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  1. I guess I've always been skeptical that he'd develop into a franchise QB but I certainly can't say I never liked him as a Niner fan. He rallied the team from big deficits in the 2012 NFC Championship and Super Bowl (obviously never quite broke thru in the SB) in ways Alex Smith never could have. In the 2013 NFC Championship he gave the Seahawks a much bigger scare before his brain fart at the end than Peyton did in the SB. He's had some great moments - that TD pass he threw on the run to Boldin in that Seattle game was one of the most amazing passes I've ever seen, and each of his first three games against Green Bay were a lot of fun to watch.So even though he never brought SF a super bowl, I'm not going to hate on him too much. But it's very clear now that it won't work out long term. The Saints Divisonal Playoff win never gets the respect it deserves. Smith went stride for stride with Brees. If it wasn't for ####### Kyle Williams, good chance Alex Smith might've been a Super Bowl Champ.That was a huge win and performance by Smith, but that was a back and forth game that NO had to respect the run in. Smith was always awful when the opponent knew he had to throw. Funny you mention the NYG game because that's an example of Smith being putrid where Kaepernick's running would have given NYG another dimension that they would have had to account for. Exactly. As great as that New Orleans win was (and it was VERY great), you can't ignore that he completed 1 pass to a wide receiver for 3 yards in the loss to the Giants the next week.
  2. Haha. Just because Kaepernick sucks doesn't mean that Smith doesn't suck too. He does. They both do. But at least Smith was a likable person. I chose my profile pic as a sort of self-flagellation for liking a team whose quarterback doesn't understand why people might not like to see the face of the franchise wearing another team's hat. "It's just swag, yo".
  3. Yeah, that's kind of loss in the chaos of the game's ending. If Kaep had just thrown Crabtree a better pass, it's an easy touchdown for the win. Of course, the real question is why don't you just pound it with Gore at the goalline...but that's a question for another thread I guess.
  4. Every time I watch the 49ers, Harbaugh seems to make a mistake... Today he cost his team 15 when you know the play will be reviewed. Other times he botches challenges... didn't he run on the field as well when Atlanta was attempting a FG (down by 10) with just a few seconds left? His running onto the field had NOTHING to do with wanting the play reviewed. Hometown clock operators were trying to run the game clock down to 0 even after a called incomplete pass. I think it's reasonable to run out screaming when you see your chance for points unfairly ticking away.
  5. I am hurting at RB2 this week. Right now I have McFadden on the bench in favor of either Mathews or Mendenhall (I said I was hurting). I keep having this feeling that McFadden could go off today, but I can't risk the 5 carry for 8 yards game. He needs lots of carries to have a chance to break a few big ones.
  6. Playoffs? Playoffs? (Jim Mora Sr voice) Playoffs??? So you're not making your fantasy playoffs then?
  7. How about for the playoff run? Is he really going to stay in a backup role if he's healthy? Is Jennings really that good?
  8. Questions of softness aside, I'm surprised by how quickly people, including the head coach, are declaring Jennings superior to McFadden. Is that really the case? I always thought the issue with him was only health, but when he's not hurt, you want him in your lineup, both in real and fake football. So I'm just surprised to see him getting healthy and hear this talk about him just getting a few touches in a backup role. Does anyone think there's a chance we could be sleeping on him and that we could see a scenario where Jennings "starts" but McFadden tears it up tomorrow against Dallas?
  9. What are you people talking about? McFadden is a borderline top 10 play this week. You talk like he's some RB4 that you're being sneaky with by putting in your lineup. And did I really just read that someone accepted Rueben Randle for McFadden!?
  10. Same here...I had dismissed the possibility of actually having to face him this week. Now I need to confront the reality.
  11. A failed 2pt conversion with 5 minutes left gives Arizona information. It informs them that they still need 2 TDs to win this thing and they can play accordingly. A failed 2pt conversion after a last second Hail Mary just ends the game. Strategy should be about maximizing your chances of actually winning the game...not keeping "hope" alive for as long as possible.
  12. Exactly. And on top of that, it's another example of taking the 2pt conversion for granted. Being down 15 points is not the same as being down 14 points. Being down 17 points in that situation, I STILL think you need to go for the touchdown, but being down 18 it should be an absolute no-brainer.
  13. I'm right there with you GreenNGold. Kicking a FG in that situation without a doubt lowered their chances of winning the game...i.e. it was blatantly stupid.
  14. Yeah, its a joke. Last week I decided to roll out Allen and Williams over Stevie and Bowe and 99% of all experts would have told me I was doing it wrong. Even now 78% say Bowe is the optimal start over Allen and I think that's pretty silly. Could Bowe outscore him this week? Absolutely. Should you be starting Bowe over Allen after what we've seen so far this season? Absolutely not. Do I start this guy over AJ Green, Reggie Wayne, or TY Hilton at this juncture? Yes, start him over AJ Green. Start him over Dez Bryant, Deymarius Thomas, and Brandon Marshall too. If you can, try to plug him into your QB slot too.