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  1. they didn't draft him, dude. they realized somebody else's mistake. so, I got suckered on the richardson hype, and drafted him this year for the 500 touches he was supposed to be getting, and because I thought later round rb was death this year. just watched all his runs from the last weekend on game rewind, and it's gonna be a loooooonnnnggg year........ I should've waited on death. Regardless of ownership, the Browns drafted him and realized he was a bust. Do you think new ownership would have traded him if he was living up to potential? Idiot.
  2. Trent Richardson is a bum. The problem with the LT comparison is that LT went from 3.6 ypc his rookie year to 4.5 ypc the next. Richardson has went from 3.6 ypc his rookie year to 3.1 so far in his second year (82 attempts so far). He's just awful and like I said when the trade went down: Cleveland made out like a bandit. They erred taking him 3rd overall, realized their mistake and made amends.
  3. He has zero explosion. He breaks tackles but doesn't get very far. His career long is 32 yards... had his longest run of the season today (16).
  4. Colts got fleeced. Trent Richardson WAS a high draft pick. He's been a bust in the NFL (3.5 YPC career). The fact that the Browns can get a first round draft pick in return for this guy is amazing. I don't know the stats but this guy has no explosion, never breaks off big runs. He's a power back, ok, there are a ton of them. Hell, Peyton FREAKING Hillis put up better numbers in 2010 with arguably a worse supporting cast and matched Richardsons 3.6 YPC his last season there, the season before he was drafted. Trent Richardson isn't a great RB by any stretch of the imagination and he'll go to Indy and put up similar numbers, maybe he'll break the 4 YPC barrier one season. I'm not a fan of the Browns but if all they got back was a second round draft pick I would have thought they made out like bandits. Don't worry, I'll bump this at the end of the season
  5. No. Just no. I'm sure Watson is a real sharp guy, but IQ tests are not particularly accurate and Einstein actually demonstrated his intelligence by contributing to scientific knowledge. Comparing him to Einstein is beyond ######ed.
  6. Like what? Link?Like every single game he's started for the Jaguars. He was like that in college, too, yet the Jaguars took him anyways. He's a big #####. He'd rather throw a bad, hurried pass and cover up than stand tall in the pocket under pressure and make a throw. I'm supremely confident in calling him a bust already. He doesn't pass any kind of eye test. He's woefully inaccurate, has no pocket presence whatsoever, and doesn't even make the occasional eye-popping throw that at least shows you some promise that he's got an NFL future. He's just an awful, awful, awful quarterback.
  7. Not sure you can be an NFL quarterback and be afraid of contact like that.