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  1. Its amazing to me how the state that ranks 50th in educating its children is so worried about the unborn children. Maybe it should focus the states resources on improving the lives of the children that are living currently and less on controlling women and their reproductive rights.
  2. The mother absolutely must be a consideration in this point. You cannot enslave women to raise a fetus she does not want, regardless of the fetus's status or protections. Let's say you grant the fetus protections as a citizen, this creates problems. First, how do you handle abuse? If the mother smokes or drinks alcohol does she go to jail for child abuse? If she quits eating and the has a miscarriage due to malnutrition is that an abortion and now murder? If a mother leaves the country and gets an abortion is that murder? At what point to you make the mother register with the state as pregnant so that the baby is properly protected. What is the penalty for not informing the state that you are pregnant? At what age do we mandate that women get pregnant so that they don't waste all those eggs that could be citizens. If they don't get pregnant by a certain age do we force them to be surrogates for others who want children? Bringing into the world a child that is not wanted by its parents is not a better proposition than destroying the fetus prior to birth in my opinion. Life is abundant and not all life needs to be saved.
  3. This is sickening. I have a 9 year old that plays with his BB gun in the back yard. I would probably do something very irrational if I was in this boys parent's situation. It makes me livid just thinking about it.
  4. I totally get the skepticism that a 6th round draft pick RB will make a significant impact and I don't think anyone is advocating taking him in the top half of a draft. But KC just lost (or will likely lose) one of their top contributors on offense who was 5'8" 185lb and could line up anywhere on the field and be a match up nightmare. They drafted two rookies who are 5' 8" and 190-200lbs that can line up anywhere on the field and be match up nightmares. To me it looks like the Chiefs have a plan for what they want to do on offense and I while I don't think either Hardman or Thompson replace all of Hill's production individually I think Thompson can replace enough of Hill and some of Hunt's production to be worth a worthwhile fantasy asset. Thompson has the added benefit of having two rather pedestrian RB's ahead of him on the depth chart as well.
  5. Most of the non-dlp projectors will have lens shift that will easily cover 3 inches with out key stone. Check out the one below.
  6. So lets say we assign the firearms type not stated in equal proportion to the those that are stated we would add another 250 or so to the rifles. This is still much less than knifes. What are we arguing about again? Gun's are good at killing things, so are knifes. The reason pistols and knifes are higher than rifles is that people can carry those easier than rifles. Nobody starts a fight with a guy carrying a rifle on his shoulder, but many fights are started where some one has a concealed knife or gun. I don't think more rifles would change much to be honest. Right now you can build an AR15 for less than $350, I bet there will be many rifles entering homes this year, so I guess we will see if your hypothesis is correct.
  7. @Hawkeye21This is per the FBI at there site. SC is correct when he stated knifes are used more in homicides than rifles.
  8. This is false. FBI releases data every year on the homocides in the USA. This data is freely available.
  9. I answered "I own guns and am worried". But I can be worried and not over react. We all saw what happened in NZ recently. I don't think it will happen soon and I don't think it will be a door to door confiscation. However, more and more will be made illegal to own or at least harder to own and harder to acquire. I will keep what I have hidden away if this happens as I truly believe that peaceful non-compliance with unjust laws is an appropriate response to my constitutional rights being eroded.
  10. I would be interesting to see the population density of the districts some how represented on the chart. I have a theory that much of the divide is rural vs urban. People in NYC live such different lives then those in North Dakota that its not hard to imagine that how they vote would be drastically different as well.
  11. Yes, Elementary school as part of gym class. Mid 80's. St. Louis, MO.
  12. The point wasn't to go after hands and feet, but that restricting Constitutionally protected rights over something that caused less deaths than slips and falls in a year seems like a waste of effort that could be better spent on something that will benefit society much more.