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  1. I would trade Demaryus, C. Michael, Mckinnon and getting Leveon Bell. My gut says I have to take it but C-Mike is looking strong. What are your thoughts. I am fine at WR but I would be starting Leveon and Duke Johnson or someone off the waiver wire at the RB2.
  2. I have both luck and Brady and he is asking for jamaal Charles and Brady/luck for his Eddie lacy. I am inclined to accept giving up luck and Charles? What do you guys think?
  3. My Luck + Moncrief for his CJA + Cousins 1 QB/2 RB / 2 WR/ 1TE / 1 FLEX What do you guys think? QB: Luck WR: Antonio Brown WR: Amari Cooper RB: Jamaal Charles RB: Ryan Matthews TE: Dwayne Allen Flex: Moncrief BENCH: Gio Bernard Bench: Devonte Booker Bench: Ajayi Bench: Tevin Coleman
  4. What do you guys think about his value in a 12 team non PPR league? Still worth it at his rising ADP?
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    Officially torn ACL + MCL per Sheffy. Sigh...
  6. Good read