. Not dynasty, but two person keeper league. I am holding just in case as well. Also holding Chase Edmonds in case they trade DJ and Drake moves in the off-season. DJ to pats would be awesome, but I doubt that happens. DJ to the bucs would be interesting, reunite with BA
  2. Dont do it, I fell into that trap last week, cost me a playoff spot. Never again. James White would be a good play, IMO
  3. I will most likely be keeping Guice as my RB in a two keeper league. My previous keeper was DJ..... Guice looked pretty damn good week 13, could be a monster next year if they hand him the reigns.
  4. Well darn. I’ve got Kyler in over Brady in a do or die must win against the McCaffrey and Evans owner. Need major points. hopefully this is a big nothingburger
  5. You gotta be kidding me. I can’t believe. The one week i bench him. Just gotta laugh
  6. Driskel will be the backup tomorrow. Somehow I see this as a positive for Montgomery as it’s highly unlikely the lions score many points..... thus leading to more ground and pound for Da Bears. Go David!!!!
  7. I will most likely sit golladay for darrel williams, guice\, or james white....
  8. I thought that two weeks ago, ugh. Really hoping for a good game... been a wicked slide from 6-1 to 6-6....
  9. As a frustrated DJ owner, I picked him up. Who the heck knows.
  10. He should have had two. Haskins missed him on a crossing route in the end zone in the first half i think. Mclaurin was WIDE open too. So frustrating.
  11. Zero updates on the rib? Kinda weird. If he sits for a bit Darrell williams could be pretty decent.
  12. Just re-watched the highlights of the game, Guice could have had 3 TDs, easy. He was in as the goal line back on two separate plays/drives in the 4th quarter from inside the 5, both were play action and short TD passes to tight ends.... I'll be starting him next week, DJ and Sony owner here 😫
  13. Benched for brady. I won’t be doing that again
  14. Ugh. Of course it’s a Monday night game. What’s everyone else doing? Ive got Ballage, DJ, Sony, and Guice i could swap him out for, but they’re all early games. leaning ballage based on matchup and guaranteed workload