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  1. Looks like the only people left in this thread are the anglers and the fish.
  2. There is a reason whites have been in charge of America for hundreds of years.Signed,Guys Like Sabertooth in 1860
  3. Thread title would make for a good Bee Gees song.
  4. For #3, just keep trying hockey-themed flicks until you get it.
  5. What are you talking about? McElroy never ran the wildcat.
  6. As a Broncos fan, I would, too. It'd be like getting two bye weeks, and it'd mean we'd only have to face one of Houston/New England on our way to the Super Bowl. If Indy had known Peyton would be this good, they should have... done exactly what they did. Don't let the record fool you- this is a bad Colts team. There's no way they're winning any titles in the next couple of years, so Manning would have been wasting his last good years on a team going nowhereNever double-down on a bad prediction. Anyway, you're completely ignoring the fact that the Colts could have used the #1 pick to surround Manning with multiple impact players. If you subtract Luck and add Manning plus a couple extra blue-chip players, then the Colts are easily a 12 win team this year -- and absolutely a title contender this year and beyond.
  7. Why didn't Clarence just tell George where the $8000 was?
  8. #2 is the only one I recognize:
  9. Not only that, but Alabama told Jackson that he'd have to wait his turn and wouldn't play for at least a year. Auburn came in and told Jackson he'd have a chance to play right away.
  10. Griswold commercials for Old Navy are :moneybag:
  11. Maybe flap killed him.He's definitely been gone awhile. I think they finally put him out to pasture.He was pimping sandwiches at a WWE event a couple months back.
  12. :fishing:Jackson averaged more yards per game than Thomas while starting half as many games and having 250 fewer carries.
  13. Yes, it's really shameful that there isn't more outrage over some words that were said 8 years ago and were apparently so monumentally earth-shattering that they went totally unnoticed until now.
  14. 8 carries in his NFL debut, not bad. Harbaugh trusted him enough to give him a 4th-quarter carry when the game was still in doubt.
  15. LaMichael suiting up for the first time this season.