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  1. Did a write up. The kid can play and if Rice is dinged and Harper gets cut, he is going to see the field quite a bit.
  2. If Geno becomes starter, add Hill wherever you can, as fast as you can.
  3. Not bigger, not faster. So.
  4. Just wrote up a quick post. Dickson and PItta are super comparable as prospects coming out of college, but Dickson had a markedly better Dominator Rating, and in his sophomore NFL season, converted 12 redzone targets into 5 touchdowns. Even if Dickson isn't as good as Pitta (and I don't think he is), the Ravens won't have any option but to use him.
  5. I'm an OU fan, and I'm not big on Stills. Like.. at all. Toon has those rare attributes that you like to see from a 3rd round or later NFL prospect.
  6. I really, really, really like Toon. 60% Redzone target conversion rate in college, 4.42 speed, 39 inch vertical. Dude can ball. I wrote an article on him and so did a colleague. They are behind a paywall, but I haven't found any other Nick Toon pieces on the FF interwebs.
  7. Can't tell if you're serious or not. Dude is covered in tats. I never realized he was such a thug, but now it makes more sense why he fell in the draft. I'm sure teams that looked into his character realized he wasn't exactly a model citizen. And we all know that's a sure sign of being a thug. Fine, he's not a thug...but he is wearing a thug's uniform. Good grief. I would venture to bet that 80% of thugs don't have tats. We just hear about the one's that do, and of course every thug on TV has one, thus guys with tats are obviously thugs. And all long hairs smoke pot. It's common knowledge. I'll take that bet. And I'll take the "long haired dudes smoke pot" bet too. I have long hair and a few tattoos and I haven't gotten in trouble for anything except a speeding ticket since I was 16...
  8. Gordon by a mile.
  9. What makes you think they want Weeden to throw that much? They already threw 170 more times than they ran last year and I imagine they'd prefer to run the ball more. Chudzinski and Turner offenses both rely on passing the ball. Even if the attempts don't increase, I expect Gordon to command a larger market share of the targets.
  10. Wrote this today
  11. Some stuff I dug up on the Browns O: PM me if you are interested in more.
  12. From week 15 on, DuJuan Harris has been my rallying point. Start sit stuff, profile columns. I've posted ad nauseum, but I consider this bit my most in depth research. I think the Packers finally have Ryan Grant's successor...three years later. Edit: Because this isn't on my site, I'm not allowed to copy and paste the text. If this thread needs deleted, let me know.
  13. My favorite WR in the draft. Could be related to the fact that I went to Hutchinson Community College with him for a year and got to see his dominance first hand...but whoa...dude can PLAY.
  14. Any other royals heads here? Gonna be a potentially great season. Just did my first preview piece. Who else is projecting the team for the playoffs?!
  15. Do we actually know the severity of Bradshaw's injury? If it is indeed serious, they won't use Wilson on kickoffs, to keep him fresh. If it is a one game thing, expect Wilson to be ridden like a thoroughbred.