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  1. Standard 12-team PPR. I sent the 2020 1.06 Received Derrick Henry
  2. I am an owner in a league where we are looking for a commish. No owner has stepped up to take over. Looks like the commish's team and another team will be available as of now. Really great league I would like to see continue. Superflex (can only roster 4 QB's) and TE premium. $32 entry fee. Send me an email or DM if interested and I will connect you with the old commish. Skullfish and Requiem are the two open teams at this time.
  3. I would put Irv and Ian over Jonnu. Maybe even Gerald.
  4. I think Kaden Smith should be a little higher based on youth and production. He was so consistent at the end of the season, with two different QB’s, that he must have some talent. Right?
  5. I keep seeing Jonnu at the top of everyone’s list. Really don’t see it based on what others have done on the list compared to him. Was wondering what I was missing until I saw ZWK’s list.
  6. I just traded Godwin and Parris Campbell for Michael Thomas.
  7. Was thinking the same thing. It was sort of a tough decision with Godwin only being 23, but Thomas's consistency won me over. This give me a WR core of Thomas, Adams, Diggs, Locket and Parker. Also have Marquise Brown.
  8. 12 Team PPR. Team A gets Michael Thomas Team B gets Chris Godwin and Parris Campbell
  9. They did... A day after locking up franchise quarterback Jared Goff to a $134 million megadeal, Los Angeles announced it has signed tight end Tyler Higbee to a four-year extension that will take him through the 2023 season. The fourth-year tight end is now set to earn $31.025 million in base pay with a max value of more than $36 million and a guarantee of $15.5 million, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported, per sources.
  10. I took that offer. Why not? I thought it was worth the risk. I still think this whole thing is fluid. Tomorrow AB could be playing on Monday night. Who knows.
  11. Just sold my Sterling Shepard for Brown. Figured that is worth the risk.
  12. Just dropped in a 1 QB league during the draft. 22 man rosters that are not expanded.
  13. I own him in a lot of leagues. Sold him in one for Guice and Wentz. The guy I sold him to suddenly dropped him after the recording was leaked and Hill was picked up by another owner for $100 BB $$$$. Bought him in another league straight up for Zay Jones.
  14. Agreed. I'm not super high on DK, but I figured it was worth the upside play. He could very well be another Treadwell, but the risk seemed worth the possible reward.