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  1. Get well Nick. Crossing my fingers for a week 10 return.
  2. No way am i benching terry in one of his best matchups of the year. Kyle has been targeting him a ton too. Giddyup
  3. ^ all true. Schedule sucks. I can’t bring myself to drop him though. If he stops getting 15-20 touches a game the it’s a different story. He will be on my bench the next few weeks
  4. Freeman was hurt. If i had to guess it’s still his backfield.
  5. I think we know for a fact that there will be at least 3-4 plays designed specifically for Chase, is that safe to assume? After that it's all abut big Ben and who he trusts...etc... Claypool has been hot and looked great, if I were Ben I would keep feeding him when he is on the field. I am starting him over Chase Edmonds (not a difficult choice). Also gamescrpit, I think the Titans keep this pretty competitive and they get Corey Davis back who looked good weeks 1 and 2.....
  6. Tevin Coleman? Mostert most likely to IR.... Coleman most likely back week 8..... SF run offense is elite.
  7. Any rumblings on local radio of the steelers trading JuJu before the Nov trade deadline.....?
  8. Nope, I am doing the same. Love the glasses and consistency. Rivers being terrible helps.
  9. I’m a singletary owner and truther but not sure we can draw those conclusions yet. The Bills have completely forgotten about the run, and when they do it’s a shotgun draw play that gets blown up in the backfield half the time. Kind of frustrating to watch.
  10. Up by 40 with Josh Allen, Diggs, and an RB spot left. I can start Devin or Chase Edmonds. 0.5 PPR. Opponent has Zeke, Kelcer, Gallup, and Zane Gonzalez left..... I feel like I need a high floor....was rolling with Devin but Moss active scares me, any thoughts.
  11. Welp, Terry is damn good and I think we can all agree is just about matchup proof. 12 targets, 7 for 74...... If Rivera decides to kick the extra point and go into OT then most likely more as well. He will be locked into my WR2 spot all year. In 0.5 PPR redraft with 2 keepers what do we think his trade value is? Keepers can be kept year after year with a 2 round penalty each year.....He would count towards a 13th round pick in 2021, and 11th in 2022, and so on.....