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  1. This. Our district will have 3 designated “health rooms” in each school. One of the health rooms will be an isolation room next to the clinic for anyone experiencing symptoms. If this were to happen at my school, I’d imagine we’d move the child to the room until someone came to pick him/her up. Like others have said, there is an online option. When parents agree to traditional school, they know what they’re signing up for. I also think it is wise to make masks part of the school’s dress code policy as opposed to some sort of separate mandate.
  2. You've still never got an MRI on your back for your butt pain? Calling herniated l4-l5 now.
  3. Just got mine in the mail today. I put them on and am blown away by their comfort. Our hero saves the day again!
  4. I couldn't imagine consuming alcohol after something like that. Hell, I couldn't imagine drinking alcohol after a regular run. However, @gruecd was crushing beers when he crossed the line at our relay, and I was in the fetal position the entirety of the day. The bottom line, I'm probably just a wimp. Enjoy your wine. Congrats on your amazing accomplishment.
  5. In Southeast Florida wondering if I should put my shutters up for this one.
  6. I’ll have to check again when Garmin is fully operational. I do see respiration rates being shown during my runs, but they seem a bit low, 14-15. I think during rest and sleep I would get down to around 7-12.
  7. Sounds like a great article. I’d love to read it sometime.
  8. I’d be finishing my 4th in about 20 mins. Assuming it started at 7.