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  1. My wife after hearing the repetitive “WHOOP” from Bermin for the first time. “What the hell is he doing. Sounds like a deranged bird” Then she heard “DA RAIDEZ” for the first time and couldn’t understand what he was saying and thought he was having a stroke. She grew up in Australia and never experienced the Bermin before.
  2. He’s getting in a rhythm. That play he got injured on he made a hell of a play. He has some skills, just came out terrible
  3. Chris Berman is back making noises again.
  4. When he starts missing kicks you could say F’n Ficken’s kickin’
  5. Yeah, I just put him in flex over C Kirk. I hope I don’t regret it. I had Kirk in the entire week until now.
  6. I can definitely understand why he is blacklisted... It May have something to do with his GF and her comments, but it’s a total package. It started with him being on the field representing the 49ers while pushing his own views. That is not the time or place to push your views if you value your job. I would lose my job if I used company time to push my agenda and would be blacklisted from the industry if I did it on company time while on national TV. There is a large group of people who feel “it’s not fair”. It’s perfectly fair, he marketed himself and his GF as a group that will cause trouble for any organization. An organization (wether football or business) can have the ability to tell me what to wear, how to act, and how to represent the company while they are paying can choose to not follow those rules and you will face the consequences.
  7. Good information. I agree with the article for the most part. I was one of the "exceptions" in the article when I started in Roth. Lower income now (somewhat entry level), but expect to have high income in the future. Now my income is higher (closing on 40 years old), but there is probably some irrational things about my thought process since I've been in a Roth 401k for so long... 1. Over the years, I've looked at my Roth balance and it just "feels" good that the money is tax free in retirement. Not a logical or analytical answer at all but I like the idea of having a pool of money that I (hopefully) won't be taxed on in the future. 2. This will be the first year in a long time I'm shift my money to traditional. The reason is due to receiving a lump sum payout this year. I want to minimize what I pay for my marginal tax rate. I will go back to Roth (more than likely next year). There are people at work that are still keeping their 401ks in Roths even with the payout, they feel that they have the money to pay taxes, so why not? 3. Taxes have been my largest annual expense for a long time. It seems that by putting money into a Roth 401k, I can maintain some control over that expense when I retire. (A peace of mind thing) 4. It also seems to me that its an additional way to squeeze more money into your 401k. If you can afford the tax hit now and max out your 401k with a Roth, you are effectively getting a "bonus" out of your 401k. You don't know what that bonus is until you retire because the money will grow tax free and you will have to understand your marginal tax rate when you retire, but it seems to me that a Roth 401k allows you to effectively save more because you are not paying taxes on the balance later. I think the article neglects the fact that your gains grow tax free and it's my understanding that you can withdrawal those gains tax free. This is a big deal because I have a decent amount of gains in my account that is from the Roth. That money will be tax free (fully sheltered). Other than that, the article does bring up some good points. I've just learned over the years (especially since being married) that sometimes you do things with money that the experts might not recommend. Another example is that I moved from a 30 year to 15 year mortgage a number of years ago (interest rates were very low). At the time, a lot of experts would have told me to stay in the 30 year and invest the difference. If I had the discipline to actually carry out that plan, I would have more money now for sure. However, 7 years later my "certain" job is not so certain anymore and we may have to pack up and move. I'm glad we have accumulated the equity.
  8. I'm leaning Roth 401K but started traditional. Since company match is always pretax over the years my balance has shifted to half Roth and half pre-tax. Seems like a good strategy to balance because you can see what your taxes are at retirement and withdrawal funds to maximize tax savings.
  9. Would that Mariota play be scored for two touchdowns for FF? One for the throw and one for the catch??
  10. I wear that, I also appreciate how subtle it is.