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  1. I can get one of these in trade. No sal cap or limit to how long they can be owned. A 28yr old Laurinaitis (scored 189pts in my league, 2014....24th ranked LB) A 26yr old Demario Davis (scored 200pts in my league, 2014....17th ranked LB) Who wouod you prefer and why? The slightly older talent with proven ceiling and steing name reco? Or the younger unheralded guy with more tread on the tires. Both would cost the same, so comes down to who is the preffered LB.
  2. Thanks guys, I ended up going Cruz here & waiting. The arbitrage opportunity was too much to pass up. Was still able to land C.Michael, Pierre Thomas, S.Ridley, and Matt Ryan in the mid rounds. Draft is still in progress. Here's where I'm at: 12 Team PPR & IDP: 1QB, 1-3RB, 1-3WR, TE, K, DL/LB/DB ***Draft in Progress*** QB: Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger RB: Pierre Thomas, Stevan Ridley, Christine Michael, Devonta Freeman, Terrance West WR: Demaryius Thomas, Keenan Allen, Michael Floyd, Victor Cruz, Kenny Stills TE: Jordan Cameron K: TBD DL: TBD LB: TBD DB: TBD
  3. 14th round in a startup draft. League & team details below. Some interesting players still available. Debating between Jarrett Boykin, Robert Woods, Steven Jackson, Isaiah Crowell, KaDeem Carey, or Charles Clay? I only need to start 1 RB (and 3 WR), but Jackson Crowell would be nice pairings with Freeman & West....It would give me more certainty of a starter, if Pierre Thomas got injured (29) or Ridley gets benched. On the flipside, both Boykin and Woods have solid breakout potential this year, and as my WR6, represent a very good roll of the dice. I still need a 2nd TE, but hard to go after one of the available TEs, when the WR & RB options are sooooo much better. Noteable TEs available: Coby Fleener Jared Cook (avoiding due to same byeweek as Jordan Cameron) Mychal Rivera Charles Clay Delanie Walker Heath Miller Antonio Gates Zach Miller (avoiding due to same byeweek as Jordan Cameron) Austin-Sefarian Jenkins TEAM 2 12 Team PPR & IDP: 1QB, 1-3RB, 1-3WR, TE, K, DL/LB/DB I ***Draft in Progress*** QB: Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger RB: Pierre Thomas, Stevan Ridley, Christine Michael, Devonta Freeman, Terrance West WR: Demaryius Thomas, Keenan Allen, Michael Floyd, Victor Cruz, Kenny Stills TE: Jordan Cameron K: TBD DL: TBD LB: TBD DB: TBD
  4. Well, the only reasons are, 1. RBs are much more volatire & unpredictable in the early rounds. 2. WRs hold value A LOT longer than RBs 3. Best available says to go with Cruz....RBs are already slim pickins. 4. I can roll the dice with 3 or 4 in the later rounds. Only need 1 to 'hit' because I only need to start 1 RB...
  5. Wow, voting is split pretty evenly. I have to say, on DLF, peeps consistently recommended Cruz (100% on 5 comments)....Cruz is a pretty good arbitrage situation (valued at 3rd rd in ADP and dynasty ranks). To get him in the 5th round is quite the bargain.....and I'll need at least 2 more WRs to deal with byes.... I'm pretty well zoned in on either Cruz or Foster at this point.... Foster is a win-now move. Good for 1-2yrs tops, butalso a value at 5.03, if I draft w/ redraft mindset for my dynasty team (long term doesn't win in the shortterm)....(I'd like to be competitive yr 1). Cruz would give me depth in case of a WR injury, top15 upside, and a longerterm value...
