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  1. Did a write up. The kid can play and if Rice is dinged and Harper gets cut, he is going to see the field quite a bit.
  2. The only guy in San Diego that I'm targeting.
  3. Mike James is the Doug Martin handcuff and Knile Davis is the JC Superstar handcuff. Few more notes here.
  4. I'd say around bottom 5 or 7 as well, but in today's NFL even bottom 5 offenses can provide multiple fantasy starters. The only way Brown is becoming a fantasy starter is just sheer volume, because there is no touchdown upside in this offense.
  5. This is going to be one of the worst offenses in the league, I think. Bottom 5, for sure.
  6. I wrote a quick thing about Shepard. Not impressed with him.
  7. My fear as well. I have 100's of fears about him, but if he ever succeeds, it will be in an ancillary role where he gets to feast on weaker corners and linebackers. Stronger, faster corners are going to eat him alive and he isn't tall enough to consistently win battles down the field with 6'2-6'3 safeties and corners.
  8. Brown isn't exactly the type of guy who is going to excel with #1 corners on him.
  9. If Geno becomes starter, add Hill wherever you can, as fast as you can.
  10. Not bigger, not faster. So.
  11. Just wrote up a quick post. Dickson and PItta are super comparable as prospects coming out of college, but Dickson had a markedly better Dominator Rating, and in his sophomore NFL season, converted 12 redzone targets into 5 touchdowns. Even if Dickson isn't as good as Pitta (and I don't think he is), the Ravens won't have any option but to use him.
  12. Anyone remember all the Eddie Royal hype coming from Chargers camp last year? Anybody?
  13. That's something that the community has been doing for years now. Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and LOL there. I don't want to get into a side discussion here, but pro day numbers are grain of salt and all that, I get it. Arbitrarily adding a tenth of a second to every pro day is hilariously stupid, and I don't think any scout, real or imagined, thinks that is a good idea. pro days may be inaccurate, but adding a random number to them ensures that they are. I will ask again, any person remember seeing a discussion calling this guy slow? Ha, aside from this one. That's why it is better to ignore them when we have real combine numbers (which we do for Brown)
  14. I'm assuming that most people didn't read the stuff on Market Share and Dominator Rating and instead focused on the combine stuff?
  15. That's something that the community has been doing for years now. I'm not just basing this off his combine numbers either. His college production is far below the threshold of an elite WR.