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  1. TE Help...PPR Burton v. LAR Brate v. NO Thanks!
  2. He probably switched him out for someone like Clement a few minutes before the game.
  3. I'm a big fan and think he can be the best of the KC stable but it's probably too late in the season to positively effect our Fantasy teams. It'll be interesting to see if he gets his shot going into the IRL playoffs though.
  4. Nothing against Vrabel as I am a big fan of the guy but Mariota needs an offensive minded coach, and a consistent one at that, to fully develop him. Perhaps even a QB coach who has a better resume than this:
  5. So, who has the guts to start him this week? Considering it over Lamar Jackson.
  6. Dropped. Can't trust that hammy. Also, lost me my game.
  7. Way higher upside, imo. If Funchess is sitting on your bench then absolutely worth a swing-for-the-fence upside stash for the end of the season.
  8. Transitioning from RB, this kid is still learning the position. If his playing time keeps going up, he is going to be great. He's a playmaker. With Cam, CMC, Moore, Samuel, Olsen on the field, the CAR offense has the potential to be incredibly electric. They're getting better as the season goes on and the young WR's get more playing time.
  9. DJ Moore is actually the one who reminds me of Steve Smith a lot.
  10. I like Coutee for a high-floor weekly flex play...kinda like Edelman, if you will but not quite on the same level yet. If his hamstring is 100% though, he actually has the ability to go deep so that's something to pay attention to. Smith will be bigtime boom/bust. Talk about mouths to feed! (He might not play this week on Thanksgiving night. He hasn't practiced last two days.) I absolutely love DJ Moore. I drafted him but got impatient and dropped him after about a month for other needs. He is coming into his own now and is crazy dangerous after the catch. He may be boom/bust simply due to the Carolina passing game but he'll probably be more consistent than Smith, imo. However, it'll be interesting to see what happens when Torrey Smith comes back. You couldn't ask for a better ROS schedule.
  11. That’s a good situation to be in...I’d go with: Kamara/Collins Diggs/Juju Flex is a really tough decision but I think I’d go with Davis.
  12. PPR Flex help, WSIS? Jack Doyle v. JAX Jordan Howard v. MIN John Brown v. CIN Keke Coutee @ WASH (coming off injury, he's prob not an option but figured I'd post him too) Thanks in advance!