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  1. I personally think that it is very difficult to maintain a healthy diet with out any meat. The proteins in meat are pretty important for your body to build and maintain muscle. In addition I don't see any moral dilemma with eating meat, so I haven't really given it much consideration. I think the majority of people in the US would benefit more from cutting sugar from their diets.
  2. abbottjamesr

    ***Official "I VOTED" thread

    Voted after lunch today. Not sure my D vote matters in SC, but I did my part.
  3. abbottjamesr

    Mmmmm, this crow tastes delicious.

    I was not only too low, but down right didn't want any of: Thielen Cooks Mixon Galloday I was way too high and sold out on these guys and they are under performing: Collins Gronk Watkins
  4. abbottjamesr

    USA Shootings

    I suppose previously law abiding. If it doesn't hurt anyone why does it matter if I keep them locked away. I won't feel like a criminal, the same way I don't feel like a criminal when I play online poker, download a song of the internet, drive 10 mph over the speed limit, or smoke a little weed in a state that its not legal in. No harm, no foul. I try not to live life in such a black and white manner, there are some grey areas that we can exist in and bend the rules a little.
  5. abbottjamesr

    USA Shootings

    I see what you were saying and I agree. If law enforcement shows up with a warrant and due process is followed, I would comply peacefully. I think many law abiding gun owners have the feeling that they as humans have the right to protect their house and families and that giving up their guns is some sore of forfeiture of their humanity so others can "feel" safe. I certainly understand the feeling and the anger that is often expressed by these people. As the population continues to shift from rural to urban/suburban I think the push to remove fire arms from society will be greater and those that were not born into the urban/suburban life style will feel the need to fight harder to maintain their independence.
  6. abbottjamesr

    USA Shootings

    Lots of things in the country are illegal. It doesn't mean everyone follows the law. Illegal drugs are relatively available. I can remove the emissions protections on my car. Some people even gamble in states were its not allowed. My point is, if the gov't votes to make my AR-15 illegal, I will likely still keep it in the safe where it stays now. Range days will be less fun without it but I'm not turning it in to anyone. I'm not going to the grave with my guns, there just isn't any reason to give them up. I'm not against changing the laws if they better society, but at the same time I'll keep mine.
  7. Methane is a big issue, but I thought it was mostly related to methane trapped in the permafrost and under the ocean in the arctic. The concern is that if the temps rise too much, the methane will release and accelerate the warming even more.
  8. Starting Keke over Watkins and Cole
  9. I don't play any dynasty leagues, but I have to think he is worth more in there than in redraft. He was touted all off season by Bloom and Waldman so I got to think the talent is there if he maintains opportunity. Usually dynasty rosters are really deep so it doesn't seem like the 1 priority is as valuable as there should be less out there to ever pick up. The dynasty guys can correct me if I am out of line. I would probably take him.
  10. I have it set at 26% right now. Ours dont run till tomorrow night so I'll probably change it 4 more times by then. I'm leaning towards more not less. How much were you thinking?
  11. abbottjamesr

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    Mine shows the same thing.
  12. I can see why the idea would be appealing, but the way weekly projections are done I don't think the article would help much. Most projections are player A is going to get 6-7 targets for 5 receptions for 70 yards and .5 TDs. If player A then has 7 receptions for 120 yards and 1 TD, they were way off on the expected points but really they were pretty close on the usage. Most sites give what I like to think of as the average production if the week was played 100 times. But we only get one game played with an oblong ball and weird stuff happens and we over analyze it. Not sure what this article would give us in analysis that wouldn't be covered in the other articles.
  13. abbottjamesr

    Start Drew Brees or Mahomes

    I don't think your opponents players changes your play that much. You want the most points in your line up. Hill and Kelce score the same weather you play Mahomes or not. I think they are a coin flip. I like Mahomes slightly more, but wouldn't fault you for liking Brees more.
  14. JuJu is a stud, I would likely pass
  15. abbottjamesr

    Trade AB?

    I wouldn't be able to hit accept fast enough.