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  1. I got reamed by my wife and two kids for suggesting it wasn't very good, but I couldn't explain why...but the posts above capture what I was trying to say. Something was missing but I couldn't pinpoint it, but it definitely was too fast-paced, not enough character depth, and the whole "woe is me" thing was killing me....but I mean, it wasn't garbage. Also I could've been just tired from watching 20 minutes of terrible previews and commercials.
  2. :cool:Always been a fan.Young enthusiasts should read his autobiography "Waging Heavy Peace". Just finished it a few weeks ago and it includes a lot of Neil's history with various bands. Be warned it is random and scattered, but he admits to that because he has been 'clean' for awhile. Talks alot about Lionel trains and various new projects he's involved in. As a fan it was nice to see his eclectic interests and his love for his family especially his children.
  3. I would have thought hitting them with a shovel would be more humane. Same thing happened to me. I did a walkaround in my backyard first and still didn't see them, apparently they can get real low and flat in the uneven parts of the ground. This was in Illinois and I'm originally from Hawaii so had no clue about wild rabbits. Anyway, I hopped on my new rider and promptly did some laps...well from a distance I noticed something and as I got closer I saw a cute baby bunny, sitting up and shaking! As I did a lap and came around to the other side of him, I saw half his head was missing! What the hell?! Then as I continued on, I saw a flattened sibling, apparently my back tires got this one. The third one was pretty bad, lacerated across the body. On the next pass I saw the lone survivor up against my fence. I stopped and managed to get him around to the other side. Being unfamiliar with what to do, I asked my neighbor for advice. He went in the garage, got his shovel, and put the injured bunnies out of their misery. We dug a mass grave outside the fence line and tossed them in. I was pretty shook up, I am not averse to hunting but killing innocent cute rabbits by accident bothers me a tad