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  1. Sony against Pit is scary IMO. I lost this week (partly due to Sony) in the playoffs but have both Jones and Sony..... I’d start Jones over Sony if I was in the semis this week.
  2. Where do we think Aaron Jones lands? Middle to back of the second?
  3. Exactly. I was seriously thinking about benching DJ too. That crap from last week was almost the tipping point
  4. TD prowess, HUGE body. Dude is like 8'7", 320. TD machine
  5. I just snagged him and dropped Watkins. Watching intently and possibly starting against chargers shootout game
  6. I'm benching for Vance McDonald (again) this week. Thinking about dropping Burton for Royce Freeman as someone dropped Royce to waivers this week.
  7. I dunno, I guess there are two trains of thought here. Belicheck went out of his way to draft this kid in the first round and he has delivered in spades when healthy. If he was still a piece of the RB carousel, I would think that they would have kept Barner and Patterson more involved during the last 7 - 8 weeks. I really think the Pats now have a full time first and second down banger. Add that to the fact Michele caught two balls last week, which I think is huge. Every game Michel has seen 18+ carries, they have won. They're 3 losses were when Michel saw 14 or fewer carries.... I still think Michele will get 20+ carries a game and more targets, allowing the pats to keep Ds on their toes. But, I own Michele in both my leagues, so I am probably biased, and I rostered Burkhead on both a few weeks ago, just in case because after all, it is the Pats 😋
  8. I was thinking the same thing. Just baffling. He's locked into my starting lineup rest of season for sure.
  9. Kamara, Thomas, and Ingram owners were all underwhelmed. One of those games i guess
  10. It’s still the white / Michel show. Patterosn is a special teamed and they released Barner. Week 10 was an aberration in my book, Michel was coming off his injury and they still gave him 13 touches in a negative game script. I think Sony is a lock for 20+ touches in a game the pats should dominate. Ingram is a lock for 12-15 touches. It’s a tossup really, with Michel having a better chance of a TD IMO
  11. That’s a tough call. Ingram has been on fire and he’s getting 2-3 extremely valuable targets in the screen game each week (except last week).
  12. I'd start him over Cooper for sure. Almost guaranteed 15 touches or more, Pats are pissed, I doubt Belicheck puts the breaks on the offense.
  13. I have Vance Mcdonald in over Burton right now. Losing confidence in Burton