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  1. I will be on vacation starting on Thursday and may not have access to this so hopefully we get to my replacement pick before then.
  2. TMQB: KC, Baltimore RB: Kamara, D Cook, E Elliott, McCaffrey WR: Hopkins, T Hill, J Jones, Thielen, M Thomas TE: Kelce, Ertz Flex: S Barkley K: Gostkowski, Zuerlein Def: Bears, Ravens
  3. QB - Matthew Stafford - DET/5 - $10 QB - Sam Darnold - NYJ/4 - $9 QB - Derek Carr - OAK/6 - $9 RB - Christian McCaffrey - CAR/7 - $35 RB - LeVeon Bell - NYJ/4 - $29 RB - Kerryon Johnson - DET/5 - $23 RB - Josh Jacobs - OAK/6 - $20 WR - T.Y. Hilton - IND/6 - $25 WR - Robby Anderson - NYJ/4 - $17 WR - Marvin Jones - DET/5 - $16 WR - James Washington - PIT/7 - $13 WR - Michael Gallup - DAL/8 - $10 TE - Mark Andrews - BAL/8 - $9 TE - Darren Waller - OAK/6 - $8 PK - Jason Sanders - MIA/5 - $3 PK - Greg Joseph - CLE/7 - $3 TD - Detroit Lions - DET/5 - $4 TD - Carolina Panthers - CAR/7 - $4 TD - New York Jets - NYJ/4 - $3 Iteration X + 10 Trying something different.
  4. QB Carr (6), Foles (10) RB Barkley (11), J. Jacobs (6), Hyde (12), Mattison (12) WR Watkins (12), Jeffery (10), M. Jones (5), R. Anderson (4), Ginn (9), Humphries (11) TE Graham (11), Seferian-Jenkins (10) K Hauschka (6), Hopkins (10) D Miami(5), Indy (6)
  5. 2019 SSL - Team Norseman i was that happy to have the first pick and then the long wait for pick #2, but it has been a while since I have had the first pick, so let’s make the best of it. Barkley seems to be the consensus first pick, and I didn’t want to take a huge risk at #1. At the 2-3 turn Josh Jacobs had the highest upside of the remaining RBs IMO. He has the talent & opportunity to finish top 5-10. It is a reach, but I would probably do it again. However, I 🙂 the 🏨 with the selection of Watkins. All the news of T. Hill probable suspension, KC high powered offense, Mahoney slinging him the rock clouded my judgment and that potential made me distracted from who Sammy is. He hasn’t finished higher than 15th any year. He’s only played in more than 13 games twice. That’s a long way to say that I should have taken Diggs. Could Watkins meet has draft position (15th)? Not as likely as Diggs, but anything is possible in FF. With only 2 QBs gone by the 4-5 turn, I gave serious consideration to taking one here. But after winning PDSL last year with Jimmy G and Case Keenum as my QBs, I figured that WR and/or TE were the direction I wanted to go. Nothing at TE stood out so I went with my two top ranked WRs, especially since we need to start 3. i knew I couldn’t wait any longer to take a TE at 6-7 turn, but I missed out on Burton & McDonald. I settled for Jimmy Graham, who after his rookie season hasn’t finished outside of TE#4 except in his first season in Seattle and his first season in GBay. Let’s hope that continues. I looked at taking a QB here, but no one stood out to me, plus I figured with all the options left that at least one good choice would be there at the next turn, so I added to my WR corps Sam Darnold’s deep threat. He should count for me at least 5-6 times.At the 8-9 turn I knew I needed to take 2 QBs and was thrilled to get D. Carr. He finished 18th last year and this year he’s got AB to throw to, enough said. I also think N. Foles is a good value as the 26th QB off the board. In 2016 Jacksonville’s QB finished 7th in this league... After going RB,RB to start the draft I had avoided the position long enough, so at the 10-11 turn I took another piece of the KC offense with C. Hyde, who is on his 4th team in 3 years. There should be enough in their offense to let him count for me a few times and maybe he could even get a few starts for KC. I needed to get another TE soon and the starter for Tom Brady is always a good place to look. Unfortunately, Ben Watson’s un-retirement could demote ASJ to second on the depth chart. Hope he can finally emerge in NE or they run a lot of 2 TE sets. I considered taking Watson with my last pick, and it may have been a better choice than a second K. A kicker before all the safe options were gone was taken at the 12-13 and another WR on a good offense. Hopefully T. Ginn can hang on to the #2 spot in New Orleans. I was hoping to get MVS at the 14-15 turn but BnB swiped him from me so I settled for the high target option on a new team. Hopefully he continues to get the targets from M. Marriota. I did a good job spreading the bye weeks around except I missed on Alexander Mattison, as he and C. Hyde both have week 12 byes, not the best time to be down to 2 RB options. Mattison should get a good portion of the Vikings carries and if D. Cook gets hurt he could pick up the whole load. I got 2 defenses with different byes at the last turn, which should do good enough. Mr. Irrelevant was a kicker. I considered Ben Watson or taking another WR, but settled on having a second option each week at K. QB Carr (6), Foles (10) RB Barkley (11), J. Jacobs (6), Hyde (12), Mattison (12) WR Watkins (12), Jeffery (10), M. Jones (5), R. Anderson (4), Ginn (9), Humphries (11) TE Graham (11), Seferian-Jenkins (10) K Hauschka (6), Hopkins (10) D Miami(5), Indy (6)