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  1. Diggs (minus Bradford it seems) Tyrell Williams Ginn Non PPR
  2. Not that he has any clue what's in the Australian or any other model, but wouldn't this be right in Trump's wheelhouse? Gets to get one over on Obama (Obama could get some credit for lighting the fuse, but Trump won't see it that way), gets the fame and recognition he craves for being the one to finally sign Universal Health Care into law, and would get a nice boost in the polls. I know they say this has no chance, and that's probably true, but what would happen if he strongly threw his support behind this? The left is already for it. His base of 30ish percent will go along with anything he says, and that base is mostly Republicans. That's got to at least make Republicans think about it, or no? Of course Republicans probably have some leverage on Trump too. They can suddenly start giving a about the Russian investigation for example. I'm curious to see what he says. Probably "I'll get back to you in 2 weeks".
  3. Does the media still get to ask Trump questions from time to time? I would love to get his take on this. Seems like something he would support (ie it's not Obamacare), but of course his party would not be too thrilled with him if he did that.
  4. What a gift that book is for Fox News. "Hot damn! We get to talk about Hillary some more!"
  5. My dad and all my uncles got much more conservative as they got older. I assumed that would happen to me as well, but if anything I've moved even farther to the left.
  6. Can someone smarter than me explain why the recent hurricanes make tax reform so urgent? Trump keeps making that point, and I'm not seeing the connection? Is God punishing us for not giving the rich more money?
  7. Is she really a "liar"? Her politifact scorecard is basically a carbon copy of Bernie Sanders' who people think is as pure as the driven snow. Yeah, you can find examples of her lying, but it's quite a bit less than most politicians. I feel like the narrative that she's a compulsive liar is more perception than reality. It's especially rich coming from Trump supporters, who clearly don't value the truth whatsoever.
  8. You have to look at what's in his heart. In his heart he donated the money.
  9. From his college roommate. Craig Mazin‏Verified account @clmazin 9h9 hours ago Now imagine Ted Cruz is doing this four feet below you in the bottom bunk bed. Yes, my misery very much appreciates your company.
  10. The HOF committee seems to love RBs and hate WRs. So yeah, probably not unless he keeps this up into his late 30s.
  11. Non PPR... Eifert or Ertz. Crowell or CJ Anderson. Thanks.
  12. Oh there's no question in my mind he would sign off on that as long as he could repeal Obamacare and put his own name on it. He would sign literally any health care bill they put in front of him as long as he could strike down the signature achievement of that Kenyan muslim guy who teased him at that dinner the one time.
  13. I'll bet he planned to use the Trump Foundation not realizing or remembering that he can't with it under investigation. He hasn't donated to his own foundation since 2008.
  14. Same group of people who believed he'd be a champion of the working class despite Trump having spent a lifetime exploiting them. I should know better.
  15. Everyone acknowledges that if the media wasn't keeping tabs on this the money would never get paid, right? Even his supporters have to admit that based on his past actions.