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  1. Sig: Pick one of these RBs at flex (PPR 1 pt league). I worry that the game script won't favor Gus Edwards if BAL playing from behind. Drake Gus Edwards Justin Jackson
  2. FB Guys email was then minutes after the CBS guy knew. The exception proves the rule, I hope.
  3. To be clear, I did NOT mean the forums (they are world class). I meant an email udpate, which I usually get. But this time it came at 3:39 EST, way after other online postings. FB Guys had always been first. Guess I need to follow the Twitter feed of beat writers.
  4. I am debating between Drake and Coutee in PPR. The Tannehill news makes me lean Coutee.
  5. Hi Sig: Thanks for all good work duirng the week, every week. Two questions 1. Projected underdog in PPR in one leage Need to start two of C. Davis, Q. Enunwa, and T. Gabriel? You're big on Gabriel. Pick two. 2. Projected even fight in another PPR league. Start Goff or Winston at QB and one of Coutee, M. Davis or K. Drake at flex?
  6. I picked up J. Winston instead. Have Goff, but even in a shallow league Winston has better upside pop.
  7. Can only keep one of them -- cuts in two hours. Who is the best bet ROS between M. Davis (SEA) or Blue or Foreman (back in two weeks) for HOU?
  8. Hi Sig: Need a 2nd WR today in PPR. Have K. Cole in there but could swap in Crowder or Quincy E. Stay with Cole? Not chasing upside -- want a solid score.
  9. Play in shallow league starting 2 WR 2 RB and a flex. Have D. Johnson, Ingram, Chubb, L. Miller, and Conner at RB. Traded R. Woods and L. Miller for Drake and JuJu mainly for the WR upgrade, but hoping Drake breaks out.
  10. Guys: if you going to answer the question please read carefully. My rosters lock at 1 PM, so I can’t wait to see if he is active
  11. Have a bit of a lead in a short bench PPR league and must decide to start either K. Allen or M. Jones. You have seen what FBG and Adam Schefter said - Allen will likely play. Do I risk it, or start M. Jones versus Dallas?
  12. Sounds like Morris will be at least a 2-down back. How high does he jump in the PPR rankings: Does he break the RB30?
  13. Johnson is grouped among the Big 4 but there are big differences in perceived value. Some say is the most underrated of the Big 4 while others point to the worst offensive line in football (as rated by FBG) and say he will underperform. How are you drafting him among the Big 4 (Gurley, Bell, and Zeke)?
  14. From support: Thanks for your report. IT is working to restore full service of Draft Dominator. Please try again in an hour. Customer service has no further information at this time. P.S. Top 300 Draft List is up and available if time is tight/crucial this option is available now