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  1. This. The conditions were brutal for my half. Avg pace was 7:15 with an avg HR of 171! My run yesterday morning with temps in the 50s, close to the same pace. Avg HR 144. The weather plays a huge role in a race that long. Awesome job!
  2. This @Otis character is taking this thread by storm. Otis, were you one of the originals in here?
  3. Yeah, not sure why he always tries saying he’s slow.
  4. Yes you can. Maybe you just have to run a little slower.
  5. I always assumed the same thing about my legs. I can honestly say I had much more spring in my step at the end of my 18 miler yesterday.
  6. Also, I know you all joke about chews. What are they and what do they do? Any preference on the best ones? I just absolutely hate running with anything in my pockets or hands. I guess you could say I am the opposite of @MAC_32. Guy holds half an electronic store in his hands with wires dangling everywhere. Plus an entire candy store in his mouth and pockets.
  7. Thanks for asking. Not sure if anyone else in here takes into account the Garmin reading at the start of their runs. For instance, it will give a performance score early on (-5 to +5). Lately all my runs have been in the negative, this was no different (-1). The run started out tough, HR was way too high for the pace I was at. Although it was easy, I just wasn’t close to performing well. Struggled to find a groove but about 2 miles after my gel and drink, I felt great. Started to cramp up a bit around mile 17, but I had plenty left in the tank. Positive I could’ve ran 8.2 more and held the pace. Wasn’t thrilled with the run but considering it was faster than my marathon PR and it’s the first of the cycle, I was okay with the results. I know I am capable of so much more, just need to continue to figure a few things out. Can’t believe I never ran with fuel before. Even before my PR marathon I didn’t eat and only had a tailwind at the halfway point. So, I am going to make it a point to fuel up before and during my Saturday runs the best I can. Think I will continue to run fasted for my others just for the added fat burning benefits.
  8. Speaking of Florida running. 18 on tap in the morning. Temps around 58. Fitness has gone backwards since starting on Monday, and I am almost positive it’s because of my nutrition or lack of. Cleaned up the diet as well and just haven’t got the calories I need. Runs have felt lethargic and VO2 Max dropped 2 points. Going to stay positive about tomorrow’s run. Ate a bunch tonight and the weather is going to be perfect for me. Going to experiment with eating before I run. A 210 calorie uncrustable. I planted a 320 calorie electrolyte drink at my parents’ house at around the halfway point. I’ll take a 100 calorie/ 100 mg caffeine gel right before the drink. So, a total of 630 calories with minimal weather impact. Expecting big things. We’ll see!
  9. @SFBayDuck, I can relate to what you’re saying. Some people just don’t live that elevation lifestyle like we do.
  10. On a personal note, it’s 62 degrees outside and am about to go out for my first training run. Too bad I cancelled that glove order!
  11. @The Iguana, It sounds like you had an extremely successful debut marathon. You ran a smart race and gave it everything you had. I realize you may be a bit upset about the time, but what you did was an amazing accomplishment. Enjoy that and congratulations!
  12. My bad. I meant Pfitzinger’s, and I found mine. Carry on. The Treasure Coast Marathon in March. I also signed up for the Celebration Marathon in Orlando in January 26th. If the weather in January is nice, I’ll run it possibly as a training run.
  13. Anyone have a copy of Higdon’s marathon program that they could send me pics of? I had the book but let someone borrow it. Starting the program tomorrow and was curious if anyone had it. I have Hanson’s, but I prefer to stick with Higdon.