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  1. Combined with Watson/DHop yesterday, this news will seal my second place finish.
  2. Yeah, rode Dhop and Watson to the finals and the train went off the tracks. No chance I recover.
  3. Since we are talking about rest... might as well sit out Thomas too i don’t need anymore damage
  4. If it can be tailored to players on my teams, it might be good.
  5. I usually have no sympathy for the pats but these calls were terrible. Took away two TDs
  6. I hear you...I’m a member also, but I used to enjoy this thread more because I remember it being updated like you describe
  7. My wife after hearing the repetitive “WHOOP” from Bermin for the first time. “What the hell is he doing. Sounds like a deranged bird” Then she heard “DA RAIDEZ” for the first time and couldn’t understand what he was saying and thought he was having a stroke. She grew up in Australia and never experienced the Bermin before.
  8. He’s getting in a rhythm. That play he got injured on he made a hell of a play. He has some skills, just came out terrible
  9. When he starts missing kicks you could say F’n Ficken’s kickin’
  10. Yeah, I just put him in flex over C Kirk. I hope I don’t regret it. I had Kirk in the entire week until now.
  11. I can definitely understand why he is blacklisted... It May have something to do with his GF and her comments, but it’s a total package. It started with him being on the field representing the 49ers while pushing his own views. That is not the time or place to push your views if you value your job. I would lose my job if I used company time to push my agenda and would be blacklisted from the industry if I did it on company time while on national TV. There is a large group of people who feel “it’s not fair”. It’s perfectly fair, he marketed himself and his GF as a group that will cause trouble for any organization. An organization (wether football or business) can have the ability to tell me what to wear, how to act, and how to represent the company while they are paying can choose to not follow those rules and you will face the consequences.
  12. Would that Mariota play be scored for two touchdowns for FF? One for the throw and one for the catch??
  13. I wear that, I also appreciate how subtle it is.
  14. 3-7 second in points #1 in points against by over 200 points over the next guy. Going to Victory Points only leagues next year.
  15. I’m a big fan of the constitution. I vote Libertarian. I’ve had a shift in beliefs on gun control in the last few years. My wife is Australian and my father-in-law is an avid gun owner who shoots competitively. I feel their regulations are common sense and don’t overburden the gun owner. My father-in-law is required to keep his guns locked up in the house and is only allowed to use/have them because he belongs to a gun club. The club essentially is a brotherhood and everyone knows each other. They treat gun safety very seriously (as responsible owners do here). They would also know if my father-in-law were to start exhibiting aberrant behavior. Our situation is much more complicated with the number of people here and the flow of guns from Mexico, but how can additional checks/balances hurt. I’m a gun owner and would agree to more regulation/control to ensure sane people own guns. I will still be able to protect my family and my house because I’m sane and would comply but if those regulations keep the guns away from one mass shooter, it has to be worth it... Just my thought as someone who has personal experience with Australian gun laws.
  16. Love a lot of the jams on this’s a few other deep cuts found this gem/band on Pandora with my Pink Floyd station. Pinback Loro This was my go to instrumental jam in my younger days after a long night out...late 90s vintage.
  17. Wasn't expecting him to fall flat but glad I moved him. I do think it won't be this bad ROS and would expect him to have some solid games in the future. My main reason for trading him away was the worry that his value will never be higher. I'm a huge AP fan and don't want to see him go out like this.