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  1. Does anyone know if Goedert is playing tonight?
  2. per the NY Times They also included $225 billion for schools and $57 billion for child care, an extension of an expiring program intended to prevent the layoffs of airline workers through March 31, and the creation of a $120 billion program to bolster restaurants struggling to survive. Such frivolous things to add.
  3. This is what I am doing with the league I commish on ESPN.
  4. Looking for a price check on Diontae. What's the crossover point in value to RB's now? Non-ppr - would David Johnson be about right or is more needed? PPR - I assume it would take a low end RB1 or high RB2 to get him from some one.
  5. I'm trying to buy Dionte Johnson. Not sure what it will cost but I think it might be worth it even if its higher than last week.
  6. They had a stat up on the game last night they he didn't have a throw over 20 yards through the 3rd quarter. I was really high on Sanders this year as I thought he would get a bunch of deep shots and some of the underneath stuff too. I hate to panic after two weeks, but Brees and Sanders are near droppable in most formats.
  7. I was offered D. Parker for my OBJ last year after week 6. I laughed at it and regretted it. I wouldn't trade a bag of chips for OBJ, much less Sanders.
  8. I get red zone through a IPTV provider. There are many out there that aren’t to expensive. I pay $100 a year and get several thousand channels. Worth looking into.
  9. My adhd kicks in when reading the lists of all the teams, but I saw some good ones. I'm only going to throw out a couple for those like me that get easily distracted. 1. E Sanders finishes the year tied with M Thomas in Fantasy Points (+- 30 points) 2. Darrel Williams out scores CEH in fantasy points.(non-ppr) 3. Maimi Dolphins finish with more wins than NE and are a wild card team.
  10. Saw a bunch I thought of listed so far. Darrel Williams Bryan Edwards OJ Howard Malcom Brown Randal Cobb
  11. The Cowboys will be the best offense in the league by a wide margin. Somewhere in the 60TD range. Emmanual Sanders is a WR1 - 1200 yards, 8 tds
  12. I'm starting him in my flex with confidence. If the ghost of carlos hyde can get 1000 yards on this team then the ghost of DJ can too.
  13. Not sure Brissett is the comp you want. In the 3 games he started in 2016 he had 55 att for 400 yards 0 passing tds, 16 rushes for 83 yards and 1 rushing td. I think Cam could be really good this year. I don't think the passing yards are going to be crazy high but they might be a functional offense and he could have 750 rushing yards and a lot of TDs. I think the best part is the early reveal. If he doesn't have a good week 1 against MIA then you can drop him and move on.
  14. I haven't seen either yet. My personal favorite early season D is the Colts. They start against JAX, MIN, NYJ, CHI. I little more pricey options are Bills and Steelers as they are good defenses with good schedules.