  6. Crowell is an amazing runner, but buried behind Tate & West...WHEN Tate goes down (not IF), Crowell should see touches behind West (I think West is better than peeps think, but that's just me)... On the flipside, Denver kept CJ Anderson on the roster for a reason...I see no reason to expect Ball to fumble away the starting gig, so you're betting on an injury and/or Anderson beating out Hillman (and Kapri Bibbs???) Either way, its a roll of the dice. CJ Anderson feels like a "safe" pick. Crowell is much less safe, but he IS older, and motivated to keep his nose clean, and a better overall runner. When rolling the dice, bet on the talent. Talent will rise to the top as soon as opportunity presents itself. It might seem counterintuitive, but Crowell is the better long term play, and the opportunity is just one Ben Tate injury away.... Bet on Crowell. Help with mine:
  7. Agree w/ Bottom a Richardson owner, I'd choose to take my chances with next year's 2.01... Help w/ mine:
  8. 12 team PPR – Dynasty Startup No salary. No contract. Keep forever. Start: 1QB 1-3RB, 1-3WR, TE, K, DL/LB/DB (Yup, I can get away w/ starting 1 RB) I’m coming up on RD 5 (pick 5.03), and there’s still some pretty good values available. Here’s who I’ve drafted so far:: QB - TBD RB1- TBD WR1- Demaryius Thomas WR2 - Keenan Allen WR3 - Michael Floyd TE1 - Jordan Cameron K – TBD DL – TBD LB – TBD DB - TBD Here’s the best available at each position, with my front-runners in red: QB: Robert Griffin Matt Ryan Nick Foles Colin Kaepernick RB: Arian Foster Bishop Sankey CJ Spiller Christine Michael Reggie Bush/Joique Bell Tate/West/Crowell Toby Gerhart Chris Johnson MJD/DMC/Murrah Woodhead J.Hill SJax/D.Freeman P.Thomas/Khiry Robinson Charles Sims WR: Victor Cruz Roddy White DeAndre Hopkins Torrey Smith K. Wright Andre Johnson Mike Wallace 1. FOSTER: Is he on the decline or is hie a prime bounceback candidate and could produce RB1 value in PPR. But, he'll also be 28 in September, has 5 years of work under his belt (including two 300+ touch seasons), and coming off a significant injury. In redraft, this is a no-brainer. But in a dynasty startup I hesitate: I hate drafting a shortterm answer...I'll be hunting for a new RB1 in 1-2yrs 2. MICHAEL: Seattle didn’t draft him in the2nd to sit on the bench for 2yrs, but Lynch is still the man....could be waiting ANOTHER year before he becomes fantasy-relevant. 3. RGIII: Bounce back candidate with top5 talent talent, but there's just too many QB options to go QB so early... 4. CRUZ: Would be a PIMP #4 WR, but its crazy to draft depth instead of fill needs.....or is it...???? 5. SANKEY: "Meh" talent, but a "WOW" situation. Thoughts?
  9. Thanks guys, went with Allen. Feeling pretty good about it at 2.10. Also got Michael Floyd on the way back at 3.03.
  10. 12 team, PPR, 1QB 1-3RB, 1-3WR, TE, IDPs (A little weird, since I can get away w/ starting 1 RB) No salary. No contract. Keep forever. I took Demaryius Thomas at 1.03 At 2.10, here are the options I'm looking at: RB Le'Veon Bell RB Montee Ball WR Keenan Allen Regardless, I'm debating between Bell v. Allen with Ball a distant third. Thoughts?
  11. Yeah, Archer is more of a handcuff/upside play. I own Bell & Blount, so would be nice to stack up the Steelers backfield, since there's no roster limit and Archer's contract is cheap. I'm not really expecting much from him, its more just the way I like to build my team. Torrey's attractive - he's only been in the league 3 years, did pretty darn well last year, AND, should get a little relief in coverages he faces, with Steve Smith playing opposite and Pitta back on the field. In a league that can also start up to 5 WRs, having 5 top-30 dynasty WRs would be a BIG advantage (dez/floyd/wright/hopkins/smith), and who knows, Wallace might bounce back. Thx for the feedback.
  12. 2QB, 12 team PPR with contracts. I give: Mettenberger ($0.5 4yr) Stevie Johnson ($8.2 2yr) Mike Williams ($3.5 1yr) I get: Torrey Smith ($6.8 3yr) Travis Kelce ($2.2 3yr) Dri Archer ($0.5) Anyone playing in a 2QB league knows that QBs are scarce and price is inflated due to scarcity. SO...Mettenberger at league minimum contract with a good situation is actually A LOT to give up. He really landed in a pretty good spot. Locker likely won't be returning, and Mett has some Philip River-esque qualities, with a solid offensive line and good, young WRs My Roster: QB: Russel Wilson, Andrew Luck, a bunch of devvys (Ryan Nassib, Landry Jones, Matt Barkley, Ryan Mallet, Brock Osweiler, Mettenberger) RB: LeVeon Bell, Andre Ellington, MJD, David Wilson, Marion Grice WR: Dez Bryant, Mike Wallace, Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright, DeAndre Hopkins, Brandon LaFell, Marquess Wilson, Stevie Johnson, Mike Williams TE: Olsen, Ertz, Toilolo, Willson, Kendricks DST: Seattle, Green Bay
  13. I'm not sure. I'm guessing maybe it'll show up under 'live events' once we're closer to start of draft.
  14. YESSS!!!! Thank you!!
  15. Hey, I heard on the Audible there will be a live meetup, where Bloom et al will be doing live draft coverage. Where do I find the link to that? I can't find it anywhere on the Football guys site.