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  1. abbottjamesr

    USA Shootings

    Its based on number per 100,000 people. I can see if there is any success rate info.
  2. abbottjamesr

    USA Shootings

    We went through this before on this thread I think, but it was a while ago. Per wikipedia the US ranks 34th in suicide rate compared to other countries. Most of the countries with higher rates have very restrictive gun laws. Countries of note that are higher than the US: Russia(3), South Korea(10), Ukraine(14), India(19), Belgium(22), Japan(30), Finland(32). I'm not sure there is a correlation between suicide rate and gun laws.
  3. abbottjamesr

    USA Shootings

    I don't plan on attempting to defend the the entire country from a tyrannical gov't, but maybe my family, friends, neighbors. Lets say that Trump is unable to get his wall built and he doubles down on the state of emergency thing and sends the military to start rounding up undocumented citizens and shipping them off. Maybe this group gets a little forceful in a Hispanic community and a full fledged fire fight breaks out. To stop this in the future Trump decides to dismantle the 2nd amendment and attempts to disarm the populace. This results in squads of soldiers going to houses to forcefully disarm American citizens with no due process. My guess is that there is going to be a bunch of shooting involved and rule of law will start to break down. I don't think that I am going to stand against 4-5 guys breaking into my house with automatic weapons, but I will certainly want to be armed as society starts to decay and I would probably make my self scarce and attempt to find like minded people who were willing to engage in some resistance. Guerrilla warfare is very hard to stop and would be fairly effective at protecting small areas. We have an absolutely insane person as the POTUS, and ideas that used to be far fetched and crazy now seem some what plausible. I did not own any guns prior to Trump being elected. Since then I have acquire several in an attempt to be prepared for when he breaks status quo.