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  1. I didn't see if this was a gas furnace, but they run the fan for a while after the burner has kicked off to clear the system of any residual gas. Also hysteresis, as mentioned above, can have the combined effect of it seeming like it is running well past the set point.
  2. How many QB's are coming out next year that are worth tanking for? Also, I don't see NYG, WAS, or NYJ tanking for a qb. They have young first round picks that they seem to like.
  3. I think most Chubb owners expected him to loose some 3rd down work to either Duke Johnson or Hilliard, but we were a little disappointed to see him get pulled on 3rd downs for the 3rd string back that no one had ever heard of. This was in the first half when the game was relatively close (10-3). The final stat line is not the issue.
  4. I was complaining about him losing 3rd down and hurry up work to the 3rd string RB.
  5. I might be as well. At least he has a TD tonight to salvage some value.
  6. Apparently Chubb doesn't get 2 min drill work. Johnson has been in for the last two drives.
  7. Last year through 2 games Mahomes threw for 10tds. Hunt had 34 carries for 124 yards and no rushing tds (1 td on 1 rec for 5 yards in those games). Hunt turned out to be a pretty big part of the offense till he was kicked off the team. Small sample sizes are often small.
  8. How is it different than the gaudy huge gold chains and diamond ear rings players wear. Its a plastic watch, its even Browns colors. I agree that if the NFL doesn't think it conforms and he wears it any way a fine seams appropriate. If it is unsafe the ref should not let him play with it and penalize the team if he does. Seems easy enough. I don't get the hate though.
  9. Hi Bloom. Whats your confidence level in our boy Keke Coutee this week and going forward? Would you start him over Emmanuel Sanders (against CHI) this week?
  10. Starting this week with confidence. We saw his potential for 1 quarter last weekend. He will have his struggles and the Ravens are going to cause some. But the kid is special and he and Kliff will get this figured out sooner than later.
  11. I don't understand the big deal with the watch? If it doesn't break the rules, who cares. The kid has some disposable income. If he wants to blow it on a watch or car or prostitute it doesn't matter to me.
  12. I'm still holding. I didn't draft Thompson to play week 1 or week 2 this year. But the kid has the talent to be the lead back on that team and he only has a 31 year old and a jag to beat out. I'm holding till week 6 or so at a minimum. The upside of having the lead back in KC is worth the roster spot for a month or two. None of the rookie wr's or Ross are going to be more than flex play bye week fill in and I think most of them will be very up and down week to week. I am dropping Russel Wilson in one league were I have K. Murray and was scared to start him week 1. Also dropping J. Jackson for M. Brown if I win with my 15% bid (unlikely).
  13. He was getting snaps and touches before the game got out of hand. I think his work load increases every week at the expense of Gus. I didn't draft Hill to play in September and I didn't see anything to believe he is not part of the plan. I'm holding as planned.