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  1. Trump will win because his supporters are shy and don't like to talk to pollsters! Also, he will win because his supporters are more likely to own lawn signs and go to rallies!
  2. Rudy admits that he chose the NY Post because he knew they wouldn't try to confirm if the emails were real.
  3. I didn't get it through Facebook, but I own some hunting land in the southeast. Found it through
  4. Mr. Rogers is not a symbol of weakness. He is a symbol of everything that is good about this country. You will learn that lesson on November 3 when Biden gets more votes than any other presidential candidate in history.
  5. A tabloid got a trove of data on Hunter Biden from Rudy Giuliani. Now, the FBI is probing a possible disinformation campaign The FBI is going to scrutinize the repair shop owner. He better hope that he can keep his story straight. Rudy G is not worth going to jail over.
  6. I rooted for Bernie in 2016 and I do feel like he got screwed. And my heart still feels like Bernie could have beaten Trump, even though my brain disagrees. But, after 4 years of reflection, I've concluded that Democratic Party problems go way deeper than the Establishment. The progressives are too fractured and unfocused. There's no left version of the Tea Party to rally around. I feel like if the progressives could get their act together and show a unified front, then there's be no need for any Superdelegate shenanigans.
  7. Starting him over TY Hilton and that Ayook guy.
  8. Texas is a mirage, folks. Too much voter suppression.
  9. The quote itself is not shocking, as it doesn't say anything that we didn't already know 5 years ago. The fact that it was stated by a General is somewhat shocking, I suppose, but that's only because there had been a time-honored, unspoken understanding that retired Generals don't criticize Republican Presidents, and vice versa. Trump's lack of respect to tradition has basically given Kelly a green light to speak his mind.
  10. Trump walked out of his own town hall after 45 minutes because he was low energy.
  11. That's not a new development. I will be interesting to see how far they pivot on election night. I wonder if they'll start attacking Democrats for not wearing masks often enough?
  12. Joe didn't lie about the meeting, he was just being sarcastic. He disavows the Ukrainian, OK?
  13. At this point most of the backstory on how everything made it out into the open won't matter, but for someone that doesn't see very well, how did the computer repair guy end up searching for and reading a ton of emails (which were parsed and sorted looking for specific key words)? Has anyone asked how he found them and if he was coached and instructed what to look for? Without prior knowledge of what the emails were about, how would computer repair guy have any idea what they were talking about? As has been already posted already, if the computer had all the inflammatory emails, pictures, and videos on it as is being alleged, who would bring it to a public repair shop, who would forget about it, and who would not be reachable to retrieve it? That's on par with killing someone in your house and then calling a maid service to come tidy up. There are still pieces missing on who the guy communicated with, how everything got to Giuliani, how it made it to the FBI, and how it took a year and a half to get released by the NY Post. Add in that the GOP was already doing a deep dive trying to link Joe Biden to his son and illegal activities overseas, and there are so many components to this that don't add up. I have no idea of the legalities of any of this, but can anyone just copy someone's personal hard drive and give it to the president's attorney, the FBI, or the press? First, I don't doubt that a "legally blind" person could retrieve emails. "Legally blind" is a catch-all for several vision issues, including something as simple as 20/200 nearsightedness. Second, I don't doubt that Hunter Biden would drop off a laptop for repair. None of the "smoking gun" emails contain evidence of a crime, or even evidence of corruption on Joe Biden's part. (The most salacious detail seems to be the fact that someone.......proposed a meeting. Hey, maybe they were just going to discuss Russian adoptions!) Those aspects make sense. It's the rest of the story that sounds fishy.