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  1. I agree. The cost of all the streaming services to get a good mix of shows is getting almost as bad as cable was. As a substitute for Kodi, I might suggest Plex. I have recently added a tuner to my plex server and it does a nice job on the TV/DVR and its all in the same place with your movies and such. I also dropped netflix and hulu as the kids are watching youtube more than anything lately. I instead have fired up the VPN again dusted off the old pirate hat. It's just easier and you get everything, sports, movies, tv series, books. Maybe cable will go back to being the best way, but I am liking this setup currently.
  2. My non-compliant DL does not expire for 2 more years. I will just use my passport till I am forced to renew my DL. I'm not paying the extortion when I have several perfectly fine ID's. The terrorist won.
  3. I currently have him in my lineup over Z Pascal but it will likely come down to how I feel right before the 4pm games. If its close after the early games might just play Pascal for the decent floor.
  4. I mean we all know the game is a little rigged but this is just getting obvious now. Is the NFL trying to get us to quit watching.
  5. Not sure what the budget it but the 2019 LG OLED's have WiSA that can do what you want with Klipsch speakers. Not going to be cheap but the TV is top quality and the speakers are pretty decent as well. The wireless works with the sound bar, bookshelves and the sub.
  6. Klipsch has a wireless system now. It does have some limitation in that it requires either a LG OLED Tv or an Xbox one to send send the signal to the little disk thing. But the speakers are nice and can fill a rather large room. I have been looking into these myself as I have a projector in the living room and no good way to run cabling around. The speakers do require power however, which is going to the case for any powered speaker.
  7. The hell is wrong with the world...Its just a word. The government does not get to control what I say. Am I still allowed to think it, cause I'm thinking it about that guy right now.
  8. I didn't see if this was a gas furnace, but they run the fan for a while after the burner has kicked off to clear the system of any residual gas. Also hysteresis, as mentioned above, can have the combined effect of it seeming like it is running well past the set point.
  9. How many QB's are coming out next year that are worth tanking for? Also, I don't see NYG, WAS, or NYJ tanking for a qb. They have young first round picks that they seem to like.
  10. I think most Chubb owners expected him to loose some 3rd down work to either Duke Johnson or Hilliard, but we were a little disappointed to see him get pulled on 3rd downs for the 3rd string back that no one had ever heard of. This was in the first half when the game was relatively close (10-3). The final stat line is not the issue.
  11. I was complaining about him losing 3rd down and hurry up work to the 3rd string RB.
  12. I might be as well. At least he has a TD tonight to salvage some value.
  13. Apparently Chubb doesn't get 2 min drill work. Johnson has been in for the last two drives.
  14. Last year through 2 games Mahomes threw for 10tds. Hunt had 34 carries for 124 yards and no rushing tds (1 td on 1 rec for 5 yards in those games). Hunt turned out to be a pretty big part of the offense till he was kicked off the team. Small sample sizes are often small.