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  1. Just snagged Pettis off waivers, so much off-season hype that fizzled away after the first few weeks. Haven't followed any news lately. Niners seem like they're for real and Shannahan has a great offensive mind, snap counts add up, lets go.... choochoo?
  2. Had Kyler benched this week for Brady. That won’t happen again, especially with the upcoming schedule. Full steam ahead Kyler, Choooo chooooo
  3. Sounds like he is OK to me.... at practice
  4. Pretty sure he threw at least 2 to DJ beyond 10 yards and they were pretty damn impressive throws. Over the shoulder right on the Money.
  5. Guys. Miami this week. I’d be shocked if Colt is back under center. Case gives them the best opportunity to win.
  6. Ugh. Wow. Brutal. Can’t bench him. Brutal schedule coming up too. trying to trade him for Mack.
  7. I can’t quit terry. Starting him over sanu and diontae
  8. It’s either Sanu or Terry for me. Latest news has Terry on my bench. Might change that last minute Sunday AM though.
  9. Yes, very true..... but he was good to great against the bears and I feel like the Bears and Pats D are on the same level..... with the bears having played against better offensive teams overall. the Pats cakewalk schedule has and will continue to be ludicrous.
  10. I think Case will start again. Pats have played relatively anemic offenses so far. Not to say Washington is a juggernaut, but they can score with Case at the helm. If it’s Case and Terry I’ll start Terry for sure.
  11. Oh jeez. Rumblings of Colt McCoy possibly starting this week?? I doubt they start Haskins against the Pats. I will be forced to start him in my flex, hoping he’s good to go.
  12. He will be in my flex with Golloday on bye. If Rojo and Barber can have good days on the ground, no reason Carson and Penny can’t too. Fingers crossed.
  13. I benched Brady for Kyler this week and watched most of the game. I found myself yelling “RUN” at the TV more than a few times. He needs to start getting those ground yards and just sliding with plenty of time so he doesn’t get lit up. He could have had 60-80 yards on the ground yesterday.